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Have you faced with  backstabbing?

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Life as an artist by Prywinko Kiss by Prywinko

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so far i have 1 of those in me, but i am scared i might be getting more hovering over me
just waiting to stab
Yep backstabbing traitors suck! But I move on, and know there's a fiery pit reserved for them...😎👍
lilmissmuffins's avatar
I have, but this is funny :3
thesonofsalvation's avatar
Painfully true and funny
Haha I love your funny comics :D LazyIcon I wanna use - 27 TEMMYFACE 
Prywinko's avatar
Tsunderek's avatar
Too real luv, too real
broad86new's avatar
Those...backstabbers. Sorry, couldn't resist.^^;

Very nice.
HarlequinUK6's avatar
Very nice comic, deep.
I would say I know what it's like but I'm not sure honestly, I probably got backstabbed but just wasn't aware it was happening until way after I stopped hanging out with them.

Always sad looking back at those times cos we see ourselves as weak and foolish, but the fact we can look back on them means we've grown stronger and have found better people to surround ourselves with>
Or at least I hope thats where we're all at
Duck-Bot's avatar
A lot. I have a hard time trusting. It is earned.. Talk to me on facebook about it? Do you have discord?
Prywinko's avatar
Don't worry, dear! It was a long time ago) No, i haven't  discord ;(
GraysonZalishqi's avatar
Talk about "Back Staaabers~"
Donut-Vampire's avatar
Real friends stab you in the heart.
Avalonfang4's avatar
"Don't you know, don't you know?
True friends stab you in the front."
- Bring me the Horizon
Yumenoki's avatar
Thanks for the quotation i was about to write it c:
animatorfun's avatar
backstabbing... clever...
stoper's avatar
It's not a backstabbing if you face it :)
flowerV3's avatar
I don't know if i should laugh or cry😯
heromomo's avatar
ow T^T poor thing
soulSmith1's avatar
Was..that was dark
weatherly23's avatar
Yet another benefit of being so antisocial that I have difficulty connecting with people personally: You can't get hurt if nobody's around to hurt you.
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