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Five minutes!

And so everydayMiuna Crying Icon 
*When I would sit up late at work*

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Wish I was this deticated to my art...
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Oh, god! This is too relatable. I remember some days working until 6am even, but luckily I have been improving on that the last half of the year.
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stop working (too much) you made them cry D:
(excellent xD)
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Real... you are one real artist. XD
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Yeah, sometimes deadlines become a bit... deadly (in the sense they start harming you)
Strikers-Sergio-F's avatar
that's me when I play league of legends at night :'v xDD
And I said "Just another match" T-T got damn it 
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Oh my goodness, I love this so freaking much! I relate so much!Love 
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It's like the five minutes of Freezer Nuu 
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I can relate to this so badly
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It's too true. TT^TT I almost loose my husband beeing like that. QAQ
Kronosx2008's avatar
hahaha zombie drawing
MiloReyes97's avatar
Oh God I was the same way! Nkw my damn software for lost now my tablet won't work for anything else...😣
VenomousThorns's avatar
MY GOD! This is so damn true!!!! 
AzraelusGuy's avatar
* based om true events ... in 99% of situations :)
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looooooooooooooooooooooooool I totally understand!!!!!! This is so real!! :dummy: :rofl:
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Me siento totalmente identificada ajajajajajaja 
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I thought she was playing osu :D
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