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Eyes Tutorial

Drawing eyes by Prywinko
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Cirilla (Exclusive reward) by Prywinko Nowi by Prywinko Beach Queen: Pharah. 18+optional by Prywinko

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2B by Prywinko
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I'm going to try this!
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ooookey get it!!!!

like the lines without color 
it looks like a eye but my brain sees a blob quickly growing into a eye 
Prywinko's avatar
You can look at my channel as I draw  eyes. I'm not using lines for the iris YouTube Icon Youtube
so your coloring off whats in your head no base to full in color 
just the images in your head?

 art must be done by you fast? 
must finish quickly? no line to draw up then remove then color you just get right init?
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This is just one of the ways of drawing. Yes, I imagine in my head what I want to draw. The video is accelerated, if you're talking about it) I usually work on the face and eyes for a long time.
that's interesting indeed 
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Your chibi cosplaying as Sailor Moon is ADORABLE! :aww:
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Thank you so much! 
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How do i do this in ms Paint?
Prywinko's avatar
You mean the standard program? If there is a soft brush, you can do it.
Socially4wkwardPanda's avatar
really cool tutorial :D hey I've learned some stuff :3
Giant-Robster's avatar
I love your tuts. You put some :heart: into it, wich makes it enjoyable and educational at the same time. :3
PS: do some more cartoons from time to time, I love them :D
Prywinko's avatar
Thank you so much!  I'm happy to hear it ^^
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Thanks great job! 
Prywinko's avatar
darkyson's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial ◠‿◠
CJFairfield16's avatar
Gosh. I need you as my art teacher because you're so damn great at drawing in traditional and digital art! 
This is why I watch you on my DA account. You're such a beautiful and talented artist who deserves a lot of medals and money for what you do. Your art is gorgeous and keeps getting better. Your personality is amazing. And you have an amazing beauty that people like about you.

Prywinko, you're an amazing artist.

(My IPhone replied it accidentally....great...>_<)
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