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Black Cat x-mas!


December  2018 Patreon reward   

Black Cat: 18+ Preview

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2018YupiANanEmote015 by YupiANan

My art and video are created thanks to your support! Thank you!

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A wonderful X-mas image.

K-E-Y-K-O's avatar

Merry Christmas to you.

Duck-Bot's avatar

One of my favorites of yours. Good to see you bring her back. ^^ Merry Christmas bub. :3

agh5eventh's avatar

How sexy and sensual job nwn

Enchantingly sexy and cute kitty indeed

cute kitty ass

TheLastSaint's avatar

That's not where the tail goes, you should really reevaluate the anatom-*Moment of Realization* Oh!! @//@;

LucreciaTatsumotoSC1's avatar

why is it coming out of her ass....

thormemeson's avatar

Where does her tail attach too in this image?;p

CarthagePlate's avatar

Unwrap those paws and... well, just be careful with what you get for the holidays. :)

Very sexy Christmas cat! Merry christmas everybody

Strawbabee's avatar

tails sit above the butt....unless..Awkward Mike

aciddmaus23's avatar
really stunning image
vanBlood's avatar
Unseeming's avatar
Damn great work ! <3
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Sexy and beatiful work onher
prapatsonc's avatar

wow nice your arts

         Christmas Dumpling 
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Where's the tail connected?

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Best Christmas gift for Peter Parker
Edwardv17's avatar
An exquisite kitty cat for Christmas 
Donut-Vampire's avatar
I can't help but feel the arms are strangely sized in relation to the body.
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