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Ahri (Dva)


November reward

 My   awesome prytrons will get: 

 ♥️ Full Size image 

 ♥️  Step by Step

 ♥️ NSFW image 

 ♥️ Layered NSFW PSD

 ♥️ SFW+NSFW wallpaper 

  ♥️ NSFW Gif

Thank you so much for support and  comments  :sluglove: 

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Character: Ahri, Riot Games

Use reference: mech gun 
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Are commissions open?

she lookin fertile AF

PanRod's avatar
:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap Devilish 
vanBlood's avatar
BillyNikoll's avatar
Omg, how cute is she?.. Love
hmbugs's avatar
Soo her smile! Love Clap 
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Viewing angle is awesome !!!
Her foot is awesome !!
Anatomically, her body is awesome !! (yeah, she's beautyfull)
Pose/attitude/outfit details are awesome !!
Skin colors/texture and outfit colors and texture are awesome !!

Try to write "awesome" 5 times to comment one of your artwork : success
Warning : i can play this game style with pieces from your gallery ... Certainly because you're very talented, and undoubtedly cause i like so much your style/artwork !
G-cat's avatar
Ahri is awesome ^^
StarBomberX's avatar
omg, what a art XD
i love it (specially by me feet fetish lol)
oh wow, this is truly divine <3
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
Combining Ahri and D.Va, huh, never thought of that one but, I like the results"
taemart's avatar
the colors are really amazing, 
i liked her bare-feet, a lot ,they look real ,and beautiful ,and that leaf on her right sole? made it look so cute  ^_^
cjflo's avatar
Amazing work!
oreos69's avatar
I don't know who started this Ahri and trend... but I will always approve of their idea.
ROLDES's avatar
Trabalho lindo mesmo.
dess-w's avatar
omg. i love it. omg omg omg ♥
kaze26's avatar
Deamon007's avatar
Your flawless combination of two of my favorite character designs is amazing 10/10 InstaFav.
no tails doe so i'll give 6/10 because no tails 

:D if it was cosplay i'd say 7/10 
AJCancer's avatar
she has tails 10/10
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