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For a contest at *Evo-Obsessed-Club

Disney meets X-men Evolution.
For some reason wolverine singing this line was the first thing that came into my head.

its funny cos hugh jackman has played gaston.
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So Logan is Gaston, except he's not quite arrogant and self-centered.

So that must mean Jean is "Beauty/Belle".

And whom may I ask would be the /beast to "earn" her love?
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 NOOOO!!!! Gaston may not live forever in an immortal body with an unbreakable skeleton! Logan why are you doing this?! I thought we were friends! 
:cries v.2
*Sad music starts playing*
WTF! -fella-(messages):o (Eek)
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Make it stop!!!!!
Make it stop!!!!!

(Starts sobbing)
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Ah!vincentamgplz  Cut his hair!
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... ... ... I think I need a hug. I'm scared.
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Deadpool! WHY ARE YOU NOT COMMENTING ON THIS?!! (It's comedy GOLD!!!)


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Hell yeah, Logan you said it!
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"Hey Wolvie!" "I didn't know you were in a Disney movie!"

"What character did you play, "Stump-lestiltskin"?

>XD ('Cause he's short and furry.)

(I'm role-playing as Deadpool BTW.)

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How fun would it be if hugh jackman was gaston?
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Just reiterating how much I love this! My mother and I are listening to the Broadway soundtrack right now, but I have the Australian cast recording of "Gaston" in my playlist, I brought up this pic to show her. We both had a good laugh over it! :D
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One of the best parts of the movie! Even to this day it makes me chuckle! XD
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Oh god, now it's gonna haunt me!
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"No one has an adamantium skeleton like Gaston"
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I have to show this to my friend that cosplays Wolverine!
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This is THAT much funnier after hearing Hugh Jackman sing Gaston's songs XD
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Oh you SO pull it off Logan *sighs dreamily* :iconglompplz:


Boy Lolitas :iconomgsocuteplz:

Mokuba Kaiba is freakin' ADORABLE x10!!!!! :iconiloveyoutooplz:

[] Single

[xxxxxx] In a Relationship with Claude Faustus, Edward Elric, Greed, Jack Atlas, Chaz Princeton and Kaoru Hitachiin :iconmonkeyloveplz:

[xxxxxx] Married to Seto Kaiba, Sebastian Michaelis, Gohan, Kyoya Ootori, Alucard and Roy Mustang :iconinloveplz: :iconloveloveplz:

Thanks to my friend ~Inner-sakura-cosplay I am in love with Pewdiepie. DAMN BARRELS! :iconbarrelsplz:

Al is my hero <3 TEAM ALUCARD! FUCK EDWARD CULLEN! :iconalucardplz:

NYEH x OVER 9000! :iconover9000plz:
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Wolverine IS the hairiest superhero ... not counting the ones with fur. :D
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I could totally see Hugh Jackman playing that part in a live action movie.
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Im going to die from laughing everytime I see this.
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