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Russell Bayson-Jones

This is Russ, he is my character for the Evo obsessed clubs OC contest.

Doing a little introductory comic for him too.

Heres the full details of his power that i couldn't fit on :

Russell can Absorb and store kinetic energy. When hit by others he absorbs the force and can transform it into strength, stamina and speed at a superhuman level. He has to get hit in order for his power to work. Essentially Russ is a wind up radio got to wind him up before he works. Absorbing kinetic energy of a blow does not mean he doesn’t feel any pain it because it hurts, a lot, and it shows, his body uses some of the newly stored energy to try to heal his wounds quickly but not at any impressive rate. It is unknown if he is able to absorb energy from mutant abilities such as Cyclops optic blasts as yet, Russ is a bit of a coward, and does not take to kindly to pain so he is a little afraid to find out

and also cos i got carried away some interesting facts about Russ.

Russell, or “Russ” as he likes to go by is the youngest of 5 boys Son to Rupert Bayson head of englands favourite multimillion pound bread supplying company “Bayson’s Bakery”.

- The Bayson name is well known, the family is very wealthy

-Rupert Bayson is very stern and uses the tough love approach having started from humble beginnings in a small town of Grimsby in Yorkshire.

- Russell is welsh

- Russell’s mother, Catherine Jones the second wife to Rupert having remarried after his first wife died.

- Russell is Catherine’s only child, his brothers all have a different mother.

- There is 6 years between Russ and next youngest brother, Oliver

- Russ attends a private boarding school for boys in Berkshire England outside London.

- Russ does not enjoy physical activity, such as sport, walking and especailly rugby

- Likes to think he can talk his way out of anything

- He enjoys fiddling with things seeing how they work.

- He is considered the “runt” of the family short a bit scruffy.

- Not a fan of many of his brothers

- If Russell has a tiny tickle in his throat he is convinced its the flu and must go to bed for days.

- Russ enjoys stealing his brothers stuff.

- Russ has been caught stealing twice.

- Russell does not have many friends.

- People judge him because of his surname and the family’s wealth and assume he is spoiled

- Russell is a little bit spoiled, for his 5th birthday he got a horse that had a horn grafted onto its head, her name was sunshine. He is a bit of a girl sometimes.

- Russell is at that stage in his life where he knows he is right about anything and everything.

- Russ sometimes sells his brothers stuff on ebay. His sellers page is “russy’sposhboyswag”

- Russ is the only welsh boy in the school, the other boys make fun of him

- Russ loves cars, planes, anything that goes fast and makes a loud noise!

- Russ’ brothers make fun of his big ears. They are from his mother’s side.

- Russ is terrified of wasps and bees, and spiders and moths, and swans....what a sissy.

yep, definitely got carried away.
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godoftoddxkurtlover's avatar
omg i just love this character russell is just awesome and no body likes bugs at all XD i get him on the no fight stuff too .
gothiclolitagirl12's avatar
russell is in year 10, but if he were in an american school, her would be in year 9..
Reogun's avatar
Ugh! I really wanted to be on the same team as Kinetic in the X-Men OC Contest! But I was eliminated last round, so we never got the chance to team up~!

Good luck in the next round!
Dice1317's avatar
Looks like we're against you in the prompt...
Think Russ would be scared of GD? We want to get him as in-character as we can, ya know?
Prydester's avatar
Oo I'm excited for phase 4. ummm I think Russ would be wary of him, well anyone who looks different to what he is used to he will dismiss as weird. a gothic look would scare him a little, he certainly be a little shaken by hershey and gravedigger's power.
Dice1317's avatar
Alright, just checking!
atemuzuko's avatar
oh I adore this guy so :XD:

So...when Russell speaks does he have a noticeable accent that could be shown in writing?

Also, is there something he would do anything for? Like something Cuttlefish someone could bribe him with to make him do help catch people a certain something?

Also, he doesn't like running much right? Can he swim?
Prydester's avatar
not really a noticeable accent like that can be written, just phrases and words I guess.
hmmm I'm not sure, i guess he would do anything to do nothing, lazy boy. I don;t know about a bribe. hmmm. He doesn't like doing much a lot. he'll do it, just complain whilst doing it. hope i have been somewhat helpful. :S. can't wait to read what you come up with.
atemuzuko's avatar
You have been a little helpful :D. I just noticed while watching Grahamn Norton that the Welsh guests usually had strong accents, sometimes it made them hard to understand even. But I'm not sure how that would appear in a comic lol.

So no secret love for chocolate or something ;)? Oh well, Evelyn will take care of it. I'm really excited to see what everyone comes up with :D
Jellyfosh's avatar
This is one of the best profiles I've seen! Love it! :D
lmbrake's avatar
haha! dude, I love the middle picture!
Prydester's avatar
cheers. Russ does not like getting beaten up by bad guys.
enchantma's avatar
Hehe, love his expressions on the side. Really cute design!
ShamsArts's avatar
We're teammates! ^^
ShamsArts's avatar
nekobecki's avatar
Holy cow, the list of facts own me. SUNSHINE THE HORSE WITH THE GRAFTED HORN. And big ears! (Make me think of Merlin and the 9th Doctor. But I think giant ears are adorable in general. Dumbo has trained me well.) And his list of fears. And that he uses Ebay to sell his brothers' belongings? I want to take this kid home and keep him.
Reogun's avatar
Oh man. I love this guy, all dressed up in a sweater vest and blazer. I think the picture of him thinking too, looking so serious <3
animatedG1's avatar
I like your style and your character. Juging by his profile I bet he hates the way he gets his powers.:)
LuneLaLouve's avatar
Damn! I've got some tough competition! Fantastic art. I think his ears are adorable, by the way.

immutabledude's avatar
Why does he look like a British version of me? lol
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