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The Sensational X-Men

One of my dream X-men rosters.

This team would take a break from the mutant-mutant in-fighting, instead focusing on superheroing and forcing society to see mutants as heroes, whether it wants to or not.  Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde as leaders, and Beast, Psylocke, Quentine Quire, Young Cyclops, and Armor filling out the rest of the team.

Fun thing I've been doing in-between jobs and commissions, which I should get back right about now :P
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i would prefer adult cyclops over young cclops. because it woud be massively wierd having emma frost and young cyclops in the same book.

i would suggest the psylocke of this team be betsy in kwannon's body, but kwannon is still there  with she and betsy having an atem/yugi like relationship from  Yu-Gi-Oh
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Awesome peace of art right there mate BUT it is Adult Cyclops(for me):D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Good roster for that team. QUESTION! Does young Cyclops hook up with Emma still??

You had to make it weird, didn't you?

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Only question: why would cyclops leave his friends again?
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great line-up! Would love to see this team
Anyone know what happened to Mimic
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I would read hell out of that!!
And Sensational work as always ;-)
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I absolutely love ALL of these re-designs, but Emma in particular. It's great how you've managed to keep her 'sexy' while avoiding anything rediculously revealing. Stays true to character while also being practical for crime fighting, which is apparently pretty hard to do these days :p
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Well, she can turn her body to organic diamond.
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Love this!!! And the Emma Frost & Cyclops costumes are brilliant!
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Thanks so much, man!
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Man, I love everything about this! But the color is just gorgeous and the pink lighting gives it such a great mood. (Oh and Quentin's face - perfect! <3)
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That would be a cool team design and an interesting mix for a comic!  I just love it all the way around! <3 
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The looks are good. The roster is mostly good, just seems a bit heavy on psychics. I'd pull Quentin, I think, for a different X-student.
I love these costumes, particularly on my favorite X-Man, Emma Frost. Though I think the way you've melded current Uncanny Scott with the design for Young Cyclops is brilliant.
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Thanks so much!!  I think Emma's quickly grown to be my favorite X-character as well haha
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