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PROJECT 25: Superheroes - Namor, The Sub-Mariner

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Awesome job, I don’t see much Phoenix Five art!
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Excellent work 
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Incredible drawing style!I think I've fainted. 
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Thanks for an awesome piece of art mate. I love his Phoenix Five suit.
stryka93's avatar
Honestly Namor is my favorite Comic book hero/villain, you never know if he is going to save New York or Sink it into the sea.
Magic-Enchantress1's avatar
Looks fantastic! :D love your art work! would love to see the others :)
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Drake-Lord121's avatar
Is that the Phoenix Force costume?
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Namor is a badass!!
SonicWinx77's avatar
I like Namor, and your picture made me like him even more! :)
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Haha Thanks!  Happy to hear :D
Knockoutcomicsbook's avatar

i like your drawing it is willing  clean i love your stuff . i can not want to see what you do next :) (Smile) (Smile) (Smile) (Smile)(Smile)(Smile)(Smile) !cooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so a great image  !!!! 
Pryce14's avatar
haha Thanks so much!  Hopefully you'll like the new stuff I'm gonna be putting up as well :D
Knockoutcomicsbook's avatar
yeal and yahoo at the time !!!your are welcome and thank you i am try to got better i appreciate all support i get from here alot
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Is it weird I think the best part is his gloves? Never seen 'em like that before. Excellent job all round.
Pryce14's avatar
Haha thanks!  Yeah, he only wore this costume during the Avenger vs X-men series.  It's shame, cause I really like it.  Wish he could've kept it.
Lady-Buffy's avatar
amazing pose ;) well done!!
Pipufo's avatar
very nice! 
Pipufo's avatar
you're welcome!
ZenitramArtist's avatar
I like this Namor. Why is Marvel not hiring you?
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Thanks!  haha I really want that to happen someday.  I gotta just keep working and try to get my name out and connections before I get to be in the big leagues though. :P
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