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PROJECT 25: Superheroes - Kate Bishop a.k.a. Hawkeye

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Very cool. Wonder when she will get her own title
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I'm all for a female Hawkeye.
An excellent rendering of a really good character. I like your composition and use of colour. Very distinctive and creates a sense of depth, (even if there's no background!)
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That's pretty fantastic! :D
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Thanks, man!  :)
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Hi Jamal, your work is amazing! I saw it linked from Girls Gone Geek. Kate Bishop is one of my fav characters, and I'm a huge X-Men fan -- your Jubilee and Psylocke are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art!
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Thank you so much!  I'm really happy that you enjoy my stuff.
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What an interesting composition! It's so ciffreent form what you usually see! I love it!
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Thanks you!  Happy you do! :)
I love this design! She looks so badass! :)
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Haha, yeah!  This is my favorite of her main costumes.
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I love your take on Kate, she looks so chill!
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this design is so much better than her old one
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Agreed completely!
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This is awesome (as usual lol). I always love the little lines you sometimes add that run off the object. It's different.
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