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PROJECT 25: Superheroes - James Rhodes a.k.a. Iron Patriot a.k.a. War Machine
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When I was a kid I used to call him Iron Captain America

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you are amazing¡
hey look this
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Damn, that arc reactor is inspired. Nice work.
You are a genius . I really love the style u made. It is the best work I ever seen.

****it would be perfect if u can made an iron man
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Beautiful work! I love the shading in this! c:
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When this first came into my sight, I could have sworn that he was dancing!
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Aside from "practice practice practice" do you have any pointers on getting these excellent poses? They're so damn good.
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Thanks!  haha aside from that, I'd say try out poses yourself.  Either by taking pictures of yourself, or looking at a mirror, or just doing them.  It'll help you get a good sense of the movement.
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Very impressive, not just in the design but also the lighting and shading. Great work!
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Killer styley and details!
It's as if you got these from Avengers Alliance! Outstanding work! :D
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So fkn amazing art!


I loved when the Iron Patriot was Norman Osborn, that was epic.
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THAT POSE! :D (Big Grin) 
Love this one ! Do you have Iron Patriot vs Iron man vs War Machine
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Wow I really love your overall work. You got a nice and unique style, I love how you keep the drawing lines :D
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Thanks so much! :D
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I agree, its such an awesome look.  

No one has a style like yours!
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Your artwork is so amazing! Keep it up. Love seeing your stuff
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Hey!  Thanks!  Will do :D
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Wow!! Stunning!! Plz do an Iron Man [Req] plz plz....
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Thanks!  Probably will do eventually :D
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