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PROJECT 25: Superheroes - Emma Frost a.k.a. The White Queen

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I've never liked Emma frost, mainly because she's untrustworthy and supercilious, but her unwaveringly slutty outfits haven't helped any either.  THIS is the first good design I've seen for her.  She's projects a powerful presence here, shrewd, classy, highly attractive though you daren't look OR touch.  If my teenage daughter wanted to dress as THIS Emma Frost for halloween, I'd actually allow it... otherwise certainly no.  

Excellent work!  Very fresh and modern, with influences of the Art Deco - Delightful!

OmarArRTs's avatar
Ain't nothing wrong with being sexy. Good look is also power. 
TortillaDelPeligro's avatar
Nothing "wrong" with being sexy, depending on who you want to be... unless you're a child, then yes there is something wrong with wanting to be/emulate sexy.

My preference is class over sex appeal, but to each their own.
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you should work for marvel
Be-the-real-me's avatar
This is one of the best Emma Frost redesigns I've seen in my life. It's original, sophisticated, elegant, hot to trot, and best of all it's not slutty at all. You should do more like this. You know, completely redesign the characters. May I ask you to redesign Jean Grey and Psylocke, PLEASE?
setting-fiftyfour's avatar
absolutely gorgeous redesign! would you be ok with someone cosplaying it? 
Pryce14's avatar
Oh, Totally!!  It's a dream of mine to see someone cosplay any of my designs.  I'd love it.
setting-fiftyfour's avatar
awesome! thank you so much :happybounce: 
Pryce14's avatar
of course, no problem!  I'd love to see pics when it's done
frostedsummers's avatar
I love the design :)
Fruity-Tuity's avatar
I really like the colouring and shoe design. 
Be-the-real-me's avatar
This may be the best Emma Frost redesign I have ever seen.
MinxRiot's avatar
This is gorgeous. I kinda wanna cosplay it now. xD
TheAtomicDog's avatar
It's the Cocktail Dress Of Doom!
Pryce14's avatar
haha  Deadliest dress you'll ever see
SUP-FAN's avatar
Wow that's really good.
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I was trying to guess the name of this character before I scrolled down and I was like, "Is that Emma Frost? No way!!! She's wearing too many clothes!!!" Lol I really like your redesign!!! She looks really cool!! Her new look looks very futuristic!!
Pryce14's avatar
hahaha  Thanks!
DANNY-DED's avatar
I had never seen a new version of Emma Frost as successful as this one! This is a clever evolution of this fantastic and ambiguous character of the X-verse. I don't agree at all with her new black clothes (too obvious), I love your interpretation! ;)
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wow, thanks so much, man!  I really appreciate it.  Yeah, a friend of mine and I are always saying how we don't really agree with her newest outfit.  Color and design-wise.
DANNY-DED's avatar
No problem you're very talented! ;)
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Awesome redesign on Emma Frost :D

She looks way better than those slutry costumes she wore recently lol
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