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PROJECT 25: Superheroes - Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers
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This is Sick!
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Awesome. Can't wait for the movie.
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I really hope she looks like this in the movies - because on the silver screen she'll join the meager ranks of superheroines, and our girls deserve heroes that don't rely on their sexual appeal as a means of power.  I really dig this costume because not only would I wear it, but I would have no problem with my daughters emulating her. ;]

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She looks great.
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a really great work
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:| (Blank Stare) beautiful captain
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She's very marvelous.
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rw:when i saw her in in marvels champions i did not thought it was a girl in the 1st lace and i thought of captain marvel ,and now im confused.
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Yup this Captain Marvel is a woman.  She used by to Ms. Marvel, but she changed her name and costume a couple years ago.
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rw:wow go figure!
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Wicked pretty!
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Amazing job! I would've avoided the helmet. I never liked it, heh. But everything else works excellent :)
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This is just awesome :)
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Looks amazing!!! :D I really love Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers though I do prefer her original trademark and default Ms. Marvel costume Love 
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Thanks!!! :)  Love her run as Ms. Marvel as well, though everything about her Captain Marvel persona has super grown on me.
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