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All-female Justice League

Commission of an all-female Justice League roster feat. Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, Vixen, Big Barda, Mera, and Star Sapphire.
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Star Sapphire is a villain

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An All-female Justice League? I would buy the hell out of that. I doubt DC would do something like that. But I sure would buy the hell out of it. I absolutely love the idea.
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Luv Vixen with the short short hair. 
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Nice concept, cool line up. Love Vixen's look too ! Wow
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I agree. Must have Hawkgirl. Supergirl or Batgirl would be good additions as well. But, yes I agree this must have a Hawkgirl.
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I thought the star sapphire was bad?
She was at first, then she joined the actual Star Sapphire Corps. I think she's their leader right now, although I don't actually read comics.
Very inspirational. Great postures and grace. Excellent use of color close to realism. How usually are your poses are based on references?
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I really wish that were Star Sapphire's actual costume :( Hell I'd check the book out.
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And mrs. Martian?
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Whoa someone drew Vixen and didn't make her look like Halle Berry nor Rihanna. 
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Sooo... It'd totally be called "J-FORCE" right?
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Sweet lineup and great illustration!
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do you have a picture of just mera? in this outfit? i'm looking for a more regal mera design for cosplay at the atlantis hotel. 
superj0ka's avatar
That Black Canary though...overall I wouldn't mind being rescued by these heroines!
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This is a Justice League I wouldn't mind gettin' behind. ;)
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Do you have a solo Mera or a Mera + Vixen, or perhaps be willing to do one of those said things??
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Star Sapphire looks amazing, in fact, i think she looks better than the New 52.
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Oh man that costume for Zatanna is SO GOOD! As is Wonder Woman's! These are simply amazing, well done.
TheRavensBastard39's avatar
If this were to actually become an animated series, I'd be totally on board with it. also, great choices for the league's members.
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