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The mad genius tried to use unsafe playground equipment to harness energy from kids playing to power a teleporter he invented that would replace mobile transportation.
The rangers except for GB since she was back at the HQ were captured with his energy constraint gun, but they managed to escape and take Manderbill down.
Manderbill was tried and convicted for his crimes, but it seems that the duck escaped with help.
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Chapter 1: Semper Paratus

This story takes place after Danger Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, DRLR will be uploaded sometime in the near future due to some problems, another fanfiction chapter and a new crossover story taking a long time to finish.

This story also takes place during the summer, so don't let the upload date fool you.

Also, any continuity with DRLR that comes on (mostly minor things, but it is unknown if it will.), It probably happened in DRLR.

"I am a Coast Guardsman.

I serve the people of the United States.

I will protect them.

I will defend them.

I will save them.

I am their shield.

For them, I am Semper Paratus.

I live the Coast Guard core values.

I am proud to be a Coast Guardsman.

We are the United States Coast Guard."

— The Coast Guard Ethos


Keystone, South Dakota

10 AM

" And we're looking at temperatures in the-."

" A recent poll shows that-."

" I believe we should discuss the-."

" And that car can be yours if-! "

" Are you tired of all those kitchen stains? Well, look no further for the-."

" Wildfires ravaging in Canada with firefighters making prog-. "

" Currently in our area, eighty-three degrees, under partly clo-. "

Sully was on the couch, had the tv remote in his hand and was flipping channels around for a bit as Kitty came up behind him.

"Are you okay?" Kitty asked, catching the sea lion's attention.

"Yeah." Sully answered as he looked up at her.

"What are you doing?" Kitty asked as she went over and sat down next to Sully as he looked back at the TV.

"Trying to see if there's anything interesting on." Sully responded as he kept flipping through the channels before deciding to turn the TV off.

"Looks like there's nothing on." Sully commented as Kitty rested her head on Sully's shoulder.

Sully then gave a kiss on her forehead which caught the cat's attention.

"What was that for?" Kitty asked, giving a smile towards her boyfriend.

"To show you how much I love you." Sully answered, prompting Kitty to blush.

"Can you believe it?" Kitty asked as she lifted her head up and the cat faced Sully.

"Believe what?" Sully responded, his eyes locking with hers.

"That we would end up dating. Who'd knew this would happen?" Kitty answered.

"I guess fate brought us together." Sully responded.

"Well, can fate let us finish the kiss we didn't get to finish?" Kitty asked as she wrapped her arms around the sea lion.

"I guess it can." Sully responded as the two closed their eyes and locked lips, their surroundings turning blissful.

It was like this for a minute or two before SAVO or the Safety Alert VectOmeter appeared on the screen.

"AHEM!" SAVO said, causing the two Danger Rangers to stop kissing and turn to the AI.

"If you two lovebirds are quite finished french kissing…" SAVO started to say before Sully interrupted by saying mockingly in Shakespearean English, "Oh, SAVO. I didn't knoweth thou was so heartless and uncaring of our loveth." Kitty chuckled at Sully's remark, however SAVO was unamused.

"Ha ha. Very funny, Ranger Sully. But i wanted to let you know that there is a call waiting for you." SAVO said sarcastically.

"Since when did you become my receptionist? I would have heard the phone ring." Sully retorted.

"You would've been too busy making out with Ranger Kitty, but what do i know? I thought according to you, i was too "heartless" and "uncaring" of your love to care." SAVO riposted.

"Touché. Fine, I'll take the call." Sully remarked as he started to press the buttons on his Savo Unit.

"It's not on the Savo Unit, Ranger Sully. It's the telephone." SAVO said before Sully got up and walked over to the nearby telephone, picked up the handset part of the phone and put up against his ear, taking the call.

"Hello, Sully speaking."

"Hello, son." Sully recognized that voice instantly, it was his father, his admiral in the United States Navy father.

"Dad? How are you able to call me? I don't remember giving you mine or the HQ's number."

"I have my ways."

Sully didn't like his father's choice of words.

"Dad, what did you do?"

"I'm joking, I didn't do anything illegal. I had a friend in the Secret Service who owed me a favor. Apparently, they are the only agency exempting POTUS who outrank you."

"Dad, did you just call to tell me that or was there a reason you called me."

"Can a father say hi to his son?"


"I'm kidding, there is actually something. I'm on shore leave right now and i thought we should rekindle."


"Can't a father rekindle with his son?"


"So, are you busy?"

"Not at the moment."

"Good, i want you to come down to San Diego so you and i can catch up, you can even bring your girlfriend with you if you want, unless she's busy."

"She isn't, so I'll just have to ask her."

"Okay, do you know where to go?"

"No. I don't."

"Really? I thought you wouldn't have forgotten where your own home is."

"I'm joking, dad."

The admiral gave a slight chuckle before continuing the conversation.

"So when can I expect you two to stop by? Perhaps today."

"I don't know, dad. My duty as a Danger Ranger comes first."

"I understand. Like me, you have a duty."

"Yeah, but since i'm technically off duty now and i have my Rocket Car, i guess i can come."

"That's great! But i think it would be best if you packed some stuff in case you are here for longer than you should be, you both should bring your beach wear so you two can take that walk on the beach during the sunset. Hint hint, wink wink."

"Okay, dad. I'm going ask Kitty if she wants to go and i'll or we'll see you then."

"Okay, son. You know what to do when you arrive the entrance, right?"

"Yes, but don't worry, we Danger Rangers have our own variant of the Common Access Card."

"That's good, see you later then."

"Bye, dad."

With that, Sully hung up and went back to the couch and sat back down before Kitty spoke up.

"Your dad?"

"Yeah. He wants me to go down to San Diego so he and i can reconnect."

"That's great!"

"Yeah, but he also asked if you would like to come to San Diego with me, you don't have to go if you don't want to."

"Well, it'll give me the chance to learn about your family."

"But what if an emergency came up?"

"Well, you have your Rocket Car and i have my Kitty-Copter, so if one does come up, we'll be there."

"Yeah, you're right."

"Y'know, the way you two were talking on the phone, your dad seems like he's kind of a joker like you."

Sully blushingly smiled at what Kitty said.

"Yeah, us Sealford's sure are quite the jokers."

"Wait, Sealford's?"

Sully realized what he said as Kitty continued.

"Is that supposed be a surname?"

"Yeah...My surname."

This was a genuine shock to Kitty, none of the rangers, including herself have never revealed their surnames to each other or anyone they've encountered for that matter.

The Rangers' surnames were kept hidden from the public due to "reasons", which was kind of understandable.

But the rangers never told their surnames to each other, guessing they were concerned if they did reveal their surnames to any of the other rangers, they might blurt it out to the entire world, which was highly unlikely.

"So, your surname is Sealford?"


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid you would blurt it out."

"Really? That's the same reason I never told you mine."

The two looked at each other and blushed in embarrassment.

"Boy, do we feel stupid." Sully said.

"Yeah." Kitty agreed before Sully turned to his girlfriend.

"So, what about you?"


"Since I revealed my surname, why don't you reveal yours?"

"It's Cattrall. C-a-t-t-r-a-l-l."

"Cattrall, hmm?"

"Yeah, is there something wrong with it?"

"No, it's just unique."


"Well, it has Cat in it and you're a…"

"Yeah, yeah. I know."

"So, do you want to go to San Diego with me?"

"Sure. When do we leave?"

"We can leave today." Sully said as he got up from the couch and started walking towards the hallway

"Today?" Kitty asked as she got up to catch up to him.

"Yeah, but we don't have to leave right now, Dad said we better pack some clothes in case we need to stay overnight or longer than we would."

"I kinda agree with you, but is there another reason why?"

Sully sighed as he revealed the other reason.

"He also suggested we bring our swimwear for us to walk on the beach together during the sunset."

"Ah. Well, that would be yeah, let's bring those too."

"But let's tell the other rangers, we wouldn't want them worrying about us."

"I agree."


In the rec room of the DRHQ, the other four rangers were doing other things.

Burble was tuning up his bike, Burt was playing a video game and Squeaky was talking with Gabriela as they positioned themselves like they were about to dance.

"Are yuh sure about dis, GB? I'm not much of a dancuh, or a salsa one at dat."

"Come on, Squeaky. You'll like it. Like I said, I'll teach you."

"I've nevuh heard of an Italian salsa dancuh."

"Well, you'll soon be one."

"But GB, what if I do somethin' wrong? What if I make yuh fall? What if yuh get hurt? What if-!"

Gabriela suddenly locked her lips with his to calm him down, Squeaky's face turned bright red before GB finished the kiss.

"Squeaky...Entiendo sus preocupaciones, pero no se preocupe. Todo va a estar bien."


"I understand your concerns, but don't worry about it. Everything will be fine."

"Okay, Gabriela."

Sully and Kitty then came in.

"Rangers, may I have your attention?" Sully asked, catching the Rangers' attention.

"What is it, Sully?" Burble asked.

"Recently, I got a phone call from my father and he wants me to rekindle with him." Sully answered.

"That's great, Sully." Gabriela remarked.

"Thanks, GB. So me and Kitty have been invited to San Diego for my rekindling and for Kitty to meet my dad." Sully responded.

"Californian, huh? Kinda figured yuh'd be one since yuh seem like de surfer type." Squeaky commented.

"And during mine and Kitty's conversation, i kinda accidentally revealed my surname." Sully admitted before the Rangers' eyes widened.

"Sully, are yuh insane!?" Squeaky exclaimed.

"Don't worry, it's fine. Raise your hand if you think revealing your surname to any one of us will result in it being blurted out." Sully said as he and Kitty raised their hands with the other Rangers following suit.

"Well, I say that we should just reveal our surnames to each other and no one else. Let's just get it out of the way." Sully said again before Gabriela spoke.

"So what is your surname, Sully?" Burt asked.

"My surname is Sealford." Sully answered before Kitty revealed hers.

"Mine's Cattrall." Kitty responded.

"My surname's Bearington." Burble said.

"Turtal is my surname." Burt said which sounded like he said Turtle which raised a few eyebrows.

"You're surname is Turtle?" Sully asked.

"Yes." Burt answered.

"Turtle as in what you are, Burt?" Kitty asked.

"No, why would my surname be what I a-OH…" Burt answered before realizing that his surname and Turtle sounds similar.

"What?" Sully asked before Burt explained.

"I get that a lot about my surname. It's not T-u-r-t-l-e, my surname is spelled T-u-r-t-a-l."

"So it's pronounced Ter-Tall then." Kitty said.

"Well, it's not really pronounced that way, but you can do it that way." Burt responded.

"So Squeaky, What's your surname?" Gabriela asked.

"It's Mousovani. You?" The mouse answered.

"Mine's Rosales." GB responded.

"Rosales. Well, yuh are like a rose to me." Squeaky commented

"Gracias, Squeaky." Gabriela thanked in spanish.

"De Nada." Squeaky responded in spanish which gave GB and the other Rangers quite a shock.

"What? I only know a few basic Spanish wawhds." Squeaky defended.

"Anyway, we just wanted to tell you where we were going, we'll be taking our personal vehicles and if there is an emergency, just call us and we'll be there." Sully said.

"We just didn't want to worry you all." Kitty added.

"It's okay, Kitty. So since you're gonna to be in San Diego, who's in charge?" Squeaky responded.

"Well, Gabriela will be in charge. Think you can handle it?" Sully answered.

"Sully, I can handle it just fine." GB reassured.

"You know, I've always wondered whatever you saw in Ranger Rodent, Gabriela?" SAVO said as he appeared.

"Well, he's sweet, kind and cute…" GB started to say before SAVO started laughing a bit.

"Ranger Rodent sweet and kind, that'll be the day i fry my circuits." SAVO retorted as Squeaky held a piece of cheese behind his back.

"Hey GB, what's Heads Up in Spanish?" Squeaky asked whisperingly to GB.

"Cabezas Arriba, why?" Gabriela answered whisperingly as Squeaky got in front of her and got ready to throw the cheese as GB sighed and did a facepalm or facewing in her case.

"Hey SLAVO, Cabezas Arriba!" Squeaky exclaimed as he threw the cheeze as SAVO turned around.

"It's SAVO, Ranger R-Oh, No!" SAVO responded as he turned around to see the cheese flying towards his screen before impacting.


"I've been cheesed!" SAVO exclaimed as the liquid cheese was wiped off his screen and Squeaky was laughing his tail off.

"You know, I've just had enough of you doing this and you're going to regret throwing your Cheese Bombs at me!" SAVO exclaimed in a bit of a flustering tone.

"What are you gonna do about it, SLAVO?" Squeaky retorted, still taunting the AI.

"Oh, I got something for you, you little rat!" SAVO responded as two hands came out of his monitor and grabbed Squeaky, lifting him up towards SAVO's screen.

"Let me go, you stupid computer!" Squeaky exclaimed as he struggled to get free from the grasp of SAVO's arms.

"You know what, for that insult...i'm going to make you suffer a bit more." SAVO said in a almost menacing tone.

"SAVO, don't hurt him!" GB exclaimed.

"Oh, I have no intention to hurt Ranger Rodent. But I'm going to do something slightly similar to hurting." SAVO answered as a third arm came out, holding a feather.

"W-Ihat are yuh gonna do wit' dat?" Squeaky asked, getting a bit nervous as the feather encroached closer.

"You'll see soon enough." SAVO responded as the feather was near Squeaky and it started to tickle Squeaky's paws, which caused the mouse to hold back his laughter and his face started to slightly blush.

"Hehehe-Okay, that's enough! Plehehehease!" Squeaky laughed whilst trying to keep it back before he broke and burst into laughter.


"I will not stop until I hear you break." SAVO said as he kept tickling Squeaky.


"Apology Accepted." SAVO said as he stopped tickling Squeaky and put him back down, the mouse was on his back, tired out and exhausted from the tickling.

"Now you know what humiliation feels like." SAVO added as GB helped Squeaky up.

"Doan get any ideas, GB." Squeaky said as he was helped up.

"I'm not going to do anything, Squeaky. Y'know, you kinda have a cute laugh." GB responded.

"Thanks fawh de compliment." Squeaky thanked in a slightly sarcastic manner.

"Okay, Rangers. We gotta go, so we'll see you either later today or sometime this week." Sully said.

The rangers said their goodbyes or see you laters as Sully and Kitty left the rec room.

"Man, we have a crazy family." Kitty said.

Sully chuckled after she said that.

"Yeah, the others are like a second family to us. Speaking of family, I wonder when I'll be able to meet your family." Sully responded before Kitty suddenly stopped after he finished.

" family?" Kitty asked as Sully turned around and came back to her.

"Yeah, why? Is there something wrong?" Sully responded as their conversation continued.


"You don't have a family? Your parents are dead?"

"No, no. My family is perfectly fine."

"Is it me? Is something wrong with me?"

"No, it's not you, Sully. It's my dad.

"What's so bad about your father?"

"Sully, i have a military parent as well."


"My dad is a general in the U.S Army."

"What's so bad about that?"

"My dad hates Navy."

"Well, I'm not a soldier or sailor for that matter, but the only way I know of why your dad would hate Navy would be the Army-Navy game, but I doubt that your father went to West Point, cause that would be a pretty dumb reason why he h-."

Sully stopped as he looked at Kitty with an expression on her face that read "You're right, he did go to West Point."

"Oh my god, he did."

"Yes, West Point is his alma mater."

"Oh, no."


"Dad's alma mater is Annapolis."

"Oh boy, if they meet...they might forbid us from dating each other."

"Kitty, don't worry. We're not teenagers, they can't make the decision of who we can date."

"I know, it's just...i realized that there could be another reason why he wouldn't want us dating."

"What is it?"

"It's...our, in military terms...rank."


"In technicality, you're my commanding officer. Dating your commanding officer is a big no-no in the military."

"But, we don't follow the UCMJ rules."

"Sully, my dad is a military man, he uses the same rules in the military as well as home."

"Kitty, don't worry. Worrying about the small trivial things isn't going to help anything."

Kitty took a deep breath before giving her response.

"You're right, I shouldn't worry about it. Thanks, Sully."

"You're welcome. Also, I think we should go and start packing. Remember, bring your CAC card."

"Right. I'll meet you in your quarters, Sully."

"I'll wait for you or you'll wait for me."

Kitty and Sully left to go each other's respective rooms and start packing.

After about 10 minutes, Kitty approached the door of Sully's room and was starting to hear something, she put her ear up to it and started hearing what sounded like music coming from it.

It wasn't The Decibulls level of loud, but loud enough for the music to become muffled through said door. When Kitty opened the door, she started to blush at what she was seeing."

What she was seeing was Sully, shirtless, dancing, and lip syncing to the music she was hearing whilst putting clothes in a gym bag with the teams logo on it. The music he was listening to sounded old or vintage and seemed to be talking about California from what Kitty was hearing.

Sully didn't notice her in the doorway of his quarters due to him too busy dancing and lip syncing, while Kitty was kind of eyeing something that had nothing to do with him singing, dancing, or whatever he was doing, it was his bare chest.

Kitty saw that Sully had some...textures on his chest that would indicate he had been working out and was starting to get a bit muscular, Kitty thought it was kinda hot.

" When the snow-crowned Golden Sierras, Keep their watch o'er the valleys bloom. It is there I would be in our land by the sea, every breeze bearing rich perfume. It is here nature gives of her rarest, it is Home Sweet Home to me, and I know when I die I shall breathe my last sigh for my sunny California! " Sully lip-synced as he put a couple of shirts, his swim trunks and other basic commodities that could possibly be needed during the trip or something that Sully just wanted to bring with him whilst dancing and lip syncing to the music. On the last line of the song he was lip syncing, Sully opened his eyes and saw Kitty in the doorway, essentially pausing the song while blushing embarrassingly.

"Hi, Kitty." Sully quickly said as he stood there in front of Kitty, probably too embarrassed to bother putting a shirt on.

"What was that, Sully?" Kitty asked, laughing a bit in her dialogue.

"Nothing." Sully defended quickly.

"That didn't look and sound like nothing. What were you listening to?" Kitty retorted before Sully gave a small sigh before answering her question.

"I was listening to I Love You, California. It's the official song of my home state." Sully answered before giving this remark. "You thought it was embarrassing, did you?"

"No. But I wasn't really looking at that. C'mere for a second." Kitty said as she lifted Sully's arms and she started doing what seemed to be a body inspection of his chest area and arms.

"Kitty, w-what are you doing?" Sully asked as she started feeling the textures and muscularity of his chest and arms before putting down his arms, leaving Sully blushing and speechless.

"You've gotten a bit muscular." Kitty complemented.

"Really? I haven't noticed." Sully responded.

"Well, I think it be best if you put your shirt back on." Kitty added as Sully blushed again.

"Oh, right. Good idea." Sully responded as he grabbed his uniform shirt and put it back on along with his belt.

"You ready to go?" Kitty asked as Sully zipped up the gym bag.

"Yeah. Kitty, how are you going to get into the base with me? Last I checked, Naval Base San Diego doesn't have a runway or helicopter pad." Sully responded.

"Don't worry, the Kitty-Copter has drivable wheels now, you can thank Burt for that." Kitty answered.

"Good. By the way, I never asked where or what your hometown is." Sully responded as he walked out of his room with the bag in hand and the two started walking towards the launch bay.

"Orlando." Kitty answered.

"Florida?" Sully asked.

"Yeah." Kitty responded.

"You must have gone to theme parks a lot." Sully remarked.

"Not a lot, but I went every summer during my childhood. When I became a teenager though, I always would go down to Cocoa Beach." Kitty responded.

"Y'know, I now want to see what you looked like in a bikini." Sully added.

"Sully!" Kitty exclaimed as she started to blush.

"Hey, you saw me shirtless. It's only fair if I see you in a bikini." Sully retorted.

"Touche. But at least I didn't see or hear you listening and/or singing to The Decibulls again." Kitty added.

"Why? Did you want me to?" Sully asked.

"What? No! It's just tha-You know what, nevermind." Kitty retorted.

"Okay, then." Sully responded, dropping the topic.

The two headed to the launch bay, going towards six consoles with Rangers' faces on them and the two touching their respective consoles' faces, lighting the surrounding frame and causing two of the six holes behind them to open and reveal their personal vehicles.

Sully got in his Rocket Car and Kitty got in her Kitty-copter, put on their seatbelts and their vehicles transformed into aircraft before lifting off from Mt Rushmore to San Diego.

Interstate 5 South, East Harbor Drive

San Diego, California

1025 Papa

As the two vehicles went down the highway, Sully saw that he and Kitty were approaching the place Sully called home.

The big blue sign on a bridge that read Welcome to Naval Base San Diego Sully would see every time he came back from school, vacation or anything that would have him not be in the Naval Base.

Sully turned right with Kitty following behind to Gate 6 which had a sign that read Fleet Admiral Chester W Nimitz Gate and below it was NAVAL BASE SAN DIEGO in bold letters.

Sully had contacted his father that both him and Kitty were coming and so he contacted the gate, telling them that he was coming and going to be staying for a week.

It took a bit for them to reach the gate itself due to a line, but Sully got up to the guard there at the gate who was a Doberman that Sully seemed to recognize.

"Welcome to Naval Base San Diego. ID please." The guard said as Sully's rocket car "door" slid open.

"Hello, Mark." Sully responded as the guard slightly gasped when he saw Sully.

"Sully? I wasn't expecting you to be back in San Diego, how have you been?" Mark said as he and Sully shook hands.

"Good, How about you, and the family?" Sully responded as both of their hands let go and Sully handed his CAC card to Mark.

"Well, they're great. But also, I got a wife and a darling young daughter." Mark said as he showed Sully his wedding ring.

"Congratulations." Sully complemented to Mark.

"Thanks, so what have you been doing?." Mark responded and asked.

"I'm a Danger Ranger." Sully answered.

Mark gave a slight chuckle at Sully's response which left Sully a bit flabbergasted.

"Okay, Sully. That was kinda funny, but what's the real reason?" Mark said.

"That is the real reason, see?" Sully retorted, pointing to his uniform, more specifically, the DR symbol.

Mark then scanned the CAC card and it came up on the screen of the scanner, he couldn't believe it, he was telling the truth.

"I can't believe it, you're a Danger Ranger?!" Mark exclaimed.

"Yes I am and I'm the leader." Sully responded which left Mark shocked.

"You...Leader...Danger Rangers?" Mark said, barely able to get out words due to the immense shock that has overtaken him before Sully shook his head yes.

"I need to sit down." Mark said again, sounding like he was going to faint.

"Mark, breathe." Sully responded, telling Mark to calm himself down.

Mark took a couple of deep breaths to reassure himself before looking back at Sully.

"So, Sully. What are you here for?" Mark asked as the conversation continued.

"My dad called me here, I know he would have contacted the gate to tell you I was coming."

"Right, I'll go check."

Mark went into the security booth for about two minutes before coming back out and approaching the rocket car.

"Well?" Sully asked.

"Yes, he did confirm that you and a guest will be coming and be here for about a week's time." Mark answered.

"Good." Sully confirmed.

"So where's the guest?" Mark asked.

"She's in line behind me, her name is Kitty." Sully responded as Mark looked at Kitty's Kitty-copter and saw her waiting.

"She's a Danger Ranger too?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, my second in command." Sully confirmed.

"Oh, okay. Well, you know where to go, right?" Mark responded and asked.

"Yeah, Visitor's center and get the pass." Sully answered as he put his hands on the wheel.

"Okay, you're granted entrance. Hey, after I'm done with my shift, would you like for me and my family to come over to your house so we can talk a bit more?" Mark asked.

"Sure." Sully answered as Mark gave back Sully's CAC card.

"Okay, see you then." Mark responded.

"See you later." Sully added as the "door" closed and he drove into the base.

"Bye now." Mark responded as the Kitty-copter came up.

Kitty was also granted access as she met Sully to go get a visitors pass for the week they'll be there.

The two showed their ID's and filled out the necessary forms before coming out and putting the passes on their vehicles' dashboards and driving towards Admiral Sealford's home.

The two drove down to the housing area and arrived at the home.

The house was a four bedroom two-story house of tannish color with a brown trim and roof, it had a wide white garage door and maroon shutters.

The two parked their vehicles, got out, got their bags, walked up the stairs and onto the porch to the front door.

"Are you ready?" Kitty asked as Sully took a deep breath before giving his response.

"Yeah, I am." Sully answered before knocking on the door.

The two waited a minute or two before the door opened and the Admiral answered it.

The Admiral looked a bit different without his uniform on through Kitty's point of view, the Admiral wore a dark blue t shirt and black pants.

"Hello, son." The Admiral said, welcoming Sully.

"Hi, dad." Sully responded as the two hugged for a minute before the Admiral turned to Kitty.

"Hello, Kitty." The Admiral again welcomed.

"Hello, Admiral." Kitty responded.

"Please, I'm not on duty. Call me Mr. Sealford, Sebastian or sir." The Admiral now known in full as Sebastian Sealford said.

"Okay, I'll call you Mr. Sealford. It's more formal." Kitty remarked.

"Well, let's not waste your time here out here talking. Come on inside." Sebastian said as the two Danger Rangers went inside the house.

The house's walls and ceiling were of white color with the floor being brown hardwood, the wall to the right had a giant picture frame of the US Navy flag, the furniture was a mixture of a brown leather chair, two white fabric chairs and a navy blue couch with a floor mat in front of it that was navy blue and read in yellow letters United States NAVY, the navy part being in bold lettering.

"Come, sit." Sebastian said as the two rangers sat down on the couch and put their bags down with Sebastian sitting in the leather chair.

"By the way, does your date have a surname?" Sebastian asked as Sully and Kitty looked at each other and shook heads when the question was finished.

"Yes, she does. We revealed it to each other before we left our headquarters." Sully answered.

"Wait, you revealed your surnames just earlier today, I thought you two worked together." Sebastian asked again, confused at the answer Sully gave.

"We kind of had a fear that if we revealed our surnames to each other, it would get blurted out." Kitty said, answering the second question.

"And we felt stupid for thinking that." Sully commented.

"Ah. So, Kitty, what is your surname?" Sebastian asked again.

"It's Cattrall." Kitty answered.

"Cattrall, hm?" Sebastian responded.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Sealford?" Kitty asked as Sebastian started thinking for a second.

"No. It's not you, Kitty. It's just I knew someone having that same last name, but for the life of me can't figure out who it was." Sebastian answered.

"Was he in the Navy?" Sully asked.

"No, he wasn't Navy." Sebastian answered again as he kept thinking who exactly the Cattrall soldier was before deciding not to pursue it by saying this. "Meh. I'll try and ponder about it some other time."

"Okay, Dad." Sully responded as Sebastian cleared his throat before turning to Kitty.

"So, Ms. Cattrall, tell me a bit about yourself, where you were originally from and all that." Sebastian said to Kitty.

"Sure thing." Kitty responded as she started to tell her story.

"So, I was born in Florida and grew up in Orlando. As a kid, I went to different theme parks-..."

About close or a half hour passed by while Kitty told Sebastian about her childhood in Orlando and growing up in the sunshine state, her father being former special forces and a cousin who's in the Marines which she also mentioned the time the Danger Rangers helped the Marines with an oil spill, when asked about where they were when it happened, Sebastian told them that he was overseas. She went on to tell him how she ended up with the Danger Rangers and the missions they went on, when Sully told her about his mom during the day of the 9/11 anniversary and how they almost ended up kissing before eventually getting to Valentine's day when they finally kissed in a hospital room after she was knocked unconscious and slightly injured during the mission the day before and the events when Quinten Manderbill escaped from prison, including when Sully told her about his father and when she met Sebastian for the first time.

She excluded talking about the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers due to doubt anyone would really believe them if they told what happened before a stomach gurgle sound was heard and it came from the two Rangers.

"You two must be starving." Sebastian said as he got up from his chair.

"I guess we were so busy in getting here and talking, we forgot to get something to eat." Sully admitted.

"Well, how does California-Style sound to you two?" Sebastian asked.

"What do you think, Kitty?" Sully asked, turning to her.

"Well, I am always open to trying new things, so yeah." Kitty answered.

"Great! I hope you like it as much as our family does." Sebastian responded as he walked into the kitchen.

"Should I be concerned by what he just said?" Kitty asked Sully.

"Don't worry, he's not going to do anything to you." Sully reassured her as they followed into the kitchen themselves.

Sebastian then grabbed a pizza pan, opened the pizza box, takes off the wrapping on said pizza and places it on the pan before all three hear the front door opening.

"Were you expecting anyone else?" Sully asked his father whisperingly.

"No." Sebastian answered in the same tone before the person who just came through the door spoke.

"Dad, the Decatur is reportedly having some problems, so I think you're gonna be needed there later on."

Sully recognized the masculine voice instantly when he heard it.

"Wait, Dad?" Kitty exclaimed quietly as Sebastian left the kitchen to talk to the person with Sully following behind.

"Dad, are you here?" The voice asked again as Kitty followed behind after Sully.

"I'm here, son." Sebastian told the voice as Kitty saw who the voice was.

The voice was a sea lion, almost looked like Sully, but was a darker shade of blue, seemed to be a bit older than Sully and he was wearing a Coast Guard dark blue service uniform.

"Dad, there's something I have to tell you." The sea lion said.

"I know, I heard you. The Decatur is having some problems, so they could need me down at the port." Sebastian responded.

The sea lion then saw Sully and walked over to him.

"Hey, little brother." The sea lion said, putting his arm around Sully and giving him a noogie.

"You have a brother?" Kitty asked as she faced the two sea lions.

"I didn't think he would be coming here." Sully admitted as the sea lion let go and went over to Kitty.

"Hi there, I'm Sean." The sea lion now known as Sean said before kissing Kitty's hand.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing here?" Sean asked Kitty who was blushing a bit, but it quickly went away as Kitty gave her response.

"Sorry, Romeo. But I'm already taken." Kitty answered.

"That's okay, so who's the lucky guy?" Sean asked before Kitty pointed to Sully which left Sean almost baffled.

"Lucky you, little brother." Sean complimented as he got up and turned to Sully before seeing his uniform.

"And what are you wearing?" Sean asked as he started poking around Sully's uniform before stopping.

"It's my uniform. I'm a Danger Ranger." Sully answered before Sean started laughing at his little brother's response.

"That's funny, Sully. For a minute, you almost had me. There is no way you're a Danger Ranger." Sean responded.

"I am! So is she!" Sully retorted.

"Sully, quit lying." Sean said to Sully.

"I'm not! Do you need proof?" Sully exclaimed in a frustrating tone.

"That would help." Sean responded.

"Here! Here's proof!" Sully said as he gave Sean his CAC card.

"Could be forged." Sean responded, dismissing it and giving back the card to Sully.

"It is not forged, Commander." SAVO said, which took Sean by surprise.

"Who said that?" Sean asked.

"He did. Sean, Meet the Safety Alert VectOmeter or SAVO for short." Sully answered as he lifted up his SAVO unit and showed it to Sean.

"Hello, Commander Sealford." SAVO greeted as Sean was now in shock.

"Okay, how do you know my name and rank?" Sean asked the AI.

"I checked Admiral Sealford's file in the military database and found your file along with it, call it a coincidence if you will." SAVO answered.

"Okay, so let's say I believe you, does your commanding officer know you're here?" Sean asked.

"Uh, Sean?" Kitty said as she tapped Sean's shoulder and he turned around.

"Yeah?" Sean responded before Kitty pointed at Sully.

"He's the commanding officer." Kitty answered as Sean turned around, shocked.

"You...are the leader...of the Danger Rangers?" Sean asked.

"That's right." Sully answered, leaving Sean still in shock.

"My little brother is the leader of the Danger Rangers. I-i can't believe it." Sean responded, still in shock.

"Well, it's true." Sully said as Sean calmed himself down.

"I never thought I would be doing this, but…" Sean said before he stood at attention and gave a salute to Sully.

Sully was a bit flabbergasted, his own brother, the Coast Guard commander was saluting him of all people.

"I would be making you stand there longer, but I'm in a good mood, ease." Sully said before Sean stood down.

"Hey, Dad. Have you showed them it yet?" Sean asked Sebastian.

"Showed us what?" Sully asked.

"Hold on, let me get it. Sully, you mind putting in the pizza?" Sebastian said as he left the living room.

"Sure, Dad." Sully responded as he went into the kitchen for about the same time length as Sebastian was getting the thing and came back a few seconds before Sebastian.

Sebastian then came to the two Danger Rangers, holding a small black case in his hands.

Sebastian then put his hand on the cover of the case and lifted it up, revealing a medal. And not just any medal, it was the Navy's Medal of Honor.

The two Rangers were shocked.

"Why aren't you standing at attention?" Sean asked, catching the shocked rangers' attention.

"Why?" Sully responded.

"Are you dense or something? He's a Medal of Honor recipient! You should out of honor and respect!" Sean exclaimed.

"No need, Sean. If he or Kitty doesn't want to, it's their choice." Sebastian responded.

"But, Dad!" Sean exclaimed again.

"Sean, I know you think they're disrespecting me, but it's their choice whether you like it or not." Sebastian reassured Sean as he closed the case and went to put it away.

"Aye, Sir." Sean responded before Sebastian came back into the living room.

"Listen, why don't we go ahead and eat, Sully and Kitty can tell you about what they do and what has happened like when they told me earlier, and after we're done, you can take the two to Sector San Diego and can have a joint patrol with the two organizations." Sebastian suggested.

"That's not a bad idea, but why?" Sean asked.

"It'll help you reconnect with your brother and I'm asking as a father but also an Admiral." Sebastian answered.

"Dad, you don't have to use your ranks to pull strings for me." Sully said.

"I know, son. But think of this as something special from me to you." Sebastian answered as he went into the kitchen.

"I'll go make some calls." Sean said as he walked away.

"I guess we'll be going on Coast Guard duty. Boop." Kitty commented before booping Sully's nose, which made him blush.

"Yeah." Sully responded, chuckling a bit in his voice before giving a peck kiss on Kitty's nose, which made her blush as well.

Kitty then grabbed Sully's uniform and pulled him in for a kiss and the two started to make out.

Sean came back into the living room and saw the two making out, he thought it was kind of sweet, but he decided to stop it.

"Ahem." Sean said, clearing his throat to catch the Rangers' attention before commenting "Get a room, you two." as he walked into the kitchen with the two rangers deciding to go into said kitchen.

As the four had their meal, Sebastian told Sean about the Danger Rangers and the missions they were on with Sully and Kitty acting as correctors in case Sebastian were to get a detail wrong.

After the meal, which Kitty liked and was great, Sean told the rangers that he made some calls and got the two Danger Rangers on duty with him at Coast Guard Base Sector San Diego.

Coast Guard Base Sector San Diego

2746 N Harbor Dr

1252 Papa

Sean, Sully, and Kitty took their vehicles and traveled to the Coast Guard base, got inside and parked, heading inside a white building with the words U.S Coast Guard on it in black letters with the symbol of the USCG on the left side of the letters.

"By the way, Sean, Where were you when the oil spill happened?" Kitty asked as they walked towards the door.

"The oil spill here in San Diego?" Sean responded.

"Yeah." Kitty reaffirmed.

"I was in Hawaii during that time." Sean answered.

"Now I'm starting to imagine you in a grass skirt," Sully commented.

"Very funny." Sean responded as he opened the door for the two before going inside himself.

The three went into a hangar where two approached the three and saluted Sean, which he saluted back.

"Sully, Kitty, this is Lieutenant Nasir Ahmad and Lieutenant Commander David Avraham." Sean said, introducing the two to Sully and Kitty.

Nasir was an Arabian leopard in a pilot's uniform and David was a German shepherd in the Coast Guard ODU.

"Ahmad, Avraham, meet Danger Rangers Sully and Kitty." Sean said again as the four shook hands.

"Shalom, Rangers Sully and Kitty." David said, giving a greeting in Hebrew.

"As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Danger Rangers." Nasir said, giving a greeting in arabic.

"As you can tell, they both are immigrant-Americans. But do you want to know what the real kicker is?" Sean told and asked Sully and Kitty.

"What?" Sully asked.

"Ahmad here is Muslim and Palestinian and Avraham is Jewish and Israeli...and they're friends!" Sean exclaimingly answered.

"That's great." Kitty said.

"Thanks, Ranger Kitty." David responded.

"We believe that it doesn't matter what religion we practice, we should treat others with respect and kindness instead of hatred." Nasir added as the five started walking through the hangar, passing by helicopters.

"So, Sean, are we going to be on your ship?" Sully asked.

"Not exactly, we're going to be on patrol duty, so we won't need a cutter." Sean answered.

"So what are we going to use for the patrol?" Kitty asked.

"We'll be using an SPC-LE craft." Sean responded.

"SPC-LE?" Sully asked.

"Special Purpose Craft-Law Enforcement, it's a 33-foot defender class boat." Sean answered.

"Oh. Well, we better get our life vests and get on that boat. You have life vests, right?" Sully responded.

"Yeah, we always put it on before we go out to sea." Sean answered.

"Good. Always wear a life vest when you go out boating." Sully added.

"Thank you, Mr. safety." Sean commented.

"Ha, ha." Sully retorted.

"You know, if I didn't know any better, I say those two are acting like brothers." Nasir said.

"Like we were when we were kids." David added.

"Yeah." Nasiri responded as Kitty went up to Sully and Sean.

"Sully, can I speak to you for a minute, privately?" Kitty asked.

"Sure. Excuse me, Sean." Sully responded as the two went far enough away that the three Coast Guard officers couldn't hear them.

"Sully, should we tell them being brothers with Sean?"

Sully gave out a slight sigh as he gave his response.

"Not yet. As much I want to, I don't trust them yet to withhold that type of information. Dad and Sean are the only exemptions so far because they're family and already know who I am."

"And you know why you don't reveal your surnames left and right, Ranger Kitty." SAVO said, butting into their conversation.

"You're right, let's head back. They're probably waiting for us."


Sully and Kitty returned back to the three officers as they gave them bulletproof vests along with the life vests.

"What was that about?" David asked.

"The other Danger Rangers were checking on us to make sure we were okay. Also, what's with bulletproof vests?" Sully answered, lying to the two before asking about what they were just given.

"Precautionary measures. You never know what could happen." Sean answered as Sully and Kitty put on the bulletproof vests before putting on the live vests and getting in the SPC-LE craft with Sean and David before the boat left from the port with Nasir heading back to the hangar.


Keystone, South Dakota

1:02 PM

Burt was in his lab, checking on Fallbot's systems.

"I don't know what's up with you, Fallbot. You haven't tripped or said "Oh, who put that there?" in about a week and a half." Burt said as he started to check Fallbot's wiring.

"I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, Burt." Fallbot responded in a normal tone, which gave a bit of a shock to the turtle.

"And you are speaking normally. Even more normal for you." Burt commented as he finished checking Fallbot's wiring.

"Did you find anything?" Fallbot asked.

"No, there's been no tampering with your wiring." Burt answered.

"Could it be possible that I was hacked?" Fallbot said, giving another suggestion.

"Not possible, Fallbot. If we were hacked, I would have felt it too and we have the most secure firewall in the world." SAVO responded, giving his answer.

"So, the only logical answer would be...when you lost your memory." Burt exclaimed, coming to the realization.

"What do you mean?" Fallbot asked.

"When you lost your memory, the lightning shock must've short-circuited something and caused you to turn the way you are right now, which there's nothing wrong with it." Burt answered.

"If that happened, why didn't it happen when I got my memories back?" Fallbot asked again.

"It must have happened slowly rather than right away. Otherwise, I can't really think of any other explanations. Looks like you'll just need a simple reboot." Burt responded as their conversation continued

"Reboot? Won't that cause me to forget my memories again?"

"Don't worry, Fallbot. A reboot won't tamper with your memories."

"That's good, but I was thinking of being this way for today and possibly the future."


"Because the old me was clumsy and dumb, the new me is better than that. Plus, I'll have my chance to become an official Danger Ranger."

"There was nothing wrong with the old you."

"I know, let's just see what the other Rangers think, then we'll decide on the reboot."

"That's a good idea."

With that, Burt and Fallbot left the lab to show the other Rangers the robot's new intelligence.

San Diego Bay

San Diego, California

1307 Papa

On the SPC-LE craft, The Danger Rangers and the two USCG officers were on the boat, looking with binoculars.

"Anything?" Sean asked.

"Nothing so far." Sully answered as Kitty turned to see a yacht coming towards them.

"Guys…" Kitty said.

"What is it, Kitty?" Sully asked.

"Yacht, port side." David exclaimed, making the two sea lions turn towards the incoming yacht with Sully seeing the driver, a fox was drinking a bottle of alcohol.

"Guys, the driver is drinking alcohol." Sully said.

"I can see." Sean said as he went into the helm and put on the siren and loudspeaker.

"U.S Coast Guard! Stop the vessel now!" Sean exclaimed over the loudspeaker before the yacht suddenly turned to the left and started to speed away.

"We're going after him. Avraham, man the gunner." Sean said as Sully and Kitty got into the helm with him and David got onto the gunner.

"Aye, sir." David responded as the SPC-LE chased after the yacht with the sirens blaring.

"Stop the vessel now! Or you will be fired upon!" Sean commanded for the yacht to stop, but it didn't as the two vessels sped across the water.

"Gunner, fire a warning shot." Sean said to David.

"Aye, aye, sir." David responded as he fired a warning shot, causing the yacht to slow down and stop with the SPC-LE stopping port side.

"Come on." Sean said as he and the three on the SPC-LE boarded the yacht with the driver stumbling down the stairs to meet the four.

"Hey, Guard Coast...what seems to be the officer...problem?" The driver drunkenly said to the four.

"Sir, I am Commander Sealford of U.S Coast Guard. You were operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol, may I see your license and registration?" Sean responded and asked the driver.

"Sure...l-let me g-g-go get it." The driver answered as he started to walk up towards the helm before they heard some knocking coming from the door leading to the lower floor of the yacht.

"What's that down there?" David asked.

"N-nothing." The driver answered as Sean and David pulled their guns from their holsters.

"Sully, open the door." Sean said as Sully went over to the door and pulled the handle, opening it up.

A small figure came out of the room, the figure was a small brown raccoon child wearing a blue t-shirt and black shorts.

The kid then suddenly started to take off his shirt before attempting to take off his pants before Sully stopped him.

"Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, woah. What are you doing?" Sully asked the kid.

"I-isn't this what you paid for?" The child responded to Sully.

"Paid for?" Sully asked.

"Yeah. paid for my services, like everyone else." The kid answered which made Sully look inside the door and see something that horrified him.

What he saw was about six kids, all malnourished, three girls and three boys with two of the girls holding crying babies in their arms and the third looking like she's pregnant, all of the girls having rings on their fingers.

"Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Ranger Kitty..." Sully said as the two Coast Guard officers and Kitty looked inside the lower level, their reaction was similar to Sully's as David went over to the driver and used zip ties to handcuff the driver.

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…" David said as he read the Miranda rights to the driver and Sean went inside the lower level.

"Hey, Donny. What's with the stop, are there new customers?" A voice said, revealing a Lion wearing a white t-shirt and jeans come out a room on the left.

"Coast Guard, down on the ground!" Sean exclaimed, making the lion get on his knees.

A few minutes later, Sean brought him out of the lower level and sat him down with a black bag, upon opening it was a bag full of money.

"Come on kids, let's get out of here." Kitty said as the six kids came out, one of them was a tiger boy who accidentally tripped and started to cry, revealing a scrape on his knee when he turned.

"I got you." Kitty told the child as she picked him up and she cleaned the wound and put a band-aid on the kid.

"What's your name?" Sully asked the Raccoon kid as he got down to his level.

"Ricky." The raccoon now known as Ricky answered.

"I'm Sully of the Danger Rangers." Sully said, introducing himself.

"The Danger Rangers? Wow!" Ricky exclaimed in awe.

"Ricky, did those two men ever hurt you?" Sully asked.

"Um..." Ricky started to say as the lion looked at him with an expression that made him stop talking.

"Don't you say anything." The lion mouthed to Ricky as Sully turned around to see the lion's expression and realized something was up.

"Ricky, you know why lying is wrong, right?" Sully asked the raccoon child.

"Yeah?" Ricky responded.

"And you should always tell the truth?" Sully asked again.

"Yeah." Ricky answered.

"If you want to do the right thing, you should tell me the truth. Did these men hurt you?" Sully responded and asked Ricky.

"Are you going to hurt me if I tell?" Ricky asked Sully.

"I would never put my hands on you, Ricky. I promise." Sully reassured the raccoon child before Ricky pointed towards the lion.

"He hurt me." Ricky said as the lion was getting really angry.

"Really?" Sully asked.

"Yeah, he used something that made a loud sound and it stings when he did it." Ricky answered.

"Hey, Danger Rangers, Lieutenant Commander...look what I found." Sean said as he came out of the lower level holding a whip in his hand, which made Ricky get a bit scared and start to hold onto Sully.

"Ricky, was this what he used to hurt you?" Sully asked.

"Y-yes." Ricky answered, quivering in his voice.

"You little snitch!" The lion exclaimed as he got up and tried to run towards the two, Sully covered his body over Ricky to protect him as David tackled the lion and managed to knock him out with a choke hold.

"I hope you burn for what you did, you monster." David said as Sully turned around before turning back to Ricky and seeing something that made him gasp in horror at what he saw.

There were slash marks on Ricky's back, consistent with the markings of a whip.

Sully went over the waking lion and grabbed him by his shirt, rage and anger now being expressed in his face.

"How could you do that to a child, you heartless, sick son of-argh!?" Sully angrily exclaimed, nearly swearing in his rage, he wanted to beat him to death so badly, but Kitty stopped him from doing so by grabbing him and turning him around to face her as she hugged him.

"Sully, don't do this." Kitty said as Sully managed to calm down. Kitty was right, beating him to death will mean he won't answer for his crimes and the Danger Rangers are not vigilantes or murderers.

"I'm sorry, Kitty. I-i don't know what came over me." Sully said.

"It's okay, just don't do it again, alright?" Kitty responded and asked.

"Okay." Sully answered.

"Ha! You couldn't even do it, you don't have it in you to kill me. You're weak!" The lion tauntingly exclaimed as Kitty approached him.

"What's your name?" Kitty asked.

"Jack, why?" The lion now known as Jack answered as Kitty took a deep breath.

"Jack, Ranger Sully won't beat you because he is better than that and so am I, but there's one thing he isn't is weak. What you did to that child was nothing short of scummy and vile and if I had been given the chance, I would claw your eyes out myself." Kitty told him in a threatening manner.

"I'd listen to her if I were you." Sully commented as Kitty left with Jack now having a terrified expression on his face.

Sully then went over to Ricky and got on one knee to talk to him.

"Sorry about that. Ricky, do you know where you are?" Sully asked.

"No, the headmaster just said we were going on a trip and he would meet us there, but we haven't seen him." Rocky answered.

"Is the headmaster your teacher or something?" Sully asked.

"He's our caretaker and our teacher, he said this was a field trip." Ricky replied as Sully got up.

"SAVO, scan the kids and see if they have any missing reports on them." Sully said before SAVO scanned all the kids and came back with his response.

"Oh, my. You're right, Ranger Sully… they do have reports...not missing, but from DCFS." SAVO responded.

"DCFS? Are they all orphans?" Kitty asked.

"Maybe." Sully answered as he went over to Donny the driver.

"Donny, where were the kids being taken to?" Sully asked Donny.

"Donny, don't you say anything!" Jack silently exclaimed.

"We were gonna *hic* sell 'em off to a b-buyer in M-Mex-Mexic...Mexico." Donny drunkenly answered as Sully walked away to the other side of the yacht.

"Ranger Sully, what's wrong?" SAVO asked as Sully gave his response

" San Diego PD, Paramedics, and the other Danger Rangers...I think we've stumbled upon a child trafficking ring."

[Cue 'Danger Rangers Theme Song'.]

(Shows the monitor flashing with the words DANGER ALERT on it as the music starts.)

Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers (Shows the hovercraft lifting off from Mt Rushmore and into the sky before showing a split screen of Sully and Kitty, Burble and Squeaky, then Burt and GB turning around to face.)

There's trouble on the horizon, there's danger around every bend. (Shows a weather radar showing a storm system before transitioning via lightning to show the Rangers helping some people to shelter before they turn around to see a tornado coming for them. Then shows a hurricane cyclone, a wildfire in a forest, a blizzard rocking a city before transitioning to a red flashing siren.)

With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend? (Shows a gas station with a fuel dispenser on fire with Kitty using an extinguisher to put it out, Kitty helping kids out of the yacht before showing a coast guard gunner firing, then shows Sully and Kitty breaking down the door of a burning building.)

A street, a pool, a dangerous tool, or riding home on your bike (Shows a car crashing into another causing it to flip and Sully with a machine gun pointed at him before showing a Coast Guard cutter with the Rangers on deck.)

It's up to you. What do you do? (Shows Sully grabbing the handle of a military officer saber and holding it near him like a salute as the images of his father, brother and grandfather saluting loom over him before showing Sully diving into water.)

Who're you gonna be like? (Shows the Danger Rangers in their ceremonial uniforms, looking like they're standing at attention before they all salute before showing the Hovercraft over a wildfire and dumping water.)

Like the Danger Rangers! (Danger alert! Danger alert!) (Shows a USCG SPC-LE craft speeding across the water with Sully's brother at the helm with Sully and Kitty on the bridge with the USCG commander. Then transitions via lightning to the Rangers helping first responders shift through tornado wreckage and get a family of Golden Retrievers out of the said wreckage.)

Danger Rangers! (Shows a Savo Unit on the ground with a broken screen before transitioning via fire to show someone in silhouette in what seemed to be a hazmat suit holding erupting flamethrowers. Then showing a figure in silhouette with glowing blue hi-tech gloves put its hand out.)

Danger Rangers! (Shows the Rangers and Fallbot watching fireworks go off in the night sky before showing a split screen of the six rangers going one by one as the dial beeps go off.)

Danger Rangers! (Shows Sully, in climbing gear parrel down some mountainside before showing the Public Safety Officer Medal Of Valor in its box as the lid was opened.)

It's nothing more to being cool than being safe, cause safety rules (Shows Sully and Kitty kiss, the Rangers carrying some kids inside as glass shards fall around them, an explosion in a building as the Rangers got down before showing Derek hugging Kitty as tears escaped his eyes.)

Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers! (Shows Sully pulling someone out of the water, Kitty putting a bandage on a Tiger kid, Burble riding his bicycle, Burt, in his firefighter gear using a high tech extinguisher on a fire, Squeaky getting inside a small hole to reach someone, GB watching the monitors with determination written on her face and Fallbot facing someone with a gun pointed at him and a stern look on the robot's face.)

[Safety Rules!] (Shows the Danger Rangers logo.)

['Danger Rangers Theme Song' ends.]

Chapter 2, Coming soon


AN: Also please stop asking me when the next DR story is coming out, they'll be done when they're done.
Seawatch Chapter 1
What started out as a trip to San Diego to rekindle with family turned into a mission that the Danger Rangers have never encountered before...Child Trafficking.

Update: Due to Ch2 being so large, I can't submit it without splitting it up into extra chapters and I honestly don't feel like doing that right now. I'll provide the FF.Net link in the description, possibly until I split up Ch2 which might I add is 20,000+ words long.

Chapter 2 


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