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Will You Help Me Through This Pain?
Warning!! Slight Blood/Gore!
I'm lying here,
Pain evident in my features,
Will you help me?
Groaning in pain,
Convulsing on the floor,
Can you help me?
Bloodied hands reach out,
Willing you to help,
Will you help me stand?
In a pool of my own blood,
It is soaking into my clothes,
Are you too disgusted to come closer?
I hear you walk away,
Slowly but surely,
Are you going for help?
You never returned,
You left me for dead,
But would you have returned if you knew my secret?
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0
Rippling Sadness
Sadness is dark blue.
It smells like the rain as it hits your face and you finally realize where you are.
It tastes like the blood that comes from your lip after you bite it while weeping.
It sounds like the sobs that escape your parted lips without you noticing.
It feels like getting hit by a runaway train that you couldn't have known was coming.
It looks like fear in the sense that you never see it coming.
Sadness is being ripped in two.
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0
Traditional Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern by prussiancrimsonheart Traditional Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern :iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0 Spirit Day Bleeding Hearts by prussiancrimsonheart Spirit Day Bleeding Hearts :iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 2 0
Best Friend
I feel like falling apart,
Am I going to lose this friend,
The one I cherish?
We have been slowly pulled apart,
Arguing and yelling has become too common,
How can I keep us together?
She has been there for me always,
We helped each other through so much,
How long will it last?
When will she leave me for good?
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 3
Mr. Linden's Library
Mary walked gleefully down the street. She always loved going to the town library.  It was her favorite place to go to as a child, and now as a 32 year-old she still loved it.
    Many people thought it was silly.  Mary was smart enough without her books, but to Mary, she could never get enough of them.  Mr. Linden was one of the few people that agreed with Mary, he had loved books almost as much as she did and believed that no one could ever read too many books in their lifetime, for this reason they were friends.  
    As Mary opened the door she heard the familiar sound of the tinkling chime and smiled.  She walked into the small building to be greeted by non-other than Mr. Linden, the librarian.  On his face was a kind, warm smile that reached his soft, hazel eyes.  If only she know what was hidden behind that smile…
    Mary said hello and immediat
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 1 0
The Forest
Love the feeling of the wind on me
Love the way it whistles in the trees
Close my eyes so I can only hear
The wind keeping me from moving from there
Open my eyes to see the majestic trees
Of brown, silver and green
The ravens speaking around me
See their black in the green leaves
Oh, how I love it here
In the whistling forest where the ravens call
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0
Chickadee in a Maple Tree by prussiancrimsonheart Chickadee in a Maple Tree :iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 1 0
I see the raindrops run down the window
They match the tears rolling down my face
Hot salty tears fall into my lap
As I dream of my lost loved one
I wish I could have back
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0
Friday The Thirteenth
I look at the calendar hanging of the wall.
Today is the day that too many people is unlucky,
But to me it is the best day that I could ever hope for,
Friday the thirteenth.
The best day for my type of work.
As I walk into the dark chambers under my house,
I notice my long black cloak billowing out behind me.
After the long spiraling staircase I see my caldron,
Already bubbling with the power from the unholy day.
As I walk over to the boiling pot,
I grab the necessary ingredients for my spell.
Today is the day,
For today is Friday the thirteenth.
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0
Awesomeness (Prussia)
I understand if you hate me,
Not everyone can love my awesomeness,
But I don't understand why you can't tell me.
I'm not so unawesome to not understand.
But to pretend that you love me then turn on me is unforgivable!
To try to trick the awesome me is not awesome.
Do you get it?
I can find people who understand,
And think of me the way they want to.
But it would be awesome if they thought of me using,
The one word that can be used to describe me…
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 4
Territory by prussiancrimsonheart Territory :iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0 Birch Curls by prussiancrimsonheart Birch Curls :iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 2 0
I feel your back against mine.
Are we going to die here?
Enemies are closing in on us.
Your gun and my blades shining in the sun,
Are they enough to save us?
We look into each other's eyes,
I see confidence in your eyes,
What do you see in mine?
They are closer now.
I ready my swords for battle,
You aim your gun.
I slash with my swords and blood hits my face.
I can feel the warm sticky blood run down my face.
I hear gun shots behind me.
I can still feel your back against mine.
Are you ok?
An enemy lunges for me,
I cut its stomach cleanly open.
More blood stains my tattered clothes.
More gun shots.
More and more enemies show up.
Then I worry more and more for your safety.
Just then something washes over me.
I lunge at the enemies with incredible strength.
I have fighting knowledge I could have never known before.
I fight for your safety just as much as mine
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 5
Orchids by prussiancrimsonheart Orchids :iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 0
Hate To Love
I have every reason to hate you,
But I can't find hate.
In a person full of hate,
This is odd.
Love in me isn't common.
My thoughts of you have changed,
    From biting,
    To hugging,
You changed me,
You made me love.
:iconprussiancrimsonheart:prussiancrimsonheart 0 2


Swedish vallhund: peek-a-boo by Piikkisika Swedish vallhund: peek-a-boo :iconpiikkisika:Piikkisika 9 2 Undertale AU: Phobiatale: Asriel by Moona-chann Undertale AU: Phobiatale: Asriel :iconmoona-chann:Moona-chann 130 12 Angel Banishing Sigil by MidnightHorses Angel Banishing Sigil :iconmidnighthorses:MidnightHorses 2 0 Supernatural Anti-possession symbol by Scoomus Supernatural Anti-possession symbol :iconscoomus:Scoomus 68 2 Supernatural Wallpaper by BobbysIdjit Supernatural Wallpaper :iconbobbysidjit:BobbysIdjit 65 4 My hat by DE4THPUNCH My hat :iconde4thpunch:DE4THPUNCH 260 25 Valentine loved that by Mathi-das-M Valentine loved that :iconmathi-das-m:Mathi-das-M 42 3 Mr Valentine by Triback Mr Valentine :icontriback:Triback 199 20 John Hancock by Rines-Sha John Hancock :iconrines-sha:Rines-Sha 147 0 John Hancock by Sans-Jay John Hancock :iconsans-jay:Sans-Jay 17 5 Witness Me! by Blatterbury Witness Me! :iconblatterbury:Blatterbury 161 27 it's okay nux by amarysue it's okay nux :iconamarysue:amarysue 29 5 what a lovely day by Ink-aroo what a lovely day :iconink-aroo:Ink-aroo 75 7 Push Ups by Blatterbury Push Ups :iconblatterbury:Blatterbury 187 7 Slit by WanNyan Slit :iconwannyan:WanNyan 39 1


To start off, I must say that the piece is done very nicely. The contrast of the blue eyes and the red hair is amazing. The texture of ...

I must say that this piece is very beautiful. I love the contrast between the buck and the night sky, the blue/white contrasts very nic...

I love the color scheme of the picture, the dainty yellow with the far- away green look amazing together. The focus of that the camera ...

This is amazing! I love the darkness of the piece and how you created the light vs. dark feeling to it. The colors of the backround add...


Sorry to all those who I have watched and not commented on your work! I am simply not caught up and with 779 deviations, I'm not sure I ever will be! Anyway, I will try to catch up as soon as I can. I apologize for the wait.


United States


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