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Day on Vulcan (Jim's mind landscape) by Prue84 Day on Vulcan (Jim's mind landscape) by Prue84
This manip is part of the Reboot Mirrorverse that is headcanon for both me and aleniakalain. To be specific, this is how Jim's mind landscape looks like if you were allowed to take a peek - Spock would kill you before you even thought about approaching his Jim for this reason, anyway, so yes, by looking you're prying into Jim's privacy.

You can spot two king cobras, two fennecs, two rattle snakes, two sa-te kru (those black le-matya like felines. They appeared in an official comic book decades ago) and, obviously, the two big cats are two le-matya. If you want to know the whys, the hows and generally discover what's behind this image, head over to the post at my livejournal: there I wrote an explanation/long summary.

Companion piece to Spock's mind landscape.

Take the time to download to see it full size - it's quite large. ;)


Credits for stock used:

Desert #1: link by Chocomix-Stock
Desert #2: link by Chocomix-Stock
Sandstorm brush: link by Nykkida
Lake: link by Empy-Stock
Sun #1: link by photohouse
Sun #2: link by Burtn
Lionesses: link by Momotte2stocks
Fennecs: link by Twimperology
Eagle: link by Momotte2stocks
Scorpion #1: link by Dracoart-Stock
Rattlesnake #1: link by RoonToo

You can find the rest of the credits at my livejournal.


Tumbrl post here.



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photohouse Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I love this manipulation :D
Prue84 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Thank you so much. <3
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March 3, 2014
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