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Like Thetis, this one is another nymph from Abraxas, the Brazilian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Eurydice is the guardian of Viride Vena, the house of those who take action - sometimes before thinking.

I usually apply lighter tones to my drawings, yet this time I wanted to play with darker colors. I'm not completely sure if I went too dark in it, but it was a nice change; though it IS way more difficult to deal with dark skintones.

However, I'm quite satisfied with the lightning effects. And the feet, of course, because I'm convinced those feet weren't drawn by me, but by some supernatural entity that I must've momentarily embodied.

Linework by pencil, coloring with Photoshop CS2.
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é, você foi possúida por um caboco que desenha pé kkkkkkkkkkkk

adorei os cachos