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That's the famous Czech nation



My current wallpaper - Czech warriors :)

Left up: 955, Battle of Lechfeld - 8 000 German and Czech troops defeated 17 000 invading Hungarians

Middle up: 1158, Milan - Czechs conquered city and our duke Vladislav II. received for his victory heritable title of king and he got silver lion in our Coat of arms

Right up: 1346, Crécy - Although this wasn't victorious battle, our king Jan and whole Kingdom of Bohemia became famous because of this battle. King was blind, but he went to fight. His two knights took him to the battlefield. His last words were: "Toho bohdá nebude, aby český král z boje utíkal."=something like "That will God never allow, to let the Czech king flee from fight."

Left down: 1421/1422, Kutná Hora - 12 000 Hussites defeated troops of Sigismund in strength of 30-50 000

Right down: Knights of Blaník mountain - Guardians of Czech lands. Legend says, that they'll rush off from mountain, when our land will be in the worst trouble.

I add also some other battles where Czechs had important role:

626, Battle with Avars - Slavic troops defeated Avar invasion
1260, Battle of Kressenbrunn - One of the biggest medieval battles. 100 000 Czechs defeated 140 000 Hungarians
1410, Battle of Grunwald - Polish and Lithuanian troops with help of Czechs defeated Teutonic knights
1529, First siege of Vienna - About 20 000 soldiers and volunteers successfully defended Vienna against 140-160 000 Ottoman soldiers.
1645, Siege of Brno - 1500 Czechs (500 soldiers and 1000 volunteers) successfully defended Brno against 30 000 Swedes.
1683, Vienna - United Austrian, Polish, Czech and German armies (70 000) defeated Ottoman forces (150-200 000)
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Musim uznat ze je to posobive, Cesko si toho leva v erbe zasluzi :) Dufam ze vo vas hrdy lev zije aj nadalej , zite dlouho a blaze, I salute you!