Wow!!! Haven't been on here in two years!!!

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How do I change the mood, listening to, etc???  I want to update my Journal!!! Plus does anyone know how I can copy all my photos on here to my hard drive?  I lost all of my stuff in storage last year and have lost all of my photos!!! My CDs with my photos etc!!! 
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Thank you Vikingjon!!! Yes, I've been going into each image to save it!! I tried the downloading button but it didn't do anything!!! I'm devasted that I lost all my photos!!! I had so many!! Not only my art work but also my personal photos, of my girls since they were babies!!! That's what hurts me the most!!! Those are memories I can never get back!! Thanks for the help!!
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When you get to the "Create Your Journal Entry" page, click where it says "more options" in the green bar below it.  That lets you change mood, etc.
You could ask the help desk if there is a way to download from their server, but I bet you'll have to save them directly from each image page one by one.  You can edit each one first to make it full size if you want.  Or go in and tick the "Offer image as a free download" box, and then download it yourself.
That sucks about your stuff! :(