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On My Way 2

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I re did this one original [link]
, got some better tips from friends here and I moved the moon around, I figured out how to fix the exposed areas. Now I have to go read some tutorials on lighting so that I can figure that aspect out!!! this is my second Manipulation, I've been working on it for some time today. I've changed it quite a bit. Anyways...I will appreciate comments and critique. I kind of couldn't figure out the light and shadow thing, but I'll get


Model by Faestock: [link]

Crows by Shoofly-Stock:
[link] [link] [link]

Background by Colourize-Stock: [link]

Moon is mine:

Thanks Everyone for comments and critiques I really appreciate them!!!
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Thanks, I'm not as good as you but I hope to be some
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Great job Rosa, keep on experimenting till you get the perfect score. The picture has a dreamy effect.
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Thanks Kat!!! Happy New Year!!!
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The moon looks more realistic there. She seems a little hunched over to me, it may just be because I saw the other one first. The two pics look like different parts of the day.
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I know when I moved the moon over I couldnt get the same effect!!! :( Still learning this stuff, I just downloaded some lighting tutorials to go over them tomorrow!! Thanks!!! :)
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Night! Different parts of the night.
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Hmm, I think there are too few highlights, now! Somewhere in between would be good. Crows and hair are shiny, so highlights there are ok and skin reflects a little bit more than here but maybe not as much as you had before. Yeah, I know, it seems like I'm just splitting hairs. Maybe find some other people's manips using moonlight would help you find a balance. Anyway, the rule of thumb is that the shiniest things will reflect the most, and you were on the right track to start, just a little overdone was all. Anyway, I'll shut up now.
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lol!!!! Its fine don't worry about it. I'm learning, I just toned it down a little because on the first one it was too much, but I've been looking at other peoples work to see how they do it. It kind of scares me a bit, but I'll keep learning. Reading tutorials, and looking at other people stuff. No problem, i love the comments and tips and critiques its the only way to learn!!! :dance:
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Nice work Rosa :nod: beautiful atmosphere :D
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Thanks David!!! That pic on your page would be awesome for stock background, its soo pretty!!!! =D
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Which one? 'Dark Poppies'
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Yes, your work is awesome!! Love it!!!
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