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I Trust in Him

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Okay here is another one!!! Let me know what you think. I like this one a lot...Ummm hope everyone likes it...I followed hair tutorial. It is still hard I just have to keep takes me a long time, but its fun. I keep expirementing. I will get it eventually... lol...

Please offer critiques, comments, I really appreciate the tips and critiques!!! Thanks!! It helps me get better each day.

Model: [link]

Background: [link]

Hair Brushes: [link]

Texture: [link]

Wings: [link]

Hair Tutorial: [link]

Castle: Stock Exchange: [link]

Thanks Katt for suggesting this hair tutorial!!!
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Great job Rosa.
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Your wonderful art has been submitted:hug:
:iconlvampar: Submissions Admin Owner:p
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Really beautiful...I love the castle floating it gives it a mystical quality that really adds to the image.
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Thanks!!! :dance: I really appreciate it!!! :hug:
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Nice the castle looks like its floating in the air...maybe thats what you wanted.....
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oooo I was trying to make it look like it was in the distance...but thats will eventually learn all the little tricks....:blushes:
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Simple an icongraphic, with beautiful imagery! I would add a touch more shadow on the rock from the shadow that would be cast from her leg and foot. but it doesn't need to be too dark, just a little near her foot to give her a more solid grounding that she is actually standing there. Also the shadows on the castle don't quite match the moon's position, but I like the castle. If you just shaded the upper right corner of it where there is a strong shadow line, to make it look like the rest of that wall, that might work. The rest of the shadows there could be the moonlight shining off of the water.
Good job! :)
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Hi Jon see how it looks now? Let me know. thanks. The wings are hard to try and move around!!! urgh, I was tired and gave up on that!!!
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I thought the wings were ok before. ;) I like everything else, though! :clap:
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I pretty much left them ok, I couldn't change them :? and Thanks!!
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Okay, I will do this. the shadowing and replace the pic, I did try to make some shadow under her foot the one that is lifted and tried to put some darkeness under the other foot, but it didn't come out dark, but I will make it a little darker and shadow the castle....Thanks!!! Let me know what you think after I replace.... :dance:
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Oh I think the hair looks wonderful!!!! And the whole image is very beautiful!!!! :clap:
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Thanks!!! :dance: I'll keep practicing!!! I love how your hair come out!!!
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Well I have practise so many many days, and so many hours LOL
And I still feel Im not have it in my hand.
Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

Paint hair is not easy, and it need much practise.
But I know you will be a very good hair painter =D
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It is hard!!! but I will keep at it. Thanks!!!!
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You will be very good at hair :glomp:
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thanks for the confidence!!!
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very nice work :clap:
maybe some "free transform" on the wings to make them in perspective, but other than that, this work is really awesome, i love it :love:
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I was trying to move them, but I couldn't figure out the free transform which way to move them!!! :? So I kinda of gave up for!!!
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