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"She was a princess living in a wonderful castle. But she was very sad. Her father, the King, he was retaining her in the most high room, of the most high castle's tower.

She was looking through the window, and seeing how beautiful was the kingdom of her father. But she wanted to be free...

One night, when she was writing a letter, a moth come in her room, flying above her head. Was then when she had an idea "If I draw a wings in my back, maybe I might fly!"

She started to draw a wing in her back... But, her father find out her, drawing in her back. He was furious!
The King exiled her daughter of his wonderful kingdom!!! And prohibit her go back anymore.

She was so sad... But she ran through the forest, crying, until the wonderful land of his father ended. Then, she took out the inkstand that she took before to be exiled, and she started again to draw a wing in her back...

... she thought she will be free..."

Model: [link] ([link])
Floor: [link] ([link])
Background (forest): [link] ([link])
Castle: [link] ([link])
Inkstand and quill: [link] ([link])
Wings with brush.

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So many emotions! Such an excellent piece of work. You are awesome!