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Whispers in Magic (Community Project)

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Holy shit, I'm back! Hopefully for good this time. I've been gone for so many months, it's not even funny... I hath returned to the land of the living! Or at least what still constitutes as "living". I hope everyone is safe out there. I've been away focusing on my mental and physical health (which needed a lot of immediate attention) alongside my college education, but now that I'm back I really want to interact and have fun with you guys.

So, let's do something as a small community project!
Here I've posted two characters (a witch and a priestess?) that started out as scribbles just to get back into the feel of things. They've been given no story, no world, or even names to go by. Instead of hashing out a concrete story line by myself, I want to see what you as individuals make of them. Feel free to build off of other people's comments and work together or go off the rails and do something unexpected!

Consider everything!

Who are they? What are there names? What kind of world are they living in? Is there a big conflict? What does "Whispers in Magic" mean? What other characters are in this world? Personality quirks or flaws?

I'll be drawing some of my favorite scenarios and or characters you guys come up with! FEEL FREE TO JOIN ME! :)

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Very excellent details and colors.  And I like how you did the out of focus effect.
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I’d like to think that these characters are actually cosplaying fictional personas of a story in their world, until a mysterious stranger took the best dressed people to the world of magic which it is based on.
(Their weapons would turn real and their robes and accessories magical.) ^^;
Wow, this is incredible! The colors and setting are just magical.

I have a feeling the priestess is a little scared of the witch; maybe they have met before and it didn't end well (at least for the priestess). The witch, on the other hand, remembers it fondly and is intrigued to see the lovely priestess again. The swirling creatures are perhaps the whispers of ancient magic drawing them together once again. 
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Oo cool!

I feel like the priestess would be named Beatrice or Beatrix she just kinda looks like she'd have that name to me.

And the witch could be like Phryne or something I don't know.

The priestess could be looking for someone to help her out with something no idea what

and then meets the witch at an inn or something like that.

Just an Idea.

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very magnificent work
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I guess the Whispers must be those spirit-fishes, maybe in this fantasy world the sky is like an ocean with spirit-fishes, spirit-octopi, sharks and whales, but that only the magic gifted can see. Also, with special training, they can catch the fishes to fuel magic spells. That staff coulf be some kind of hook!
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Ooooh this sounds like so much fun! I'm totally in once I get done with all the art and writing I currently owe .o.
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this looks amazing~! =^-^=
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