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Heyo!~ Commissions are back strong with this lovely D&D character! I personally love him. I had to try some new things with this fella too. Crystals are completely over my head, since I've never really had to draw any before. Plus, I'm still pretty new to drawing really muscle bound characters, so it's unfamiliar territory, but I dont think he came out bad at all! I love his design and I so rarely get to draw Dungeon And Dragons characters that I really enjoyed myself. And the horns, hooves, and pointed ears are MUAH some of my favorite stuff to draw.

Hope you like it! 

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Character(s) - UrsusTheBloody

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D&D ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Your very welcome <X3
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freaking AWESOME! Great job man! keep up the good work! Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
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Thanks a bunch! :D
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You're welcome! :D
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He looks like a fun guy to be around!

Looks really awesome :D
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Well he certainly does dumb stuff at least! His intelligence score is only 8 cx 

For instance, another player character (whom is a bird like entity, not a Kenku its custom, more like a Blue Jay) had a wet cow patty dropped on them via one of our more mischievous party members. He proceeded to trying to wash it off of them with the contents of his water skin. Only he had made the mistake of filling it with mead and just dumped it straight onto her head. We were laughing, anyways! 
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oh wow :´D 

Still he sounds really fun and there is worse then getting mead on the head xD
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Thank you XD And that's true! He had the best of intentions anyways and thats what mattered! Well. Sort of cx 
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very awesome work
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Wow!!!! Thank you Proxy!!! It's perfect!!!! :D Now ole Ursus is ready for action!
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