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He Just Wanted a Drink...

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Theres a reason Torren never had kids... But he'll probably give you a thousand reasons why after meeting these two. 
Theses three characters are all D&D characters belonging to my brother and I. Torren, the older fellow in the center, kinda accidentally (and totally not by choice) adopted the other two when they were teenagers. Of course, it might be more accurate to say they adopted the poor hermit mountain man when they refused to leave him alone. 
Years go by and now all he hears is the constant bickering and "tattling". Poor guy cant even get a drink within the short periods of quiet he finds before two unruly and frankly quite loud Genasi barge through the door... 

Zephyr is the younger sibling (bright blue gal). She's my character. 
Tall dark and hotheaded on the other end is Callous, my brother's character, who you've all seen before:

Art © ProxyComics
Character(s) - My brother and I

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Isn't that how all family gatherings go?

Also I absolutely love this drawing of yours I don't really know why? I think it's because of the expressions? None of them are exaggerated nor saying any real dialogue but you can tell exactly what their personalities is and how they're feeling now.

Either way, love it and you did amazing as always. I hope you and your brother have fun in D&D!
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very impressive work
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I feel like I can relate to Torren on a spiritual level. Love your artwork, by the way.
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"Just so you know, if an ancient demon starts wreaking havoc... IT'S ZEPHRYS FAULT"

"I thought you wanted to own up for once"

"Well it was YOUR idea"

"I just wanted a drink"
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you never cease to amaze and bedazzel me with your art XD
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