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Wow, this took forever. This is probably my biggest drawing to date. Seriously, with the amount of detail I put into this, it rounded up to HUNDREDS of layers. SO. MUCH. LINE ART. I had the main sketch for a while now, but... Shit happens. So, I finally got back to it. I mean, when is a better time than Halloween, right? Witches and chaos makes me swoon anyway, add Halloween to the mix and WOOSH you got me! Even with how much work went into this one, I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. It was a lot of fun and a huge challenge to take on. I never draw for myself anymore, since I'm always working on other peoples ideas for commissions, but damn did it feel good to draw my own idea!

As for the character, I think you can guess, though it's been over a year since I drew anything for the series. It's Lucinda. My favorite redheaded witch~ I'd always wanted to draw her more, but I never saw much opportunity. Hell, I don't think I've drawn her since that convention scene I did back in 2016! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope you like it, HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Art © ProxyComics
Character(s) - Aphmau

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Holy cow this is so cool!

AphmauFanGirl77's avatar
This is a masterpiece.
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Lucinda is and will always be, Bae
ProxyComics's avatar
Hhhh I love it so much. You have improved so much since the last Luci drawing you did. Freaking continue to be perfection 
ProxyComics's avatar
Thank you! Oh, I know! Women used to be the hardest thing in the world to draw back in the day. I'm so happy to have improved
WarriorcatsMaplespot's avatar
Lucinda!! She one of my fav XD this is so freakin amazing!!
ProxyComics's avatar
Mine too :D thank you!
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Blondbraid's avatar
Great work, all the stuff in the background looks intriguing!
ProxyComics's avatar
Thank you so much :) The details are always my favorite to hash out
Blondbraid's avatar
And your work sure pays off!
EdenDarkgarden's avatar
absolutely stunning! ;3;
ProxyComics's avatar
WhiteCrystal1st's avatar
I love this Lucinda drawing!  I wish I could commission you but I don't have enough :<

That amount of detail is amazing! Aphmau should commission you more xD
HeiwaMegami's avatar
The detailing is beautiful!
supernmgirl's avatar
yaaaaas its so spoopy i love it
ProxyComics's avatar
Why thank you ^^ gotta love the spooks
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Ooooo this looks really cool <XD
Yimba's avatar
your very welcome <X3
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