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Commission information sheet (OPEN)

Because so many people have questions about my commission prices, I thought I'd just put it all into a sheet. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments or by sending me a note.

Because I am so busy, Some commissions will be denied if I think the rush order it too soon (I like more than a day or two in advance)

Background info: Going into a little more detail for backgrounds, price will differ depending on what you ask for, but with some constants. Most simple scenes are usually ranged from $10-15, forest/outdoor scenes or anything with a lot of lineart are more complicated and usually stand around $20-35, single color or gradient backgrounds are free.

Effects: Effects are complicated to price, being they rely solely on the scene at hand. For example: Rain. Rain can come in many variants. It could be a heavy sideways storm, gentle trickle, hard, and more. This effect changes the complexity of the background and character, usually having to include wet dripping, shine, texture change, and puddle inclusion (usually only with fullbody scenes). Rain could rain anywhere between $15-30 USD, depending on the scene.
These prices will change between effects, for fire or lightning have different layers of complexity beside rain or snow. 

Mystery Monster: There is one more listing not included in the preview section. Mystery monsters are each $100. How it works is very simple, you send me 9 numbers between 1-20 and I will create a completely random monster for you that you can use in any of your own art or stories, it's yours to do as you please (This does not give permission to take credit for its original design or use it for profit)

Contact: If you'd like to buy a commission, send me a note with the title "commission" or "commission - time sensitive" if the commission needs to be done by a particular date. If the commission note is not titled as such, it will likely be read after the other commission notes. If the commission is time sensitive and needs to be done sooner than later, a rush charge will likely be billed in addition to the commission price, only depending on the time given. I have the right to deny any order that I find to be over the top rushed.

Payment: Payments are nonrefundable. If you change your mind about a commission you already asked for, you need to decide before any money is sent. Once the commission is explained by the client, an overall price will be given. Once an agreement is struck, half of the full price will be invoiced to the client upfront. After the payment goes through paypal, and is accepted, I will finish the rest of the commission (sketching, lineart, coloring, background, shading, ect) then proceed to invoice the second half of the payment. Only after then will the commission be posted for viewing.

Character Complexity: Characters are priced by how much they are shown, meaning a full body character will cost more than a half body, but over all cost an even amount without change. The only time a full body character (or a character of any size) has a higher price than the original, is when said character has a high level of complexity. Heavy armor and intricate designs will differ in price and always need some kind of reference. If you would like your modern day character to be fitted with a medieval design basked in detailed armor, you can't expect me to do so without some form of idea. If a reference is presented, I will give an estimated amount.
(Prices will also be increased if complicated weapons are included)

Character Species: Characters of different species are usually priced differently. While a full body human is priced at $35.00, a dragon could be priced at $60.00 or more. Cats, dogs, horses and most definitely mythical creatures all have a very different process and design and therefore arent likely to equal the same as another. Before assuming character prices based on species, please ask beforehand. 

Fan/Original/Other Characters: I accept many forms of characters. Whether its your own original character, a fan character you designed based on an already existing franchise, or a character by someone else, Im alright with drawing them! However, while characters from other series that you do not own are alright, I do usually have to ask permission from the owners before I can agree.

A WATER MARK WILL BE INCLUDED ON THE FINAL IMAGE. Only close friends and clients who buy the rights to a piece will be able to obtain a none-watermarked drawing. This is to avoid theft.

Open: I am currently taking commissions
Closed: I still allow commission requests and information to be sent, but it will not be confirmed to the list of accepted commissions.
Limited: I am taking commissions at a slow pace and taking on a few at a time. Please have patience.

It's your choice if you would like to list your commission under anonymous, bug please inform me of the choice before post. 
If you simply have a question about commissions, send me a note titled "Commission question" or leave a comment down below 

UPDATE: Commissions now have an opening in the Gray Zone! Comic page commissions are now public!
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KyaraDoesDeviantArt's avatar

Hiya Prox! You might not remember me, but I requested a commission from you a few years back. I was wondering if I could commission you again (if these are still open XD) I eagerly await your reply!

commission, are you still taking commissions?

AphmauFanGirl77's avatar
What program do you use for drawing?
KittyPantherlion100's avatar
I'm paid soon if commissions are still open I'd be very interested! You have serious talent
Nabashta's avatar
How are you about drawing a horse herd? Or a few horses from said herd?
WolfspiritStudios103's avatar
Quick question, r u still gonna do that comic?
ProxyComics's avatar
The Memory Well? Yes, I am! It's currently being drawn but the next page wont be out until more chapters are finished being mapped out and sketched. It just makes weekly posts easier in the future :) 
WolfspiritStudios103's avatar
AwkwardlySour's avatar
Do you do anthro characters? I have a homebrew dnd character that I would love to get commissioned by you. (UwU)
DnD Character by AwkwardlySour  
ProxyComics's avatar
I do! I'd be happy to take a commission for it :) If you send me a note, we can go over the details
BrownieSeaSheep's avatar
Hey, this isn't really related to commissions but do you have any essential art tips for an uprising digital artist? I kinda look up to you for inspiration and would love your critique so one day I'll definitely be better than you (everyone needs some friendly competition once in a while) If you reply it will honestly make my whole day.
ProxyComics's avatar
Sure! I'd be happy to help. I can always use some friendly competition!
EmpressRex's avatar
Oooooh I want this so bad but I don’t have the money now ughghhhg I will soon tho!!!
Aarovan's avatar
How much do extra characters cost? So like, a half body scene of two people. Will it be 50$ total for two characters or is it $25 for the first, half for the second, ect
ProxyComics's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! Yes, an extra character costs the same as a normal character ^^
TropiCat212's avatar
Heya Prox! I was wondering, would you be able to give me a couple of examples of a half-body commission? I’m hoping to start saving up for a commish of my own (I think I have the money? ^^; ) and wanted to make sure that when I purchase it I know what to expect ;P

Thank you >w<
ProxyComics's avatar
Here's a basic half body commission example!:
LunarisPledge - Comm by ProxyComics
Of course, you can always ask to have the half body character(s) put into a scene like this:
Swedishpope comm: Dusk by ProxyComics
TropiCat212's avatar
Oml I'm sorry about the late response I've just been thinking about what I wanted to respond with because I do that sometimes ^^;

Thank you very much for the help! May I note you about a possible commission scene in the future? >w<
ProxyComics's avatar
of course! feel free to do so any time~
PurpleCantDraw's avatar
... I just realized I can afford a bust now....... but I wanna use the money for arts *cries* why can't I make more money lol
Galaxiaas's avatar
Hm, I probably missed it because I'm blind, but if I were to commission, let's just say a full body, and wanted to add an additional character what would be the add on price?
ProxyComics's avatar
Full body characters are all $35.00, adding an additional full body character would just be adding another $35.00 to the price :)
Galaxiaas's avatar
Ah okay! Makes sense, thank you v much ^^
LokiLove2169's avatar
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