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Bad part of town.

Steven isn't exactly popular among other werewolves. Not only because half breed werewolf are thought to be dangerous, but also because he's... Well... Steven. He's always at a bar or wandering about without a shit to give. He couldn't care less about being a werewolf or respecting the others. He only hangs around one person, who is human. Autumn, his best friend. All this adding up, he runs into someone who's tired of his bull now and then. I dont think he cares about that either though.

Anyway, I decided not to take a break. Best not leave my mind to itself ^^' Thought drawing this fluffy butt. The other werewolf doesnt have a name, just some random design~ Hope ya'll like it! Im proud of this one. And if you'd like to see the process, go here
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this is so well drawn!!
AislinTheKidArtist's avatar
And I shall ask again... WHO IS THE WEREWOLF AS

I dunno, I just really think it's the girl. I AM AWAITING MY THEORY TO BE PROVEN!
AislinTheKidArtist's avatar
Aaaand I need to read the desc. Oops ;-;
LunarDiaries's avatar
Very cool! The composition is great!
ProxyComics's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
Winter-Alpha-Wolf's avatar
Wow I love your art! You inspired me to create my first Lycan character any chance we could do an art trade or comission plz😊.?
ProxyComics's avatar
Aw! That means so much! I love to inspire people :) Though, I am sorry to say, trades are for close friends only. Im booked on commissions right now, but they'll be up and going eventually!
Winter-Alpha-Wolf's avatar
Oh darn, that's alright thank you anyway, I hope to Comission you sometime 🙂
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oh...i think dreamer did something wit this picture a few days ago...idk what though, i just remember talking about it XD awesome work!
ProxyComics's avatar
she did, she drew lipstick and stuff on them XD
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Nice work. And I can picture how this scene might go on.
Raine-Kokoro's avatar
Oh man!

So cool, and I love the detail on the fur man!
viciousfangirl's avatar
Great job, it looks really cool!
CrossWrites's avatar
Oh shit! Spirit! Save your long lost twin brother lol Albino pride!
ProxyComics's avatar
What "bull" is this werewolf accusing him of?
cranberry--zombie's avatar
Oooh, a wonderful piece!
The lighting is wonderful - just enough to let you see fine details, but jut too little to let there be a dark atmosphere. I also love how you draw the werewolf anthropomorphically, and the teeth and jaws are perfect! 
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