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Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] music for my videos on YouTube composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski  CD  

check out his new album "Hillside" → 
music available here Bunny Emoji-25 (Listening to music) [V2] 

One track from this album "Letters to Nowhere"
 in my video → 

music for my watercolor nymph also created by Arkadiusz Reikowski Jamming to tunes 

Bunny Emoji-21 (Huggy) [V1]  thank you for listening  Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]
thank you everyone for your help! it's good to have friends like you here on DA !!!
I really appreciate it 


another art thief, who reuploaded one of my work

<da:thumb id="504797690"/>    :iconavrilxxoxo:
. by proxi-mity

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                               music for video by Ve "Here's to life again" 
                        !download music for free from

  • Listening to: Arkadiusz Reikowski
finally!! :D I uploaded my first speed painting video. I hope you'll like it :D enjoy  


music composed exclusively for my video by Arkadiusz Reikowski →
Arkadiusz Reikowski fb:…

                                       watercolor nymph by proxi-mity

  • Listening to: Arkadiusz Reikowski
This is video how I created step by step my "One last kiss..."  I hope you will like it :D
Soon I will post my first speed painting video 

ps. music by Arkadiusz Reikowski →   :facebook:…


                                           one last kiss before dying by proxi-mity  



                                      >>>    Joanna Wędrychowska ART SHOP/    <<<

                     <da:thumb id="387831649"/>      Iris by proxi-mity      who these eyes belong to? by proxi-mity

                                                          cosmic love by proxi-mity
Hello everyone :ahoy:

I have 2 new paintings and one big drawing, and I'm working on speed painting video (finally :D)
<span class="">but I will show you all of these things when I come back. :D</span> And now I'm going for Masuria<span class=""> (Mazury - natural region</span> in northeastern Poland famous for its 2.000 lakes) to realx and find some inspiration in nature :D

cheers everyone :ahoy:
Hi guys

thank you everyone for all birthday wishes :heart: you guys are awesome :kiss:

and thank you once more wonderful :iconj-u-d-a-s: for Premium Membership :heart: :blowkiss:
I'm very grateful :D

... and now I'm going on vacation :D

Czy jest tu ktoś, kto wystawiał swoje prace na e-bay lub bigcartel i ogarnia wysyłkę za granicę? proszę o pomoc! :D
hi guys!  happy easter to one of my favorite peeps... :jackdirt: :party:

:bump: I drunk too much vodka :drunk: :trollface:

so...I'm just curious :confused: what you prefer more? my pencil or watercolor..

:drool: :donut: :weed: :donut: :weed: :donut: :cd: :donut: :weed: :donut: :weed: :donut: :cd:

    alis volat propriis by proxi-mity                                           one last kiss before dying by proxi-mity
cosmic love by proxi-mity                                  :thumb340313367:

why do people dream? by proxi-mity                VS               :thumb263746071:

caught in dreams by proxi-mity                                               insomnia by proxi-mity

dragonfly by proxi-mity                                               Robert Downey Jr. by proxi-mity

:thumb306690234:                                               Anni Suvi by proxi-mity

Moving in tonight
I listen to the wind

My cursed days
That I am

my love
I tell you everything
You populate my life
To Infinity

Abuse fate
Knocking at my door
Lay a hand
On my forehead
On my breasts

If perchance
I'd left earth
You are my blood
My double magnet

And on your sweater
I'd embroider M
So our blood
Mingle with the wind

In this bloody game
I say all to the wind

as calm
as a cloud
I am who forgives time
the absent

my love
I tell you everything
You populate my life
To Infinity

Abuse of fate
Knocking at my door
Lay a hand
On my forehead
On my breasts

hi guys! :ahoy:

"Artist of the Week" on :iconeuropeans:
vote for me if you think I deserve to win! :D   ->  artist of the week

so i won! thank you to everyone who voted for me! love you guys :blowkiss: :party:

cheers everyone :blowkiss:
  • Listening to: Anathema
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   "No one seems to care anymore
I wander through this night all alone
No one feels the pain I have inside
Looking at this world through my eyes

   No one really cares where I go
Searching to feel warmth forever more
The wheels of life they turn without me
     Now you are gone eternally

       No, don't leave me here
         The dream carries on
    Inside I know it's not too late
     Lost moments blown away

      Mankind, with your heresy
Can't you see that this is killing me?
      There's no one in this life
  To be here, with me, at my side"
  • Drinking: tequila
one last kiss before dying by proxi-mity

:typerhappy:   :drunk:
so my one last kiss before dying   received Daily Deviation yesterday... :D suggested by namenotrequired :iconnamenotrequired: and featured by STelari :iconstelari: :ahoy:

thank you guys for appreciating my art :D

Art & Dreams on tumblr ->    




:heart: :heart: :heart:  

                Dragonfly by yangtianli     Golden Dragonfly by carrieart

                    The Forest of Spirits by DappleHack

             :thumb216558117:       ART NOUVEAU DRAGONFLY FAERIE 2 by wingdthing  

                  Douceur by Brett-Sinclair

Magical by imaagination   Bali Red Dragonfly by Bibi-MaBelle

                  Creature of wind... by shve

Dragonfly III by josgoh   red dragonfly by sh0ggy

:thumb335650889:   Eye by oxai

                    dragonfly by proxi-mity