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Gelt and Isra by Prowls-little-angle2 Gelt and Isra :iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 2 2 Gelt DBRP by Prowls-little-angle2 Gelt DBRP :iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 5 6 Isra [DBRP] by Prowls-little-angle2 Isra [DBRP] :iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 3 9
Let’s be alone together
We could stay young forever
Scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.

Malachite screamed in rage, trying to pull themselves free from their watery prison as Malachite increased the pressure of their ocean chains. Pull, push. Push, pull. Back and forth, a constant tug of war, a never-ending battle.
The appearance of Steven had only fuelled the rage and determination of the two forces. Pull pulled harder. Push pushed harder. As days blurred into weeks, weeks faded into months, and months blended into years, the pushing and pulling never stopped.
Malachite was sick of it.
“Let me out you brat!”
“I’m never letting you go!”
Back and forth, to and fro. It didn’t stop. It never stopped. It wouldn’t stop. It couldn’t stop.
Malachite couldn’t stop.
It was a constant battle.  Both sides were tired of it, but neither would give in, not now, not after so long. Malachite knew that stopping woul
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 2 0
Love for a rainy day
I don't know if this love will last,
Or if it will become a thing of the past.
I'm just glad I can say,
I have my memories for a rainy day
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 4 0
Puberty and Italains (Nyo)
It was a normal day at the estate. The gardens had been cared to, the manor cleaned. Austria was happily sitting at her piano, playing to her hearts content as Hungary leaned against the wall and listened to the music that the other nation was creating. It was also surprising peaceful. Italy had not caused any trouble all day, much to Austria’s pleasure. Italy had actually been much more quiet and subdued in the time since Holy Roman Empire had left, the young boy much more content to sit and stare off down the road, obviously hoping for the return of the other young nation.
And yet, there was sadness in the house. Italy had been growing, and his shirt and pants were getting steadily smaller and smaller on him. His growth served only as a reminder of the time that had passed since the young girl had left.
“Draw a circle, that’s the Earth, draw a circle, that’s the Earth, draw a circle, that’s the Earth I am Hetalia”
The song that Italy had taken to s
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 4 13
Chibified Chapter 3
New Prussia groaned and curled up on herself, inwardly cursing Nationhood from not preventing sickness from non-nation related reasons.
“I hate being sick” she moan-rasped out, wincing as she felt her throat protest.
‘this is sooooooooooo unawesome’ she thought wishing she would remember whatever it was that was niggling in the back of her mid so she could try (key word being try) and fall back asleep again, or at least force her body into co-operation long enough to get SOMETHING from her kitchen to make her feel better, her bin (which was oh so helpfully where it should be, on the other side of the room next to her desk) at the very least.
As another wave of nausea hit her, all she could do was moan and try not to throw up, wishing the mini America and Russia in her head would shut the fuck up already and quick using her skull as their battleground.
‘I wish Papa and Vati were here…but their off preparing for the world
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 2 90
Troll Face's by Prowls-little-angle2 Troll Face's :iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 5 24
Random RP on skype
enderheart13: CHIGGGGIIIIII
me: hola Romano~!
me: fusosososo!
enderheart13: Chiggi bastardo! What are you doing here
me: no reason, just am!
enderheart13: I don't trust you, bastardo
me: aww, Lovi is so mean to the Boss!
enderheart13: CHIIIGGGIII!!! You haven't been my boss for ages! Even then you were trying to get rid of me! *tears in eyes* you always wanted to swap me for my magnifico frattellio
me: oh Romano! I did want your Fratello, that's true, but I just wanted someone to help me clean! you can't clean...and when I saw your brother cleaning so well, I just said the first thing that came ot my head! how did you know I wanted to swap anyway?
enderheart13: Well I'm sorry then! Maybe you should keep a better check on your motor mouth! And he told he... *mutters, blinking back tears* the fact you don't care... *yells* JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME BASTARDO!
me: *looks sad* Oh Romano, I do care! I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you!
enderheart13: *trying not to cry but failing epically *
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 1 9
Bloody Valentines Day (PruCan)
WARNING: Blood, lots of it, implied smut, Yaoi, blood, PruCan, blood.
He raced through the forest
Sense on high alert, he was alert to every sound, every movement. His feet barely even touched the ground as he ran for his life through the forest, HIS forest. He knew this forest, he lived  in it, and he knew if he could make it to the plains he had a chance of making it out, or he could fight, and be at the advantage.
A pair of eyes glowed out from the darkness in front of him, forcing him to turn and run another way, lest those eyes catch him. He heard the screeches and whoops as his pursuer chased him.
Wait, pursuer…?
He ducked, giving a screech as he felt the claws swipe at the air just above his head, where his face was only seconds before. He turned, and bolted for the light, he could just see the edge of the plains, once in the sunlight he had a better chance of escaping from those things! He poured on and extra burst of speed and stumbled
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 7 126,365
First Meeting
New Prussia sighed, leaning forward so she was pressed against the window, looking out at the landscape before her. The forest stretched for kilometres on all sides, snow softly falling outside gently covering the world in a light dusting of snow, making the world look like something plucked out of a storybook. It was magical and beautiful, soft and caring and sweet.
And she was inside looking over this, while sadly watching the other nations outside play in the snow like they were Chibi’s all over again. America was pelting England with snowballs, though surprisingly few hit him (unless you had the Sight, in which case you could see the magic shield around him deflecting most of the snowballs) the Nordics were doing…something, she had no idea what, Russia was building a snowman around Latvia while China appeared to be scolding him removing the snow from around the terrified smaller nation as fast as Russia put it on, Germany was (somewhat reluctantly) making snow angels w
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 3 8
Mochi Australia Family Photo Shoot by Prowls-little-angle2 Mochi Australia Family Photo Shoot :iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 8 1
Why They Are Not Allowed To Go Shopping Alone
"C'mon Kyota, let's GO or else we'll be late!" a pale hand shot out to grab a smaller tanned wrist and tug it along "and if we're late, that'd be the most un-awesome thing EVER!"
"New Prussia, you let me go right now or so help me!"
"Aw, calm DOWN 'yota! You'd think you're going to have a heart attack or something Kesesesese!"
"OW, Kyotaaaaaaaaaa! Why do you have to be so mean to meeeeeeee?" whined the older teen rubbing her arm where Kyota had punched her.
"Because you are an idiot. That's why"
"You still love me though!"
"No, I hate your guts"
"Kesesesese, I know you better than anyone else in the world Kyota, and you don't really hate me, I know it!"
Kyota stopped and wrenched her wrist out of the grip of her older friend and glared at said friend, her green eyes boring into the smirking red ones behind wire glasses above before she quickly reached up and grabbed New Prussia's curl that stuck out of her two-toned blond hair (though the curl itself was naturally silver, like t
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 1 5
Goodbye Birdie
Heart beats fast
Heart beat stops
My life has past
I should be dead
My country is gone
My country is dissolved
I have known that since the dawn
The Kingdom of Prussia is no more
Stuck here in this state of being
What was it that I did to deserve this?
Why can't I hear angels singing?
Why haven't I died with my country?
If the country or empire someone represents falls, crumbles or is dissolved, that countries representation dies also
That's the rule
So why am I not dead also?
Why am I still alive?
Gilbird on my shoulder
I stay in what was Prussia
It's now East Germany, now belongs to my bruder.
I am still alive, the ex-Kingdom of Prussia
I have no heart beat
My hands are cold
When I kick my feet
I feel the pain
I want to die now my countries gone
I don't why I am still here
I look back on my centauries alive with a feeling forlorn
Still an albino, now dead
No-longer a nation
Unless that is you be as witty as America
And name me and ABOM-anation
The Kingdom of Prussia, why won't
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 3 8
The Truth About Australia
"OW! FUCK!" Australia swore, glaring at the snake who had just bitten him "Don't do that Mellie! That fucking HURT!"
"OH MY GOD, ARE YOU ALRIGHT AUSTRALIA??!!" yelled America staring wide-eyed at the snake who had just let go of the Australians hand.
"Yeah, I'm fine"
"What species is that anyway aru?" demanded China, a first aid kit in his hand.
"Just an Inland Taipan"
Silence reined the room. Until, surprisingly, America broke it (or not surprisingly, depending on how you looked at it]
"Yes, yes she is"
"We need to get you to a hospital RIGHT NOW! China, bandage his hand, we need to keep his hand still so that the venom wont flow, Canada, you grab the snake!"
"Oi! Don't get Mellie, you'll scare her mate! And don't bandage my hand, there's no need!"
The Australians protests went unheard.
"ZEA!! SHEEP-SHAGGER, GIMME AN HAND WILL YA?!" he yelled, clearly pissed.
"Don't call me a
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 16 20
Halloween Sight
WARNING FOR: some minor sweraing, potensial USUK/FrUk if you look at it that way (no ships are intended...well, as far as my brain is conderned. the muse is another story...) and possible need for tissues.
                                       THE LOST ONE
One night a year, America saw them. And it terrified him. For one, terrifying night, at some point, he would blink and then he would see them.
He would see the Fae.
America hated those few seconds, minutes or hours of Halloween with a passion. He hated knowing that England was right, that the supernatural DID exist. They terrified him because, they reminded him that no matter what he did, England had still been his brother. When he had been a little co
:iconprowls-little-angle2:Prowls-little-angle2 4 12



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since i'm too broke to afford a fancy thing JUST to change my cringe name, and tbh the only content i produce is rps on my tumbr accounts, I might just... make a new account and fuck off over to there and move the only things I care about, my dbrp stuff (didn't even make most of it, shout out to dragon) over there. and then idk.
I just... look at that name dude. how cringe is that? also I found that old cringe comic someone made on tumblr poking fun at my blog name like 495897325923583721 years ago. that shits HILARIOUS.
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