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soul reaver

this is my Soul Reaver chracter design, basically the story goes that one nite while collecting souls on a recent battlefield, he came across a fallen soldier near the point of death, so the soldier and the grim reaper made a pact, the Grim reaper granted the soldier immortality and didn't reap his soul only if he worked for the grim reaper . so was born on a cold bloody nite "The Soul Reaver" colored version coming later hope u guys like it
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CrzyKyle's avatar
That looks really cool, very nice job
mangam8's avatar
Wow Man thats great! what an insparation! It has feeling and that makes 4 a great art piece and artist! welldone! :slow:

But I am here to help and criacise not just complement and the one thing i would say is missing is... Shading and Shine...but well done.

hey thanks for the critique i would have added more shading to it but my pigment liners ran out of ink heheheh but i'm glad u liked it i'll have a color version up later on this week along with some more work i'm glad u liked it
mangam8's avatar
liked it..... M8! I loved it keep up this work and u will be rich!!!

And *laughing* your pens suck get new ones! lol

Ill be waiting 2 see ur next one ill watch you! he he:worship: