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Godzilla Neofied: Gigantis
„Here's motion picture adventure and excitement to stagger the imagination: the fantastic Fire Monsters! Raging out of the flaming bowels of Hell: mighty Gigantis, crushing whole cities in his wrath, and deadly Ankyron, screaming its challenge of mortal combat! The battle of the ages! Scenes and sights and sensations beyond anything the screen has ever shown!“ - Trailer for Gigantis, the Fire Monster
Gigantis is the titular monster from the Gigantis movie series that ran from 1959 to 1983. He was created by Vince Denham for Epyx Productions. After their previous two monster movies Tarantus (1955) and The Glog (1957) failed to reach the financial success the studio was hoping for, director and producer Vince Denham came up with the idea of Gigantis. His inspiration for Gigantis, the director later said in an interview, came after listening to a recording of the famous news report by Steve Martin of Godzillas attack in 1954. The studio was cautious, at first. They feared that
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Zone Fighter Neo Season 2
Already made in the Neo Entries for Zone Fighter, Jirass and Ganimes. Visit KaijuSamurai's DeviantArt page to check it out (if you haven't already).
Despite their first attack being thwarted by the combined efforts of Godzilla and Zone Fighter, the Vortaak were still confident in their ability to get rid of the pesky Zone family. However, to fuel their machinery, they need … fuel. So, Vorticia sends one of her most loyal henchman and a group of Demonicus forces to aquire suitable substances that they can use. Their first attack was on a oil refinery in Tokyo. Zone Fighter, Angel and Junior appear to stop them from succeding.
When the Vortaak henchman appears to be overwhelmed by the might of the three Peacelanders, he uses his secret weapon: on the Vortaak homeplanet, there exists a creature only known as the VISITOR. In preparation for their conquest of the universe, the Vortaak were able
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Zone Fighter Neo Season 1
Japan, 1972. In a small suburban neighborhood stands the house of the Sakimori family. The Sakimori family is comprised of Raita, the family patriarch, Yoichiro (who is Raitas son) and Tsukiko, who are the parents of Hikaru, the oldest child, a girl named Hotaru and a young boy named Akira Sakimori. Hikaru is an exceptional young man ... but a very lazy man at that. Finally becoming sick of Hikaru always sitting at home, doing nothing, Tsukiko ordered him to look for a job. Any chance to disagree was thwarted by Raita. You never argue with Raita Sakimori. So, Hikaru applied for many different jobs, with hilarious consequences. He eventually got a job as a Taxi driver. One day, while he was doing his job, a monster appeared in the city to tear it apart. This wouldn't be out of the ordinary in Japan, but their was a big difference: This creature wasn't born, but CREATED! The crazy mastermind behind this attack was DR. DEMONICUS, and
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The World Warrior Tournament by ProudZillaFan The World Warrior Tournament :iconproudzillafan:ProudZillaFan 8 10


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„Here's motion picture adventure and excitement to stagger the imagination: the fantastic Fire Monsters! Raging out of the flaming bowels of Hell: mighty Gigantis, crushing whole cities in his wrath, and deadly Ankyron, screaming its challenge of mortal combat! The battle of the ages! Scenes and sights and sensations beyond anything the screen has ever shown!“ - Trailer for Gigantis, the Fire Monster

Gigantis is the titular monster from the Gigantis movie series that ran from 1959 to 1983. He was created by Vince Denham for Epyx Productions. After their previous two monster movies Tarantus (1955) and The Glog (1957) failed to reach the financial success the studio was hoping for, director and producer Vince Denham came up with the idea of Gigantis. His inspiration for Gigantis, the director later said in an interview, came after listening to a recording of the famous news report by Steve Martin of Godzillas attack in 1954. The studio was cautious, at first. They feared that basing a monster on those tragic events would be seen as disrespectful towards the victims. Denham, however, was convinced that the movie will be a success. And history would prove him right.

While the movie was not so well received in Japan, „Gigantis, the Fire Monster“ became a huge hit in America and Europe. After the success of the first movie, several sequels were released. In total, 12 movies were made in the series. These movies introduced a wide variety of monsters for Gigantis to fight, like Ankyron, Sphectra (who received his own movie in the Summer of 1963), Prometheus, Hitodah, Mogu, Majin Tuol, Mechatron and Berserk. The high point of Gigantis popularity undoubtely came after the 1966 smash hit „Gigantis vs Batman“, which pitted the monster against the popular super hero from DC comics. Another successful crossover came two years later, when the Fire Monster battled against the legendary Wolfman. For a while, Gigantis was everywhere: movies, videogames, cartoons, comics, even trading cards. However, this successful run wouldn't last for long.

After the box office disappointment that was Gigantis 3-D (which was the most expensive Gigantis movie ever made), the studio was unwilling to produce any more movies for the monster after running into financial trouble. A planned 1998 reboot, that would have pitted Gigantis against a new thermite monster (nicknamed the Queen Bitch), was quickly scrapped after Zilla's attack on New York City. In the year 2000, Epyx Production closed their doors after declaring bankruptcy. With the ever increasing threat of Kaiju attacks, it is very unlikely that the Fire Monster will ever grace the big screen again.


1959: Gigantis, the Fire Monster
1962: Gigantis vs Sphectra
1964: Gigantis vs Prometheus
1966: Gigantis vs Batman
1968: Gigantis vs the Wolfman
1972: Gigantis vs Hitodah
1973: Gigantis vs the Space Monsters: Earth Defense Command
1974: Giant Monsters Converge in Nevada! Showdown in Las Vegas! (AKA Gigantis vs Mechatron)
1976: Bride of Gigantis
1979: Gigantis: Legend of the Asuka Fortress
1980: Gigantis vs Berserk
1983: Gigantis 3-D
Godzilla Neofied: Gigantis
Hello everyone. So, this is something I came up with while I had nothing else to do. I don't know if I will do any more of these, or if this is a one time only thing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: this is NOT an official part of Matt Franks Godzilla Neo series. This is just something I came up with for fun. I did my best to include references to stuff that is unlikely to appear in Godzilla Neo anytime soon, so you could pretend that it is part of it. However, if KaijuSamurai decides to include any of the characters I used here into Neo , this Neo Extra will be overwritten. Think of it like the Star Wars expanded universe, before Disney declared it all Non-Canon.
Already made in the Neo Entries for Zone Fighter, Jirass and Ganimes. Visit KaijuSamurai's DeviantArt page to check it out (if you haven't already).


Despite their first attack being thwarted by the combined efforts of Godzilla and Zone Fighter, the Vortaak were still confident in their ability to get rid of the pesky Zone family. However, to fuel their machinery, they need … fuel. So, Vorticia sends one of her most loyal henchman and a group of Demonicus forces to aquire suitable substances that they can use. Their first attack was on a oil refinery in Tokyo. Zone Fighter, Angel and Junior appear to stop them from succeding.
When the Vortaak henchman appears to be overwhelmed by the might of the three Peacelanders, he uses his secret weapon: on the Vortaak homeplanet, there exists a creature only known as the VISITOR. In preparation for their conquest of the universe, the Vortaak were able to utilize the genes of this massive creature to power their soldiers, creating Vortaak/Visitor hybrids. And that is what the henchman used now against the Zone family. With an injection of the Visitors DNA, the henchman turns into one of these hybrids. Zone Fighter quickly turns into his giant form to combat this new foe. The battle is a tough one, since the Visitors combat prowess almost matches Zone Fighter's own. However, it is Zone Fighters arsenal that turns the tide into his favour. Weakening the alien hybrid, Zone was finally able to defeat it for good with a Meteor Missile Might.


Realizing that they need a new approach, Vorticia presents Demonicus with a new creation of the Vortaak: A being called the Crackler, who has the ability to enter the dreams of any living thing on Earth, and turn it into horrible nightmares. Her plan is to make Zone Fighter and his afraid to go to sleep, so that they will be too tired when they launch another attack!
Back at the Sakimori house, Tsukiko berates Akira for watching a horror movie called The Biomonster Lives late at night, saying that he will get nightmares from it. She tells him to turn it off, which Akira begrudgingly does. As soon as she leaves though, Akira turns the tv back on and watches the movie entirely. After the movie is finished, a frightened Akira tries to go to sleep. He closes his eyes, and drifts into his dreams. His dreams quickly turn into nightmares though, because the Biomonster appears to haunt him, cackling with an otherworldly laughter. He wakes up, and is too afraid to go get back to sleep.
The next morning, Tsukiko notices how Akira is nearly falling asleep while the family is having breakfast. Figuring that he must have watched the movie, despite her telling him not to, she chastizes him and sends him to his room. Hikaru and Hotaru tease their little brother, but little do they know that they will be victims to nightmares themselves that night.
Hikaru's nightmare involves him being overrun by every monster he has battled in the past. Tokyo is burning, his family dead and his enemies, Vorticia and Demonicus have won. And again, there was this horrible cackling …
Hotaru is dreaming about Mizonu. At first, it was a nice dream, where both of them share a tender moment with each other. It quickly turns bad, though, when Mizonu turns into the Human Vapour, and attacks her. Hotaru is unable to fight back, as the Human Vapour approaches, cackling madly.
These dreams continue on for several days, and the lack of sleep is taking a serious toll on the three kids. In a fight against Vortaak henchman, they were unable to stop them due to their sleepiness. Back at home, Raita thinks that these must be more than just dreams. He quickly creates an device that would allow the Zone children to enter each others dreams, he hooks all three to the machine, and sedates them. In the dream world, Akira is quickly attacked by the Biomonster. However, this time, he is not alone. Hikaru and Hotaru are there with him. Together, they fight off the monster. The Biomonster turns into the Human Vapour, and Demonicus, and Vorticia. The Zone children now know what's up though, and they refuse to be afraid. Not knowing what form to take, the Crackler appears infront of the children as his true self, cackling madly. What follows is a crazy battle in the dream world against this monster. With a combined effort, the Zone children were able to defeat the Crackler.
Back at Demonicus hideout, the physical body of the Crackler spasms and finally explodes. Their newest creation defeated, the unholy alliance of Demonicus and Vorticia plan their next move.


Zone Fighter, Japans sworn defender, faces one of his toughest challenges yet: a common cold! While their Peacelandian bodies are pretty robust against physical injuries, they are not immune to diseases. But that is nothing that keeps the warrior from another world down for long. Unfortunately, it severly weakened his immune system. Something that Vorticias and Demonicus' newest creation is more than capable to exploit.
Bacillus, a mutated super bacteria, is tearing through the streets of Tokyo. Zone Fighter arrives to fight the beast, despite his weakened state. And even with a cold, Bacillus is no match for the combat prowess of Zone Fighter. But it isn't Bacillus capabillities in a fight that would make this battle Hikaru’s toughest battle yet. Although he was able to destroy Bacillus in their confrontation, a scratch allowed the bacteria to infect Zone Fighter. The effects are damn near instantenous, as Zone, still in his giant form, collapses in the streets of Tokyo.
Quickly figuring out that Hikaru is suffering a really bad infection, the rest of the Zone family rushes out to help him. But they have to move quickly: if Hikaru turns back into his normal size, the bacteria will be too powerful for his normal immune system. The consequence would be a quick, but painful death!
With the help of the remains of Bacillus body, they create an antidote. The problem is that the antidote has to be injected directly into the bacteria in Hikaru's body, or otherwise they will just shrug it off. So Zone Angel and Junior take their trusty vehicle Smokey, and enter Hikaru’s body directly through the same scratch the bacteria went through. Fighting off Hikaru’s own antibodies, they succeed in their mission. And not a moment too soon, because Zone Fighters energy reserves are running dangerously low. If they don’t leave fast, Hikaru will turn back into his normal size, with them trapped in their! This would not be good for Hikaru, as you could imagine.
They high tail it out of there. With only seconds to spare, Angel and Junior manage to escape from Hikaru’s body. With their brother saved, along with Tokyo, the Zone family celebrates.
Although the destruction of the mutated bacteria did not cure Hikaru from his cold. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.


Many, many kilometres above Earth, a new Nuclear Powered Satellite is sitting in orbit. While this new satellite is equipped with state of the art machinery, it wasn't equipped to withstand the impact of a meteor shower. Several strikes manage to damage it so much that the satellite is dropping to the Earth. The destination of Impact? Tokyo! But thankfully, Zone Fighter is there to save the day once again. In his giant form, he is able to catch the falling satellite before it could cause any harm to the japanese metropolis.
What Zone Fighter couldn't predict, however, was that the combination of nuclear power and cosmic radiation had some unforeseen side effects. His body was engulfed with a blue aura, and before he could react, he disappeared in a flash. When he regained consciousness, he was surrounded by a thick jungle. He clearly wasn't in Kansas anymore.
Back in the Sakimori house, everyone tries to figure out what is going on. So is Hikaru, who turned back into his normal size to conserve his energy. Then something happened that surprised even him: He was attacked by a living, breathing dinosaur! And not the irradiated kind. Putting two and two together, he figured that the strange combination of radiation must have somehow sent him back in time! There was no time to muse about this fact, as the dinosaur was in quick pursuit.
Thankfully for Hikaru, he was saved from his pursuer by something far bigger, and deadlier, than a dinosaur. A being that could only be described as a gigantic dragon from space, this STRANGER grabbed the dinosaur and killed it before it could turn Hikaru into a snack. That would be good, if it weren't for the fact that this Stranger now has set his eyes on Hikaru. Oh boy …
Meanwhile, Raita analyzed the radiation emitting from the spot where Hikaru was standing. With the right calibration, he should be able to bring Zone Fighter back. That will take some time, though …
… time that Zone Fighter might not have. The Stranger is far to quick to outrun, so he decides to stand his ground and fight the beast. While he is able to match the prehistoric terror in power, something far worse is on the horizon: the meteor that killed the dinosaurs! Noticing what is coming, the Stranger does the only sensible thing and gets the hell out of there, leaving his adversary alone on this doomed planet. Figuring that this is the end, Hikaru awaits the impact. What he doesn't notice is the familiar blue aura that engulfes his body.
Raita was able to calibrate his machine just in time to bring Hikaru back. Thankful of not sharing the fate of the dinosaurs, Hikaru has one incredible story to share with his family.


While Demonicus and the Vortaak are more than capable to create monsters with the genetic material they have, Earth's population of giant creatures is a gold mine for mad scientists and alien conquerors. And coincidentally, there just happens to be a transport of genetic materials collected from several monsters. They attack the transport, and steal the material. Now, they have to decide what kind of monster they want to create: should it be a monster with the genes of Anguirus? One with the genes of Rodan? Or maybe from the King of the Monsters himself?
Demonicus solution was simple: they just use all of it.
And thus, the chimera known as BARUBAROI is born. A terrible amalgamation of several monsters, Barubaroi wastes no time and attacks Japan. Zone Fighters tries his best to combat the monster, but Barubaroi is not only twice as big as Zone Fighter, he's also twice as strong. The fact that he also shares several abilities with the monsters that make up it's genetic components doesn't help either. However, this mashup of genes proves to be a blessing in disguise.
The Zone Family hatch a new plan where they inject Barubaroi with a serum that will bring the different genes in disarray. After the serum is finished, they just have to inject it. The only way to do that though is through Barubaroi's mouth. Zone Fighter turns back into his giant form to distract the beast. When the opportunity presents itself, Smokey sends a missile with the serum down Barubarois throat. The serum works, and the beast began to turn unstable. It's defenses severely weakened, Zone Fighter is able to destroy Barubarois body with a final Meteor Missile Attack.


Near the coast of Japan, several boats went missing. Normally, this would suggest that another monster attack is imminent. That attack, however, never came. After even more missing boats, the Zone family decide to check it out. Using a selfmade submarine build by Raita, they travel to the depths of the sea to find out who, or what, ist responsible.
It doesn't take long for the culprit to reveal itself: KAISENDON, the newest creation of Demonicus and Vorticia. Since Zone Fighter has proven countless times that he is nearly unbeatable on land, the villainous duo figure that they might have better luck fighting Zone Fighter in the sea. This strategy almost works too, since the water gives Kaisendon the edge in their fight. Using it's tentacles to subdue Zone Fighter, Kaisendon nearly drowns the Peacelandian. It was only through the timely intervention of Angel and Junior that allowed Zone Fighter to free himself from Kaisendons grip.
He quickly makes his way to shallow water, Kaisendon hot in his tail. Now that they are out of the deep water though, Kaisendon lost every advantage he had over Zone Fighter. While his strong crab claws, tentacles and pufferfish poison are formidable, Zone Fighter still defeats Kaisendon rather easily. Using his Meteor Missile Attack to destroy the creature, Zone Fighter has once again saved the day.


In their search for a new monster to fight against the Zone family, Demonicus and Vorticia stumble upon a battle already in progress. The combatants are GOLIATH and ERABUS, who is defending her children DAIGORO and HAFUN from Goliath. Demonicus and Vorticia managed to subdue both Goliath and Erabus, and put them under mind control, similar to how they managed to control Godzilla. To tip the odds in their favour even further, they turn Goliath into the monstrosity known as REDMOON! With their newest weapons ready, they send the two behemoths to attack Japan.
They leave a path of destruction behind, annihilating building after building. This kind of attack quickly summons Zone Fighter to the scene, but he is still fighting both monsters at once. Zone Fighter is good, but the numbers game is something even he has trouble to overcome. Help came though from a very unlikely place: Daigoro and Hafun arrive to the scene in search for their mother.
The two infant monsters try to snap Erabus out of her mind control, but it isn't working. Only after Demonicus orders Redmoon to attack the babies was Erabus able to break away from it. As everyone knows, there is no force greater than a mother defending her children. Now, Redmoon is the one who has to deal with a two-on-one assault, and it doesn't take long before he succumbs to it. Their adversary defeated, Erabus and the babies leave Zone Fighter behind, back to their home. Demonicus and Vorticia, however, are not pleased. Not pleased in the slightest.


With so many attacks from giant monsters native to Earth (not to mention the horrors created by Demonicus and the Vortaak), people seem to sometimes forget that counquering alien races are not the only danger that lurks in outer space. The Zone Family is about to find out about that the hard way, when a mysterious meteor crashes to Earth. Crashing through the ceiling of a cave inhabited by a swarm of bats, a strange liquid snatches the bats one by one, absorbing them. And from the liquid spawn huge, bat-like creatures, who swarm out into the night.
A few days after the crash, the Sakimori family is watching the news. There were attacks on several animals like cows or cougars, and the scientists who examined the crash site are apparently missing as well. Fearing that the attacks on the animals and the disappearence of the scientists are linked, Zone Fighter, Angel and Junior decide to check out the crash site.
When they arrive, the site is eerily quiet. The camp of the scientists is deserted, with no trace of any living soul. The Zone family enter the cave. They make their way to the meteor itself, where a strange pulsating mass was growing. Suddenly, they are attacked by BATMEN! No, not the superhero, but strange human-bat hybrids. The Batmen try to defeat the Zone family, so that they too can be absorbed by the strange mass, but Zone Fighter, Angel and Junior are able to hold them off. Realizing that they won't be able to subdue this prey, the Batmen all fly to the mass in the center of the cave. The mass absorbs the Batmen, and from it erupts a massive beast dubbed the GRYPHON!
The appearance of such a massive creature in a rather normal sized cave results in the Gryphon, spreading it’s wings, bursting through the rest of the ceiling. Avoiding the falling debris, the Zone family just barely manages to escape before they are crushed beneath the rocks. But there is no time for them to catch their breath, as the Gryphon is heading towards the city! So they quickly hop into Smokey and follow the beast.
Catching up to the monster very quickly, Zone Fighter turns into his giant form to engage the Gryphon in battle. The Gryphon is a fierce fighter, using teeth, claws and it's ability to fly to it's advantage. However, Zone Fighter is used to fight against the odds. After some help from Smokey and the rest of the Zone family, Zone Fighter was able to take down the Gryphon and finish it off with his finishing move, the Meteor Missile Attack.


After their latest defeat at the hands of Zone Fighter, the relationship between Demonicus and Vorticia is at the boiling point. It looked like they're partnership would finally end, then and there. However, it never came to that point, when suddenly, a slew of spaceships appear in the sky. It's a alliance of several alien species: the SUNERIANS, the MYSTERIANS, the FLASHER and the NATARL. They are all united under one leader: CAPTAIN DAGGER, who survived the destruction of Peaceland. He conquered the planets, with his next sight set on Earth. Demonicus and Vorticia, not willing to share the Earth with this newcomer, order their forces to attack these intruders. But they don't stand a chance. In a direct confrontation with Dagger, Demonicus is killed, and Vorticia is turned into a new form of THE VISITOR, now under Daggers control. Zone Fighter tries to stop the invasion, but is horribly outmatched by the combined might of the Vorticia Visitor, the Sunerian monster GAMONI, the Mysterian machine GARUGAN, the Flashers DOGOLAS and a monster that Hikaru is very familar with: the STRANGER, who turns out to be a monster from the Natarl. With no other option left, Zone Fighter and his family flee. The invaders have successfully conquered Japan.


With Japan now firmly in the hands of the alien invaders, the Sakimori family is on the run. With noone else to turn to, they went to Rai Kotaru, their reporter friend. Now relatively save, Hikaru, Hotaru and Akira finally demand to know who this Captain Dagger is. With a heavy heart, Raita complies.
Roughly 20 years, their planet was attacked again and again by the Vortaak and their monsters, but were beaten back everytime by the planets defenders. Those defenders were the Zone Warriors, an elite group of fight who could change their size at will. Back then, Raita was their leader, Zone Great. However, there was trouble brewing in their ranks, as their was one man who wanted the leadership position of the group. This man was CAPTAIN DAGGER. He challenged Raita to a fight, but, after he was beaten by Raita in a duel for leadership, he tried to kill him with a sneak attack. He was saved by one of his fellow Zone Warriors, who took the blow and died. Dagger was cast out of the group and cast out of their society, since killing one of their own was deemed unacceptable on Peace Land. However, their decision to not imprison Dagger instead would be their downfall. The bitter Dagger secretely met with the Vortaak and struck a deal with them. He will tell him how to get access to the power core of their planet (an artificial core, with never ending energy). In return, they will make him king of Peace Land. Naturally, the Vortaak accept. Empowered by the Vortaak, Dagger was able kill most of the Zone Warriors. When the Vortaak attack, Peace Land only defense left was Raita and MEGALOMAN, Daggers twin brother and Zone Warrior. However, they were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Vortaak army, and the Vortaak gained control of the core. Unfortunately, the Vortaak had no idea how to operate it. After they tried to syphon the power, the core began to overload,  and there was no way to stop it. The core will explode, and there were only minutes remaining. The Vortaak,  enraged by this turn of events, flee onboard their ships. Before they fled though, they made sure to destroy every ship on Peace Land so that the people can't escape. Thankfully, Raita was an inventor. He build a ship in his lab that will be able to take him and his family off this planet. He boarded the ship with his son Yoichiro, his wife Tsukiko, their young son Hikaru and Megaloman. However, when they tried to leave the planet, they were stopped by Dagger! The Vortaak left him on the planet to die, so he will be damned if he let Raita escape. To give his former leader and mentor a chance to live, Megaloman went to battle with his twin brother. Their battle was fierce, and it gave Raita enough time to fly the ship out of orbit. With a somber look back, the Sakimoris saw their home planet explode into a million pieces. They thought they would have seen the last of Dagger …
Shocked by this tale, the Zone children sit their in silence. However, this moment was quickly interrupted by a group of alien soldiers, who managed to locate the Sakimori's. The Zone Family fought bravely, but the superior numbers of their enemies once again seem to win out. Suddenly, help arrives in the form of two mysterious fighters: GODMAN and GREENMAN!


With the added might of GODMAN and GREENMAN now with them, the heroes were able to defeat their attackers. While they were thankful for the help, the Zone Family still had no idea who Godman and Greenman are. The duo explains that they are part of some form of intergalactic police force, who were tracking Dagger and his forces through the galaxy. When word came out that Dagger was on Earth, they were sent to Earth to assist the indigenous population. They were quite surprised when they found out a family of Peacelandians is residing on the planet. Right now, however, all of that doesn't matter. What matters now is only one thing: stopping Dagger, no matter the cost. With his new allies, Zone Fighter engages the enemy. They still have a three-against-five disadvantage, though. But help quickly arrives in the form of a newly rebuild Red Ronin and, of all things, Godzilla! Now that they are finally on an even playing field, a mighty battle commences. Fists are flying, missiles are shot, claws and teeth are used: it's a real slobberknocker! But in the end, the alliance of heroes actually manage to drive the invaders back, as their monsters fall one by one! Gamoni and Dogolas were destroyed by Greenman and Godman respectively. In a battle that pitted Machine against Machine, Red Ronin defeated Garugan. The Stranger was shown that coming back to this planet was a big mistake, as he was torn to shreds by Godzillas atomic breath. And the Vorticia Visitor was fittingly destroyed by the hands of Zone Fighter. Now, the only one that remains is Dagger himself. However, Dagger has one last trick up his sleeve: remembering what the Vortaak did to Peaceland, he plans to destroy Earth's core, and with that, the entire planet!


A race against time commences. Using a tunnel that was built by his forces when he conquered Japan, Dagger makes his way towards Earth's core, Zone Fighter close in pursuit. The rest of Earth's defenders were too occupied with the remaining alien forces to help him. This is a battle Zone Fighter has to face alone. When they both reached the core, Zone Fighter wastes no time and confronts Dagger in a final duel to the death! The Earth's survival hangs in the balance. Although Zone has youth and agility, Dagger is much, much more experienced than him. It doesn't look good for the Earth, when another surprise saved the day: it was Raita, who turned into his giant ZONE GREAT form to help his grandson. But even with their combined power, Dagger is still a mighty opponent. The turning point came when Dagger hit a fatal blow on Raita. With his dying breath, Raita infused Zone Fighter with the last of his power. Filled with rage, Zone Fighter used his newly gained strength to absolutely pummel Dagger. This will end, right here, right now! Using all of his power, Zone Fighter shoots a massive Double Meteor Missile Might that completely obliberates Dagger. Exhausted, Zone Fighter took Smokey (Raita used it to get to the core) and his grandfathers corpse, and makes his way to the top. When the realization hit that their leader was defeated, the alliance of space aliens fled from the planet. The Earth is saved. Godman and Greenman depart from the planet to pursuit the fleeing aliens, but not before handing a Green Call device to the Zone family. If they ever need them, they just have to call. They will be there. While Japan celebrates their heroes, the Zone family mourns the death of their fallen family member. But they swear that, to honour Raita, they will continue to defend Japan, no matter what.  
Zone Fighter Neo Season 2
And here we have Zone Fighter Neo Season 2, the final season. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it. As a heads up, Season 1 and 2 are not official Neo entries. While I do have Matt Franks okay to post these, they are not part of his Neo series. If they were, I would have spent much more time correcting my grammar mistakes. Still, if you like it, please leave a comment. And again, if their is someone who would like to turn these into actual fanfics with me, send me a Note. UPDATE: I moved the original episode 4 to Season 1, and added the original episode 1 of Season 1 to the finale.

Japan, 1972. In a small suburban neighborhood stands the house of the Sakimori family. The Sakimori family is comprised of Raita, the family patriarch, Yoichiro (who is Raitas son) and Tsukiko, who are the parents of Hikaru, the oldest child, a girl named Hotaru and a young boy named Akira Sakimori. Hikaru is an exceptional young man ... but a very lazy man at that. Finally becoming sick of Hikaru always sitting at home, doing nothing, Tsukiko ordered him to look for a job. Any chance to disagree was thwarted by Raita. You never argue with Raita Sakimori. So, Hikaru applied for many different jobs, with hilarious consequences. He eventually got a job as a Taxi driver. One day, while he was doing his job, a monster appeared in the city to tear it apart. This wouldn't be out of the ordinary in Japan, but their was a big difference: This creature wasn't born, but CREATED! The crazy mastermind behind this attack was DR. DEMONICUS, and evil genius who plans to take over THE WORLD! He warned that, if the world leaders won't surrender to him, his monster BATRAGON will destroy all of their cities. As a show of his power, he unleashed Batragon in Tokyo. And, right in the middle, was Hikaru. Trying to avoid the debris coming down by the destruction the monster brought, he steered the taxi like a pro, finally bringing the man in the back to safety. Hikaru, however, started to ran towards the monster, to do what he trained his whole life to do: Kicking monster butt. The Sakimori's weren't just a normal family, you see. No, they are actually aliens, whose homeplanet Peaceland was destroyed by alien invaders. With Raita acting as his sensei, Hikaru became a formidable warrior. Equipped with the right technology, Hikaru has the ability to turn into ZONE FIGHTER. And that was exactly what he did. With Raita on speaker as his guide, Zone Fighter was able to beat Batragon and thwart Demonicus' evil plan. For now ...
Later, Hikaru received a call from the man who was in his taxi when all hell broke loose. He says that he is the owner of a garage, that they need a test driver for their cars, and that he thinks that Hikaru is the best man for the job. WIN!


The world is agasp after a sensational find is discovered: The SNOWMAN is real! He is quickly detained, and brought to a local zoo. The media is buzzing over this discovery, and the Zone family visits the zoo to take a look at the creature. However, they aren't the only ones who are interested in the Snowman. Demonicus, out for revenge after his monster Batragon was defeated by Zone Fighter, takes the Snowman, and turns him into the mighty YETRIGAR! Yetrigar goes on a rampage, until he is confronted by Zone Fighter. Hitaru is hesitant to kill the beast, however, since the Snowman is the last of his kind. But when Yetrigar nearly kills Zone Angel, Zone Fighter finally stops him for good. The day was saved, but at what cost?
Unbeknownst to the Zone Family though, another problem arises. Back at the zoo, a young reporter by the name of RAI KOTARU saw how Hitaru turned into Zone Fighter, and he is now determined to find out who the mysterious saviour is!


Mankind always was their worst enemy, and nothing made that more clear than pollution. And someone who knows very well how to use that against them is Dr. Demonicus. In yet another attempt to destroy Zone Fighter, he creates DEATHLA, a monster made out of pure pollution and garbage. Demonicus unleashes this newest spawn of evil on Japan, and it wasn't long until Zone Fighter came to intervene. However, his attacks had no effect on Deathla, and just being near the monster did tremendous damage to him, so he had no other choice but to retreat. After getting far away from the monster, Hitaru collapses because of the poison Deathla emitted. There, while still in his Zone Fighter form, he was found by Rai Kotaru. Before Kotaru was able to remove the mask, however, Hitaru was whisked away by one of Raita's inventions.
Back at the home of the Zone family, Hitaru receives treatment by his mother, while Yoichiro and Raita try to figure out how to defeat the monster. And was then that they found out that a huge load of electricity dehydrated the cells of the monster. They have a way to kill it! So a plan was put into motion: luring the monster to the nearest power plant, they plan to siphon the energy of the plant and fry the monster. However, for that, they had to keep the monster busy, and the only one who can do that is Zone Fighter. Hitaru, not completly healed but able to stand, assures them that he can do it. To help him in this task, Raita makes some adjustments to the suit that he hopes will better protect his grandson from the poisonous aura Deathla possesses. Well, only one way to find out …
So the plan began. Deathla was lured to the plant by Zone Fighter, while Zone Angel and Zone Junior prepare the plant itself. While better equipped for the fight than before, Zone Fighter was still weak from their previous encounter, and it didn't look good. Thankfully, the other Zone children managed to finish their task, and Deahtla was fried by millions and millions of volts, until only a smoldering husk remanined. The day was saved, and the Zone family can rest. Demonicus though? He was PISSED!

Random Episode Trivia: This episode was very controversial when it first aired, due to the way Deathla's attack was depicted, which was a little to close to the monster Hedorah. The director was a survivor of Hedorahs attack on Tokyo, so the similarities were intentional.


Japan was in grave danger, when a dam was suddenly attacked by … Zone Fighter?! No, not really. Infact, learning from his past mistake, Demonicus decided to use the power of electricity to his advantage this time. Using the Life-Stone, he mutated a normal centipede into the energy devouring, shapeshifting terror known as CENTRIPOR, THE ENERGY BEAST! Centripor took the form of Zone Fighter to trick the japanese citizen into thinking that Zone Fighter became their enemy. This ruse was quickly shattered when the real Zone Fighter appeared to challenge his evil doppelganger. In their battle, Centripor revealed his true form. Absorbing the energy from Zone Fighters attacks and the electricity of the dam, Centripor began to grow exponentially. Hard pressed to fight against this giant beast, Zone Fighter tried to drag his foe away from any form of energy. Successful in that, Zone only used melee attacks. At first, Centripor was able to counter most attacks, but his energy reserves began to deplete. Trying to escape the battle to absorb more energy, he was always stopped by Zone Fighter. The more energy Centripor used, the more he shrank. His power nearly completely drained, Zone Fighter grabbed the beast by it's tail and threw him into a nearby lake. Electricity and water obviously don't mix, and the Energy Beast was annihilated. Once again, Zone Fighter was victorious.


When a freak accident at a laboratory leds to the creation of the monster only known by his nickname LIGHTNING BUG, Zone Fighter was called by the scientists to help them contain the creature. But when Zone Fighter confronts the creature in a battle, he was suddenly struck by a blow from YETRIGAR? Confused at how the mutated snowman could still be alive, Zone Fighter nonetheless battles the two titans. In this epic confrontation between the three gargantuans, the answer to how Yetrigar is alive is revealed: his outer skin blown off by an accidental attack by the Lightning Bug, Yetrigar is revealed to be nothing more than a robot. A ROBO-YETRIGAR, if you will. Robo-Yetrigar is a robot created by Dr. Yukiko Ifukube, using one of Demonicus former creations as a base. Dr. Ifukube was abducted by Demonicus and forced to build the robot for him. While Zone Fighter was busy fighting Robo-Yetrigar and Lightning Bug, Zone Angel and Junior make their way to where Demonicus was keeping the doctor hostage. Zone Fighter though was hard pressed to fight both opponents at once. Luckily for him, Lightning Bug was not one of Demonicus creations, as was made clear by Lightning Bugs retaliation when he was accidentally struck by one of Robo-Yetrigars chest missiles. Enraged by the attack, Lightning Bug attacked the robotic snowman, which allowed Zone Fighter to catch his breath (and refill his energy reserves). The battle between the two monsters was close, but in the end, Robo-Yetrigar's superior defenses and firepower put an end to the mutation. His energy refilled, Zone Fighter now only had one opponent to take care of. Robo-Yetrigar still was a formidable opponent with his weaponry and martial arts prowess. Zone Fighters luck saved him again though, when Angel and Junior managed to locate and free Ifukube from Demonicus' minions. Now only running on rudimentary artificial intelligence, Robo-Yetrigar didn't fare nearly as well against Zone Fighter as before. The robot was destroyed after getting hit with Zone Fighters final attack, the Meteor Missile Might.


One would think that Demonicus would be the only madman that the poor people of Japan have to deal with. Well, they would be partly correct, since Demonicus has some help this time from a madWOMAN! Her name is Dr. Yamazaki, a disgruntled scientist, who was laughed at by her peers when she told him that she created a massive monster! Her peers wouldn't laugh now, after seeing the untold destruction Demonicus' creations have wrought, but it's too late to apologize. Dr Yamazaki joined forces with the evil Doctor Demonicus, and gave her own creation the power to shoot lasers out of her eyes. The first target of the LORD HOWE MONSTER? The science expo that was convenietly in town. All of her former colleagues were there, and she would get her revenge. Unfortunately for her, the Lord Howe Monster was no match for Zone Fighter. While the crustacean was tough, Zone Fighters maneuverability and superiour fighting skills were it's undoing. Failing in her quest for revenge, Dr Yamazaki swears that she would come back, with a better, stronger monster! However, Doctor Demonicus doesn't tolerate failure from his allies. Surprising Yamazaki, he shoots her in the chest, killing her. There is only room for one mad scientist, it is him.


Again and again, Demonicus attacked Japan, with more and more kaijus created by his Life-Stone. And again and again, Zone Fighter managed to defeat every single one of them. Japan was not content with just letting Zone Fighter handle their protection. Oh no, they were gonna take matters into their own hands. And thanks to this, a giant, mechanical guardian known as RED RONIN was born. Designed by Yuriko Takiguchi with help from Dr Ifukube (who naturally jumped at the chance to create something that would put Demonicus in his place) and piloted by Yuriko's grandson, Rob Takiguchi, the robot was, quite literally, a marvel. Demonicus thought so too, which is why he devised a plan to take control of the robot. He creates two monsters known as the MEGAVOLT MONSTERS to attack Japan. As expected, Zone Fighter was there to battle the two, but Japan chose this moment to test their newest weapon. What they didn't know, however, was that this is exactly what Demonicus wanted. Distracted by the fight, Rob didn't notice Demonicus and his forces entering the cockpit. Red Ronin was officially theirs to command.
With a mighty Meteor Missile Strike, Zone Fighter destroys the Megavolt Monsters. There was no moment to catch his breath though, since Red Ronin decks him with a metallic right hook that sends him reeling. Defending against the advancing robot, a confused Hitaru asks Raita what the hell is going on? Raita explains that Red Ronin was now controlled by Demonicus, and that Zone Angel and Junior are already on their way. Hitaru just has to hang on a little longer. Which is easier said than done.
Stealthily entering Red Ronin, Zone Angel and Junior sneak up on Demonicus and his forces. With a surprise attack, they manage to defeat and capture the madman. Not a minute too late, as Zone Fighter's energy reserves were running increasingly low in the fight. A few minutes more, and he would have been powerless. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.
Demonicus was finally defeated and in captivity. Japan was safe, once and for all.
Or was it?


The Moon. While it is the closest celestial neighbor of our home planet of Earth, there is still not much we know about it. So, an expedition was launched that would establish a small research center on the Moon. For a while, everything was fine. Transmissions between the research center and the Earth command were frequent, and everything seemed to be working fine. One day, however, the transmissions stopped, without any clue what actually happened.
The Zone family was shocked when they saw the news footage that was talking about these events. Fearing the worst, they decided to go to the Moon themselves to check it out. Retrofitting one of Raita's previous vehicles with outer space capabillities, they made their way to the Moon's surface. When they got there, they found the research center to be completly abandoned. There was no sign of the crew, but there were signs of struggle. It didn't take long for the culprit to reveal himself: strange, humanoid creatures attacked Zone Fighter, Zone Angel and Zone Junior. They emitted a strong gravity field that nearly managed to snatch the three Peacelanders into their grasps, but they managed to release themselves from their gravitational grip using the stations artificial gravity generators and fight back. They were doing pretty well too. That is, until the creatures were starting to fuse into one, gigantic being, known as the GRAVITY GOLIATH. Zone Fighter changed into his giant form and starts batteling the monster. Using the Meteor Proton Beam, he was able to defeat the Goliath. After the defeat of the Goliath, it is revealed the gravity creatures absorbed the crew of the research center, and that the destruction of the Goliath freed them. The crew thanks their saviours, and the Zone family departs.


Japan enjoyed a few months of relative peace after Demonicus capture. It looked like that his mad reign of terror was finally over … of course, there is no force on Earth that can hold the evil DOCTOR DEMONICUS!!! No surprise then that he escaped from prison. However, there was still the problem of how to defeat Zone Fighter. Demonicus considers that he might need a new approach. Maybe something more … supernatural …
His men tell him about the demon MAOH, who was trapped back in ancient times in an underground cave. Demonicus wants to form an alliance with this demon, that will finally bring an end to the pesky Zone Family!
The Zone Family is hot on his trail, and managed to find the same cave Demonicus was heading to to awake the demon. What they don't know, however, is that Rai Kutoro was following them. Failing again and again to get substantial evidence of the fact that the Sakimori's are actually aliens, Kutoro was hoping this time would finally be his chance. He would get a lot more than that, though.
While the Zone family did their best to stop Demonicus from freeing Maoh, they were unsuccessful. Maoh was freed, and summons his most powerful minion KUMASOGAMI, who takes Zone Fighter out of the cave and turns into a giant. Zone Angel and Junior are still battling Demonicus forces inside the cave, but something else was calling to Kutoro. A voice was calling for his name, beckoning him to find it. He leaves the battlefield, without being seen, in a search for the origin of the voice. Further into the cave, Rai finds a mysterious ring with a blue diamond on it. The voice tells him to put on the ring, and although Rai was hesistant at first, he does so. And with that act, a wonderful transformation occurs ...
Meanwhile, Kumasogami proves to be too much for Zone Fighter alone to handle. That is when suddenly, DIAMOND EYE appears! He is actually the one who captured Maoh a long time ago, and now helps Zone Fighter in his battle against the demon. Their powers combined are enough to defeat Kumasogami, and they set their eyes on Maoh. Using Diamond Eyes powers, they were able to seal Maoh back in his prison, and Demonicus flees. After the job is done, Diamond Eye turns back into Rai Kutoro. Rai places the ring back to where he found it. His experience as Diamond Eye makes him realise that it would be foolish to reveal Zone Fighters secret, and with a new found respect for the heroes, he departs.


His alliance with Maoh thwarted, Demonicus has known of another legend that might prove useful. On the island of Kiryoku-shima stands a menacing statue that the locals call GEKIDO-JIN. This oni was trapped inside his stone prison hundred of years ago, but Demonicus plans to unleash the beast. With the help of a small portion of his Life-Stone, Demonicus awakens Gekido-Jin from his slumber, and the oni quickly goes on a rampage. This is a job for Zone Fighter! Thinking that this would be an easy job (Gekido-Jin only reached up to Zone Fighters knee), Zone Fighter quickly dispatches the stone warrior. However, Gekido-Jin reforms his body, bigger and stronger than before. Again, Zone Fighter was able to destroy his form, but again Gekido-Jin came back, even bigger. He was now the same height as Zone Fighter, dealing massive damage with it's giant war hammer. After getting his butt handed to him by the oni, Zone Fighter realised that the only way to defeat Gekido-Jin is to destroy the Life-Stone fragment that became part of Gekido-Jin's helmet. That proved to be difficult, thanks to Gekido-Jin's might, but he was ultimately successful in destroying the fragment. After it's destruction, Gekido-Jin turned back to stone, and began to crumble. His newest creation destroyed, Demonicus fled the scene, cursing and swearing revenge. Same old, same old.


It was a quiet day in Tokyo. People were minding their own business, doing their best to live a normal life in this busy town. However, since this is Japan, a normal day could turn sour, fast. And this was once again the case, when a gigantic reptilian beast arose from the waters in Tokyo bay. Zone Fighter was quick to intercept the monster, before it could reach the city itself. With a hide that proved impervious to harm, Burtannus was a frightening opponent. Zone Fighter wasn't alone though: this time, the japanese deploy Red Ronin to help him. With a reinforced cockpit after the last time he was in the field, Red Ronin and Zone Fighter double team the gigantic saurian. Strangely though, the creature appeared to be rather uninterested in a battle with the two guardians of Japan. It appears as if it was searching for something. And searching for something it did, as Raita found out. Doing a thorough scan of the area, he saw that, in a secure location near Tokyo, another creature from the same species was kept locked up. And who would capture a baby from his mother? Demonicus, of course. He planned to use the baby in his experiments to create more powerful monsters in his quest for world domination. Raita informs Zone Fighter about this discovery. Hitaru wastes no time and stops his attack on Burtannus. Red Ronin doesn't know about the baby though, and continues attacking the mother. Blocking his attack, Zone Fighter stands in front of the weakened mother. Confused, Red Ronin stops, and Zone Fighter points towards the location Raita told him about. Quickly, Zone Fighter flys to that exact location, frees the baby and returns it to his mother. Satisfied with the return of her child, Burtannus grabs the baby and goes back to the sea.


Young love is something beautiful, as Hotaru found out. She was seeing a young man named Mizuno, who was the son of a renowned scientist. One day, Mizuno took Hotaru with him to the lab of his father to show her his father's newest invention: a device that would use vapour to create new clean, powerful energy. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes again. A group of terrorists attacked the laboratory to steal this device. In the scuffle, Mizuno was thrown into the device, and in this freak accident became the HUMAN VAPOUR. Unable to touch anything (unless he wanted to vapourize it), he was brought to another lab. The scientists were out of options: they don't know how to cure the boy from his predicament. Another man's ire is another man's gain, because one day, Demonicus visits the boy. Knowing of his destructive capabillities, he shows him a video of his captured father and mother. Mizuno wanted to attack Demonicus, but the mad scientist kept him at bay when he told him that Mizunos parents would be killed if he would lay even one finger on him. The only way for Mizuno to see his parents again is to capture Zone Fighter and his family, and bring them to him. With no other option available, Mizuno accepts.
Mizuno escapes from the lab, and rampages through the city, trying to get Zone Fighters attention. Local police are powerless against the Human Vapour, as bullets just vapourize as soon as they come near him. Finally, Zone Fighter, Angel and Junior arrive. Angel, remembering who he is, tries to reason with him, but Mizuno tells her that he has no choice, and attacks the trio. Nothing the Zone family does is able to hurt the Human Vapour, and they are ultimately defeated. After the fight, Demonicus arrives and captures them.
Back at Demonicus flying battleship, Demonicus gloats about his victory. He tells them that he could destroy the three of them anytime he wants to, but he wants them to watch how he will finally destroy Japan. Demonicus sends three monsters down to Earth, the MEGA-MONSTERS (TRIAX, RHIAHN, KROLLAR). Without a way to free themselves, the Zone children watch in terror as the monsters destroy the town. All hope seems lost …


The MEGA-MONSTERS tear through all major cities of Japan, leaving only destruction and chaos. Only Red Ronin remains to fight the monsters, but the combined might of the terrifying trio is to much for him. Soon, he too will fall …
Bursting into a maniacal laugh, Demonicus celebrates his victory. Finally, after so many failures, he has WON! Zone Angel tries to convince the Human Vapour to help them, but he tells her that he can't. Demonicus has his family, so he has to do what Demonicus tells him to do. Zone Angel is not the only one who hears this though. Back in the Sakimori house, Raita listens to the conversation between Angel and the Vapour, and decides that he has to do something. It's time for Zone Great to lace up his boots again! Using one of his many vehicles, Raita makes his way to Demonicus' fortress. Entering without being seen, he searches for Mizunos family in this maze of corridors. Finally, he finds the room where they are kept. Problem is, it is heavily guarded by Demonicus' henchmen. But even though he is nowhere near as powerful as before, Zone Great was still able to overcome the henchmen. He takes them to his vehicle, and quickly flys them to safety. Using his comm link to Zone Angel, he informs her that Mizuno's family is safe. She gives Mizuno the news, that his family his free from Demonicus clutches. Wasting no time, the Human Vapour releases Zone Fighter, Angel and Junior from the imprisoment, and together, they attack Demonicus and his forces. A huge battle ensues, which sees Demonicus flying fortress damaged, and about to crash! The Zone family wants to flee, but the Vapour refuses to leave without getting his hands on Demonicus first. Angel tries to reason with him, but she has no choice than to leave him. Escaping through an escape pod, the Zone children watch as Demonicus fortress crashes to the Earth and explodes. However, the fight is not over. There are still three extremely powerful monsters on the loose, and Red Ronin is on the brink of destruction. Changing into his giant form, Zone Fighter joins the battle. The odds somewhat turned, Red Ronin and Zone Fighter fight against the onslaught of attacks from the Mega-Monsters. It was a close fight, in which Red Ronin was destroyed, but they managed to defeat the beasts. Exhausted, Zone Fighter turns back into his human form, and collapses. They have won, and Demonicus was defeated once and for all.
Or so they thought.
Zone Fighter Neo Season 1
Hey everyone. So, as my name implies, I am a huge Godzilla fan. As such, I was fascinated by KaijuSamurai's Godzilla Neo series. The artwork, the stories: it just worked for me. That's why I got in contact with Matt Frank back in the day, and we shared ideas with each other dir the Neo series. You can find some of May influences in the Neo entries for Frankenstein, Axor, the Matango etc. However, one entry that I personally liked the most was Zone Fighter Neo. With the amazing writing skills of Zillah91, I we came up with the story for the Neo entries of Zone Fighter, Jirass and Ganimes. However, after that was done, I was thinking about how a potentional season 1 would look like. I was never able to finish it though. Until now.

So here they are, my ideas for Zone Fighter Neo season 1. One last thing: my dream was always to turn this into a full fanfiction series, but as you can probably tell, I am no writer. So, if there is anyone Out there who might be interested in finishing this with me, send me a Note. UPDATE: Changed two episodes around.


Chris Schulz
Well, after being inspired by KaijuX's list for G4 (and the fact that I've JUST REACHED 1000 PAGEVIEWS WITHOUT POSTING ANYTHING! THE WORLD IS CRAZY!), I've decided to post an old idea of mine for a possible G4 game. Alright, here we go:

The Roster:

Earth Defenders:
Godzilla 2000 (Godzilla 54' and 90' are unlockable and will replace Godzilla 2000 in Story Mode when they are choosen.)
King Caesar
Mothra Leo (The original Mothra was killed by SpaceGodzilla when he returned to Earth in my story. Now, Leo is trying to get some revenge on SpaceGodzilla for killing his mother. And yes, the Elias will make an appearance too.)
Fire Rodan
King Kong

Global Defense Force:
Jet Jaguar
Super-MechaGodzilla (with detachable Garuda)
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Mechani-Kong (BIG maybe…..)

SpaceGodzilla (he's the leader. More to that later.)
Gigan Final Wars (Showa is unlockable and will replace the Final Wars Version in Story Mode when selected.)
King Ghidorah (I don't really care what version it is. Ghidorah is Ghidorah for me.)
MechaGodzilla (Appears as the fake Godzilla at first)
Monster X (No Keizer Ghidorah. We already have one Ghidorah, or two, if you want to be exact.)
Krystalak (Didn't expect him here, huh? I will make everything clear when I tell the story, so don't worry.)

Hedorah (His stage is Osaka, obviously.)
Gyaos (Hyper Gyaos and smaller ones)
Iris (He only cares about one thing: Killing Gamera. If he gains some power while doing so, he will gladly take it.)
Battra (Reawakened when the chrystals appear for a second time. Since Mothra was killed by SpaceGodzilla, he goes for the second best target: Mothra Leo.)
Gorosaurus (the King Kong escapes version, not the one that helped kick King Ghidorahs ass in Destroy All Monsters. Him, Kumonga and Kamacuras were still kept on Monster Island when the G:U Event happened but they were able to flee when the Chrystals started to grow again.)

Non-Playable Bosses and Cameo appearances:
Minilla (You will have to save his ass from a beating on Monster Island. He will also appear in the backround on Monster Island when you play as Godzilla, cheering you on.)
Gabara (He is the one who wants to give Minilla the beating. He will be the Practise Mode punching bag. I still have to decide if I make him playable or not.)

Bonus Characters:
Manda (Manda replaces Anguirus as the third Yamato Guardian from the original script. I got that idea from KaijuSamurai's NEO Manda)
Zilla Jr. (The Cartoon Version. Is unlocked when you beat the game with Godzilla 2000.)
Gigan Showa
Godzilla 54'
Godzilla 90'

The Story:

It's been over two years since the Chrystals crashed on Earth and sent the world into chaos. The Vortaak were beaten again and SpaceGodzilla was succesfully defeated by Godzilla, Anguirus and Kiryu. But before the Vortaak fled from Earth, they took the body of SpaceGodzilla. Desperate to finally take over the world from these stupid humans, they plan to revive SpaceGodzilla and use him as a weapon against the Humans and the Kaiju. They made him stronger and better then ever before ……… but he was too much to handle, even for them. The sinister space demon turned on his saviors and killed everyone. Using his telephatic powers, he took control of the Monster that were under the Vortaak's command. Megalon, Gigan, Orga, MechaGodzilla, King Ghidorah and a secret weapon that still slumbers in the Meteor Gorath, Monster X. Now, he has set his eyes on one thing: Getting revenge on the King of the Monsters, Godzilla……..

On Earth, the effects of the chrystals are still more then clear for everyone. Most of the Chrystals were wiped out by the GDF and the Earth Defenders, but there are still many more left. If that wasn't enough, a new species of Kaiju emerged: The Gyaos. Created by a old civilization, they were kept in hibernation for thousand of years, but now, thanks to the chrystals, they have awaken and there numbers are growing fast. But the Earth also gained a new Guardian in the giant turtle named Gamera, another monster created by the same civilization that created the Gyaos. The Gyaos aren't just dumb animals, though. They are continuing to evolve into bigger and stronger versions of themselves, called Hyper Gyaos. And, sooner or later, one of them will become different …….. and stronger then the rest.

Most of the Mutants were captured by the GDF and coralled onto Monster Island. Only Biollante and Destoroyah are still free. They vanished as soon as SpaceGodzilla was defeated. Krystalak was absorbed by SpaceGodzilla in the final battle.

The Earth Defenders are helping Gamera with the Gyaos invasion, but not all of them. King Caesar is sleeping again, waiting for a new call of help. Baragon and Varan suddenly disappeared and weren't seen since. And Godzilla went back to live with his son, Minilla.

But soon, they have to come together again to face a new, greater evil, because SpaceGodzilla is coming closer. He will be arriving on Earth shortly, to get revenge on every Kaiju that was against him………..

And now, some notes on the Kaiju revelance in Story Mode:

1.) Krystalak will be a lacky for SpaceGodzilla in story mode. SpaceGodzilla is able to create many Krystalaks out of the chrystals he spawns. They are nowhere near as strong as the original one, but their numbers help. They are just there to spice up the battle against SpaceGodzilla anyway. If you choose Krystalak in story mode, though, you will just battle SpaceGodzilla in a one on one fight.

2.) The three Yamato Guardians will appear when you destroy their shrines and attack the Alien and Mutant factions. They are not part of the Earth Defenders nor are they part of the GDF. They are their own group.

3.) There is a Minigame where you have to protect the Caesar statue from a Alien until he is reawakened. If you fail that mission, King Caesar is destroyed and will not be able to help you for the rest of the story.

4.) In the Earth Defender event, King Kong will be under mind-control at first. When you are able to break the control, King Kong will join you as an Earth Defender.

5.) You will battle Ebirah in an underwater battle when you play as Godzilla (or any other Water based Monster for that matter) and move from one area to another. I was thinking that it could be a quicktime event where you have to press a specific button when it appears on screen. Those are used a lot lately, so I'm not sure.

6.) The Mutants battle each other as much as they team with each other. They have no problem to betray their partner when they can get some power for it. Remember that when you join them.

Here we go, that are my ideas for a fourth Godzilla game. Some of those need some rethinking (for example, how can Mecha-King Ghidorah still exists while the original one is alive?), but I think it's pretty good. And if there is a problem to secure the license for Gamera and Kong, just take them out. They aren't that relevant to the story.


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I have a question that I wanted to ask you a while ago, in the Godzilla Neo series, how did you and others participate in it? Did you email Matt Frank in private with your ideas or was he the one who contacted you?
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We were sending him notes here on DeviantArt :) However, that was several years ago, where Matt wasn't nearly as busy as he is today. Back then, he had a lot more time to concentrate on Godzilla Neo and answering notes. Today, you can still send him a note, but chances are high that this note could get lost in the huge amount of messages he gets every day. It happened to me too, when I was showing him my progress on the Zone Fighter Neo seasons. He was either not able to answer or didn't see it, which is totally understandable.

So yeah, you could try to send him your ideas through a note here on DeviantArt. Just keep in mind that he is very, very busy. It's not guaranteed that he will be able to answer. Godzilla Neo isn't a very big priority for him anymore. But it never hurts to try :) Just keep your expectations low.
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Thank you!
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You're welcome :)
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I have been reviewing the list of Godzilla-Neo-OFFICIAL-TIMELINE and I am not sure if the following are names of kaijus, if you can confirm and place them
his origin: Gigamass, Barukaudon, Susano-oh's, Scale
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Sure, no problem :)

Gigamass is an invention for Godzilla Neo. In Godzilla vs Mothra (the one from 1992), the Shobijin were telling the human protagonists about a weather machine the Elias race created a long time ago. Matt took this concept of a machine that would alter the enviroment, combined it with Death Ghidorah (as Death Garu Garu, to avoid having another Ghidorah), Dagarla and Razin, who originated from the Godzilla Trading Card Game on Playstation. To give this machine a name, Matt and another member of DeviantArt (whose name I can't remember at the moment) came up with the name Gigamass.

Hmm, I don't remember seeing a kaiju with the name Barukaudon in Neo. Do you mean Barugaron? Because he was also originally from the Trading Card Game, just like Razin.

Susano-oh is a figure of Japanese mythology. He was the hero that defeated Orochi in the legend. The version from Neo is specifically based on the one from the movie Yamato Takeru.

S.C.A.L.E is an acronym and stands for Servants of Creatures Arriving Late to Earth. They are an activist group that was from the Godzilla The Series episode S.C.A.L.E. Their goal is it to free the kaijus kept on Monster Island.
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