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TF2 - The Priorities

Me and rudwolf in Team Fortress 2. True story.

Russian version:…

Thanks to rudwolf for composition idea, playing together and inspiration!
Thanks to SkyWookiee for her help with translation and for the inspiration too.
Medic, Pyro (c) Valve
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Pyro is such a cool class cuz hes good with every class. not to mention I find Pyro adorble

AngelflyXD's avatar
ima true medic, I heal everyone B)

Like that one time with the enemy spy
protvscar's avatar
Oh thanks, haha! :D
ApiApicka's avatar
Poor Pyro... And the best part is that s/he's a really good for Übercharge.
protvscar's avatar
Yep, Medic+Pyro is a great dyad! I really wish to be more deft XD
Delta0dst's avatar
we are the ones helping to keep you safe from rockets, pills (demomans) and spys!
protvscar's avatar
Agreed! Why, normally I always try to help pyros. If I see some. I know how useful they are, 'cause my pyro friend is a real credit to team :)
I guess the main reason medics don't heal pyros is what they're afraid to die. It's very dangerous to be by pyro's side.
Delta0dst's avatar
ok, the danger I'll agree with.
but I'm just saying that medics should heal pyros when they need healing, just like every other class.
protvscar's avatar
No doubt! I've also heard about lack-of-healing problem from my friend pyro.
femmedic's avatar
This is me when I'm the only medic in my team.

I'm sorry pyro..
protvscar's avatar
Oooh yeah... Sweating a little... 
Shadefeather682's avatar
The one downside of Pyro. Being one myself, i know. XD
protvscar's avatar
Poor Pyro... Other shouts are sooo loud. Sweating a little... 
Araceku's avatar
I don't get it D:
protvscar's avatar
It was kinda real dialogue. My friend (played as Pyro) asked me, am I at least trying to help him and failing to do it, or I'm just ignoring Pyro's gibberish calls. I got embarrassed a little, 'cause I really wasn't caring much about my friend while healing other members of my team.
TrebleStudios's avatar
This is really nicely done. The layout of the panels is very interesting, and the coloring is superb.
protvscar's avatar
Thank you very much! Yeah it took me some time to compose :)
InfiniteRespect's avatar
So true. Everyone just screams MEDIC in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GAME MODE.

And then theres just me all liek

Zeruzu's avatar
The worst part of being a Medic is having a Scout shout for you and then rush straight at the enemy Heavy before you get to him so you just stand there and watch him get himself killed. Or have them dance around you and spam the 'e' button so you can't get a lock on them.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother anymore.
protvscar's avatar
Oh I see. As for me, I hate hearing red "medic" calls from far beyond and knowing what I no way can get there in time to help the man. It makes me feel kinda helpless.
Zeruzu's avatar
That is true, most teams could do with at least two medics but if your team already have one, people will just go "Eh, we have one medic but only three snipers guess we need another sniper then".
protvscar's avatar
Hahaha that's so true, we apparently need more snipers at any moment!!! ))
GeneralSnuggles's avatar
I rarely ever play Medic, because (for me, at least) 30% of the time, it's dying, 20% of the time it's wandering around having no idea what to do, and the other 50% is dancing around like an idiot hoping for my Uber to charge.
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