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Time For A Change

By protowilson
Something for the new year. Happy 2009!
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Bwahahahahaa! I just love him. :D
Linstock's avatar
Why haven't I seen this one before? LOL
ringorules's avatar
me: *gives you a hat that says "I love bacon!!"* here, you'll need this!
sonnet394tobrandon's avatar
You've got that pinkie right. :)
REDrosesutcliff17's avatar
Yue: *giggles sweetly* nice look protowilson :giggle:
Me: :rofl:
ILoveSeverusSnape03's avatar
I love how Severus only looks away from his book once the entire time.
ladyAlyafaelyn's avatar
On the contrary, I think the Goblin King would be flattered you tried to keep the 'style around.
But since we're Sev fans, yeah... losing the look was probably good. ;)
Juditangelo's avatar
:rofl: just brilliant!
soda-with-cyanide's avatar
Oooh, shiny! :D
Haha, humorous comics! :rofl:
Katniss-HP-Twilight's avatar
oh noes! you made Snape angry :O
Potter-RocksMySocks's avatar
Padfoot17's avatar
Lol aw that's great! Your comics always make me laugh! Thanx 4 cheering up my day :D
and he's STILL looking at the book! Love it!
HugMonster341's avatar
See not only was he kind enough to give you the new hairstyle you wanted, he also polished your head so it would be extra nice and shiny XD
LadyLagithia's avatar
Ah, I love it! I lve the way you draw him!!!!!!!!!!

*dies laughing*
DelilahKelley's avatar
Kajagoogoo ! OMG, long time I haven't heard that name... back in the early 80s, I was a teenager then...

There again, you're at the receiving end of Severus' wand. You should be careful when dealing with an ex-Death-Eater and still a Dark wizard !

Severus has created a new spell : Capillatumsempra ! Oh well, just having fun...
gethsemane-butler's avatar
Sastre1's avatar
Punshline(punshpicture? oO) = epic *giggles*
And Snapes face at "since Filsh used it as a mob" (<-- :lmao: ) ist just great :giggle:
Xandi5anders's avatar
Lies! Labyrinth never goes out of style!!! *flails*
rocktigerlilly's avatar
OMG your comics are amazing - they are too darn funny! I almost spilled my water on my new screen.... "hides waterbottle in corner"
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