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And it is.
I was so angry that I couldn't get this done in time.
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YukiHoshi2012's avatar
How your draw is amazing. *-* and his smile at the end~ *faint* :D 
AnnastasiaCooper's avatar
honestly? I had to sign up on deviantart do watch this?
nevermind. I love your artwork, it is amazing and always a highlight of the every-day - day.
I like the way you draw the faces. It is really amazing.
protowilson's avatar
Book7BrokeMyBrain's avatar
Finally found your DA account.  Love it.
These are wonderfully funny, but this one is stirring up all the feels.  I'm a Snupiner, and seeing Sev at fifty, getting gifts to remind him that time is flying, I really wish that he'd just give it up to Lupin already.  Makes me sad for them both.  *sigh*  I love the little daisy touching him at the end.  There's hope....
WayInOverMyHead's avatar
OMG!!! In this house we've actually given gifts like this to each other as a gag. One of my best friends put an AARP magazine, denture grip, and liniment in a gift bag two birthdays ago. After chasing her round the house, I laughed for five minutes.
sonnet394tobrandon's avatar
The last 4, oh, I wanna hug him! And you look adorable in the whole set!
Homssuinen's avatar
Aaaaw... Snape and flower <3
thanhthuy624's avatar
oh.... the last pic is so cute!!!
AWishInTheNight's avatar
madamenanas's avatar
Love the last 4 panels! Too sweet.

Oh you, I fear I am now addicted to your comics. So full of love for them I am! :flirty:
Another great one.
catluvr2's avatar

The last panel is so sweet.

PirateFairy's avatar
y he so old...? is this 13 years after books as though he no die..? cuz he die at 37.... XD
ClopinKingOfGypsies's avatar
he died at 38 his birthday was January 9th he died in June of 1998 and was born Jan 1960
Leona1981's avatar
Great! As always!
MermaidPrincessLJ's avatar
OMG! I must use this in a fic I'm making! :D
Death2Falsemetal's avatar
Aw, that last panel was nice.

Dr. R J Lupin.... amazing... :D
Victoria-the-witch's avatar
The end is so moving! Sorta...
lily-fox's avatar
AW SHYIT, you went there! It's a genuine smile. And now everybody's gonna know how sweet your real intentions are.

Not to keep repeating myself, but goddamn, your expressions. I wish I had like a magnet set of them.
booknerd94's avatar
i like the flower at the end!
Hussygirlfreak's avatar
but you know, snape isn't fifty - he might act like it but he's at least five years younger then lucius malfoy (due to the fact that said malfoy was a prefect when snape was sorted) and in the order of the phoenix, it says that malfoy is 41.
So Snape's still in his mid-thirty's no?
AangAddict's avatar
Mafer-Potter's avatar
He was fifty for the time this comic was made.. He was born in 1960. ^^
StellaLupin's avatar
Was *everything* in the box from Remus or was something from you?*looks at flower* lol
kowalski2m's avatar
XD :crazy:
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