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What can I say that I can not say the image itself? If you have done in 30 minutes this drawing with very delicate strokes and that ref...

I'm shocked = D It is a very good drawing <D I like how you have designed it, how you have executed it in the colors, in the illuminati...

You have achieved a great design bird, anatomically excellent, with a dignified expression of the birds but something fun if you see it...

This character design is well done, very alive and intense. Similar in particular to the protagonist of "A Clockwork Orange". There is ...


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Hi to all, friends =)

Welcome to this section that will show a project in Comics/ Mangas:
-Hokago Proto T
If you feel like talking to me, feel comfortable that I will try to answer you as soon as possible and if you are Spanish speaking, also feel comfortable talking to me in that language :meow:

Feel comfortable talking to me. Enjoy the Comic and my works, Main characters of my dreams =D

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Hi all! Welcome and welcome to 2019 or 2018 if you continue reading it or 2020 if you see it next year Happy Dance 

Many things have happened for so many years: THERE have been so many fantastic things, like Infinity War, my education in the art school, the things I did in DA, the great progress I made in my comics ...

happy cry XD 

But I think that despite my vacations, other personal things have seized me a lot of time. And as I want to close this year in a very happy way, I will tell you 8 of my Anime Movies that I love and taking advantage of that I am a good consumer of Anime. If there is a movie that is not in the Top and you like it, put it and recommend it in the comment box.

WARNING! It will not be in order of which is better or not. It's just a rejunte of those Pelis

1) Kimi no na wa: Your Name.

The first heavyweight of the Top: A great movie of biblical proportions that I had the fortunate day of seeing it in the movies and at the same time that Argentina qualified for the World Cup 2018 and Chile was out.

Your Name is about two guys: Taki, a guy who has a normal life in the city and Mitsuha, a girl who wants to live in the big city, but is tied to the traditions of his family. The fact is that by a turn of destiny, at certain hours in a certain time they exchange minds. That is, they do not change their bodies, but their minds are transferred.

Throughout the film is developing this carnival of confusions, how the story is progressing, in how the duo becomes endearing and as well as it, there is a turn of events that completely changes the paradigm. Seriously: Never in my life have I shouted so much with a 360° turn and that, in addition, it proves without a doubt that Japanese Animated Cinema is totally impressive and challenging.

With an impressive animation and ending with the anecdote that once I dreamed that I was in a movie theater and at the doors were posted posters similar to the movie and that upon entering, I start days before I learned of his arrival in Argentina, Your Name is without doubt, a worthy masterpiece that must have won the Oscar instead of Zootopia. Mind you, I'm not saying Zootopia is a bad movie because it's very good, but I think Your Name should have that recognition as in the Spirited Away in its time <)

2) Koe no Katachi: A Silent Voice

Another movie that I also had the good fortune to watch on the big screen and I felt totally captivated in how they handled the story. So much so that I even cry with it: It is because it is one of those movies that reach your soul and without Vaseline.

Try Shota, a boy who makes life impossible for his partner Shoko, which is deaf-mute. As it happens in time, it is understood how, going from being a garbage person to someone responsible, he will try to ask for the forgiveness of a flood Shoko; Even if it concerns facing your past self.

Although this film is not a sea of ​​tears because it is a very balanced Slice of Life, it explains how you can live a normal life with deaf-mute, how you can regret discrimination, how you feel the compassion of your fellow human beings, the like a boy that looks for the friendship of the girl in spite of that this one offered its friendship him and as it rejected it, the great variety of personages and histories that complement the argument and endow it of pure naturalness. It does not seem like an animated movie, it seems like a bibliography of something that happened in real life.

An example of how you have to make films that deal with these sensitive issues <)

3) DBZ: The Invincible Power

It was SUPER OBVIOUS that this titanic work will appreciate there. DBZ is perhaps the Universal Anime par excellence and it would be insulting not to put at least one of your movies on the list. The first, which is the Turles, I did not really like that we say because the plot was poor and very poorly balanced, coming to sin boring. The third included Bojack and Janemba. Spectacular, without a doubt. Forgetting to put together a plot to give fights and fights and fights.

And it is precisely where the second enters, that it undoubtedly shows the power of how a violent, aggressive and epic film is made. Broly. It is a registered trademark in violence. The way they fight, the way the combat develops, even the plot over the Planet Neo Vejita. Broly's past, the way it develops, the far-fetched nature of his relationship with Goku ...

Of the three that arrived, it is the only one that balances an entertaining plot and an E-P-I-C fight! THIS... Without fear of being wrong... THE BEST fight in the history of Dragon Ball Z, in General.

Movie overload known, overload beloved, impressive animation that is felt in 4K, the dubbing in Spoanichde Broly; The only bad would be the dubbing because Mario Castañeda was not dubbling Goku in Spanish, a shame. But I'll just say that I'm looking forward to Dragon Ball Super: Broly. My movie has already approved that movie. See the first of Broly if you can and for dessert, the 2 of Cooler, the third movie of Bojack and Janemba, and Battle of Gods;)

4) Saint Seiya: Shinku no Shōnen Densetsu

Saint Seiya are the only ones that face DBZ. Do you think those were Naruto and One Piece? No, man xD

So the logic wins again and the most remembered and acclaimed movie of this fantastic Anime is that of Abel. She had not even been around for 3 years, so she did not watch it at the movies, but if she could, she hired on VHS whenever she could to that masterpiece of animation, plot, fights and how the character develops Abel: Wanting to eradicate humanity by principles that we do not understand, but if we would understand if we were gods. He is not a bad guy who wants "TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE WORLD".

It is the first time that Seiya is seen defeated, it is the first time that the Gold Trio comes to be seen, it is the first time that a Pure God is faced by a mortal, how the battles unfold despite the exaggerated amount of Classic and new characters like the Corona Trio. And although the dubbing changed drastically, it is spectacular in how the replacements gave it to the cast. And although there was a redub with the Original voices... It is not the same.

I recommend watching her to watch as the voice that replaces Seiya in the movie puts heart and soul into the character. Undoubtedly, the worthy replacement of the great Jesus Barredo, whose legacy is being violated by an impure fetus that is about to fold in the Cagada Netflix parity.

5) My Hero Academia: Two Heroes 

YEAH! YEAH! FUCK, YEAH!!! I look at the cinema and I do not regret anything. I read the Manga and I still do not watch the Anime. Logic? On vacation xD

And it is that this film is impressive visually: It is about a day that Deku and lllll Might go to an island for the Expo Heroes and how they cross with an old ally of All Might in their days of youth. Throughout the film, something that I missed in this genre comes back: The bad guys arrive, they take the advantage to the good ones, there is a goal in a certain level, they go by in group in level, some bad guys arrive separately, they separate, they fight, they give power, the climax arrives, the good ones win ...

Yep. His plot is well Shonen, but FUCK: I was excited with every scene of action and fight that was executed, the movie in general is impressive at visual levels and is enjoyed more if you read or watch Manga or Anime. The final fight and how the audience in the room shouted: "DETROIT SMASH" as if it were the new "KAME HAME HA!" says it all. They even clapped like crazy and I, for my part, did not want the movie to end. I just happened with a movie too and it's called Infinity War.

Hopefully Cartoon Network will stop giving Fucking Garbage like Ben 10 and get to get the rights of My Hero Academia in Spanish <D

6) Robotech Macross: Do You Remember Love?

We are at a totally surrealist level: How can you summarize a part of Robotech, which would be the Macross Saga and re-imagine it to unbeatable points. That's what Do You Remeber Love does: Rewrite the Original story and adapt it to the length of the movie. It is very complete, it is noted that sacrifice argument and skip several events and summarize them in several cases were for good.

Rick Hunter is very different from the Original Series, but at least he keeps the essence. The same Lisa Hayes, the same Roy Focker, the same Zentraedi, even Mimmay sings well for the first time in his fucking life. And I say it since the song that sings about the end is EPIC to the ears, and in glorious Japanese. And her songs in English are trash, to the point that she expected a death from her in the Original xD series

If you did not see the Macross Saga, you got lucky because this movie does not bore and keeps you hooked. There is no censorship, everything is explicit, something that was not shown in the Original series. It reaches these limits to the point that you are concerned about the Original characters and the passion that you feel both in the Original dubbing and in the two in Spanish that you have. The only downside is that they could use the Original cast, just repeat Roy Folcker in the Original voice.

And the most impressive and without a doubt is the grace and glory is your Animation and Soundtrack: HOW MANY YEARS DO I DO THAT ANIMATION SO DETAILED AND LIVING AND THAT OST WHICH MADE MADE BY HANS ZIMMER?: Things like these would seem never to be repeated in the history. Watch it: They will not be repeated and more if you are in HD on a SmartTV. I guarantee them.

7) Akira

THERE IS NO EXCUSE! YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT IT IF OR IF! (Because in part, it's on NetflixD).

Akira is a referendum to the Western Anime: It was thanks to this that the Anime in General was introduced in full along with DBZ and the Animes litter of that time and the first thing that stands out is in the production: It is perhaps the most Epic Animation and Orgasm that has existed in history and that is a movie of the late 80's. What's up?

The scene of the race of motorcycles that there is at the beginning is a sample of how animation is done with music that is formed in a precise way. Thanks to his protagonist: Shotaro Kaneda, in which his friend: Tetsuo Shima, receives an unknown power and makes everyone around him tremble.

The story is brutal, the environment where it develops is magnificent and in addition to all, the Climax is impressive because it gives the feeling of looking at another life at that time, something like if you saw a movie in the style of the Godfather.

But what consecrates it the most is in its legacy: It is perhaps the most important cult film of the Anime because it failed brutally in the box office, but the passage through the West, which caused the Anime genre to be born in these lands and for the admiration that This story is magnified, Akira also remains with the recognition of inspiring Ghost in the Shell: Another CyberPunk cult movie where there are.

8) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char´s Counterattack

This movie could define it in a phrase that Dross said some time ago: "It's like the cars and not knowing the Ferraris."

That's Char's Counterattack to the Mecha genre: Its plot is directly, the end of the rivalry between Amuro Ray: Pilot of the Gundam and Char Aznable, one of the most majestic villains in the history of the Anime and that makes Light Yagami pale. The magic that permeates a single character is magnificent and it shows in their motivations, in their actions, in their justifications... Everything that is jesticulated is authentic and helps in having seen before Gundam and Z Gundam to understand the context in Trilogia what what this Filmatic Event supposes.

Char's Counterattack raises moral issues, psychology of characters taken to the extreme, the great battle between Nyu Gundam and Sazabi that could be the best fight of Mechas in terms of everything that came and how it came... I'm a Fan of Gundam since I looked at Gundam Wing and see this movie I honestly did not expect anything and how I ended up liking the Anime more than ever...

I am not ashamed to admit that I like Gundam more than Evangelion. That's right: First look at Gundam and Z Gundam to fully enter the movie and there you will know the magic it can offer, something similar to reading the entire Stephen King's Bibliography before entering the Dark Tower.

I'll just say that the other later Gundam films... They are not as good, as Gundam F91: I consider a very mediocre Peli, with a very summarized plot and a horrible rhythm. And as for Gundam 00: The Movie, it's great, but... It's not Char and where is Char, which takes away the rest xD

Well, that's all...

Thank you very much for everything in this year 2018. Let us hope for a very prosperous 2019 and that you all have a great time with your loved ones. I never made this type of Tops in DA, so if they like me they can ask me for another and that's not all: I send you a great hug and sun salute for the year 2019

Atte. ProtoTEnterprise 
Thumbs Up [F2U] 


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