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Scylla by ProtoScene Scylla by ProtoScene
Kingdom Hearts Character Information


Name (last, first): Grand, Scylla

Nickname(s): Scyle ( why? because she's clumsy and sometime scatter-brained)

Age: 17

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: January 21 1994

Life Story: Scylla is one of many orphans in The World the Never Was. After Sora and Riku defeated Xemnas The World that Never Was was vacant and had no existing population on the surface because of the out-break of Neo-Shadow Heartless and Countless Dusks Seeking the hearts of the brave and foolish who dare get in their way. Scylla and Gale are close friends and end up finding a secret source of light under Memory's SkyScrapper and both friend accidentally absorbs it and are now Keyblade weilders. Although, not knowing how to use their KeyBlade they have heard legends of them from a time where a battle happend at whats called The KeyBlade Graveyard....After learning of this they set out on a journey to find out why Keyblades were made and for what purpose do they hold in life....

About Him/Her: Likes to eat, read and draw

Personality: Scatter-Brained

Good Habit(s): Helping others before her self

Bad Habit(s): Biting Fingernails

Like(s): Gale

Dislike(s): Organization XIII Remnants

Hobbies: Drawing Gale and her together.

Fear(s): Heights

Strength(s): Illusions

Weakness(es): Earth based magic

Special Powers/Abilities: KeyBlade X-Drive (switches form)

Dreams and Talents: To be an Artist

Ambition/Life-long Dream: To be with Gale.

Occupation/Job: nothing at the time.

Best Class(es):

Worst Class(es):

Family and Friends Gale (only friend)

Parent(s): --

Sibling(s): Scyra


Pet(s): Moshie the Chinchilla

Best Friend(s): Gale

Friend(s): Gale

Crush(es): Gale

Rival(s): Vivien

Enemies: Vivien

Kingdom Hearts Information


What type are you? KeyBlader

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: average

Blood Type: O

Height: 5-6

Weight: 99

Outfit(s): Green Jacket with green scarf,Green Skirt and Grey Boots

Accessories: Scarf

Makeup: none(hates makeup)

Scent: cherries :D

Hairstyle(s): Short hair

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: non

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: Fight and Away

Favorite Food(s): Danishes

Favorite Color(s): Green(obviously)

Favorite Number(s): 6

Favorite Season(s): winter

Favorite Holiday(s): 4th of July

Favorite Time of Day: IDK


What would you like to happen? [Any specific ideas? Anything particular that you'd like to happen? It can just be a word, too. Something for me to work from.]:

Character Opinions

Good Guys

Warriors of Light

Sora: Cool but not as cool as Gale

Riku: >_> pretty boy...

Kairi: ^_^ Cute

Donald: Adorable!!

Goofy: Funny

King Mickey:


Ansem the Wise: Smarty

Naminé: Kairi?

Roxas: ....Sora?

Terra: Epic..

Ven: Roxas!?

Aqua: (Wants to be like her)

Bad Guys

Organization XIII

Xemnas:....>_> Ass h*le

Xigbar: >_> One Eyed Freak

Xaldin: Crazy hair guy....

Vexen: Mad man!!

Lexaeus: Did he use to much Bo-flex?

Zexion: Emo....//_^

Saix: O_O puppy!!

Axel: Sexy B****

Demyx: Slacker...

Luxord: hard to beat in poker...

Marluxia: girly

Larxene: Psycho B****

Xion: Luvs her.

Master Xehanort:....nuff said...

Disney Villains

Maleficent: ugly...

Pete: uglier

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