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Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy Color

By Protokitty
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Commission work.
Photoshopped over markers.

This was a fun job.
Created for Michael Finn's One minute Later Commissions.
The idea being to depict the scene of a cover one minute later, in this case The Amazing Spider-Man #144

You can see the original marker version here.

Created 4-9-12.
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Beautiful work! <3

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It's definitely a shame when she died!!!! But, amazing job anyway!!!
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Freaking awesome I love Gwen my favorite female in all marvel comics!
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Just a note to everyone, the real Gwen Stacy HATES spider-man
Jell-o-Emperor's avatar
She hates Spiderman, but she Loves Peter Parker.
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a classic moment between spidey and his first love :la:
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This is just gorgeous! :love: Gorgeous gorgeous beautiful!
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This is so perfect :D you're an amazing artist (:
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*sigh* If only she hadn't hated Spider-Man, I might have been able to like her and Peter as a couple. But this picture is still amazing.
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Well, she had reason enough for that hatred.
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Because she THOUGHT he'd killed her father.

Well, if Peter had just told her who he was, it wouldn't have happened. Actually, his whole system of not telling his family bothers me. Because they'll be safer if they're aware of the possible danger. Not blindly walking into a situation with no idea. Like one issue of Ultimate Spider-Man - if Peter had told Aunt May the truth, he wouldn't have come home to find her getting into a limo sent by Norman Osbourn. This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.
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I know. I suspect the rationale is 'they would worry'/'they might give the game away'.
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I can see that... but as far as I've seen, when Aunt May knows, things are not only easier for Peter, but she's more cautious, so she's safer. 
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I'd agree, but Peter is, well, Peter.
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Great job, Spiderman is one my favorites heroes, but I never like Mary Jane, before or after the Raimi Movies, I always like Gwen Stacy, is shame that Stan Lee kill her, she is much better pairing to Peter Parker.

More after that Mary Jane divorce Peter because she cant stand the life of Spiderman (old comics, not Ultimate Spiderman or the comics that apear after Raimi movies), never the less, is really good that fanfiction exist, because that would never happend in comics or cartoon without killing Gwen.
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now thats the real anime spiderman right there, epic anime art mate, very amazing
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beautiful! the colors and shading are great and the physique (of both Spidey and Gwen) are perfect! nicely done! :D
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