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Black Canary

By Protokitty
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Drawn and sold at NYCC 2012.
Done in copic markers, ink, charcoal and oil pencils.

There were quite a few sketches I did at NYCC and forgot to scan or take a photo of it. Fortunately the person who purchased this one scanned and put it online.

Created 10-13-12.
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Wow, Canary looks so hot.
She is one of my favorite comic babes.
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We are not worthy of this slayage, you slayed it, this is the best Black Canary sketch ever.
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What an artist! I admire you!
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I really love it! =D
Nice pic ^^
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Very beautiful... I have never a fan of the character but this drawing really makes me want to read her comics...
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Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
All your work is great but this one in particular stands out to me.
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This is awesome. Good job.
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Beautiful work!
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Oh wow she's beeeauuuuuutiful!!!
I love your style and everything looks so clean and deliberate, like you were tracing an image in your mind. Thanks for sharing this :)
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Oh wow, I really think that your art style is what I'd like to be able to do one day. The clean lines and colors all look amazing!
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That was commissioned for meeee!! :D :D That was my husband who came up and made puppy eyes, and she's *breathtaking*. <3 Thank you SO much! XD
studmuffintommee's avatar
one of the best art for the canary i've ever seen...
icedragon97's avatar

Super Great job!
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Is she some OC of yours or just a random character? She's incredibly charming <3
Smokingbomber's avatar
That's Dinah Laurel Lance, Black Canary! XD
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Sorry ^^'
I've check it and I like your versione more :D
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Another masterpiece! :heart:
TeenTitansMan's avatar
Nicely done. Your facial features are something to be admired.
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