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Batwoman Portrait

By Protokitty
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My attempt at "Speed" painting which wasn't really that speedy as it took a day and a half to do. I'm planning to do a larger spread piece,so this is sort of a study piece of the character. I just love her costume design, the color scheme is so simple yet powerful.

Created 5-22-10.
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That's an awesome Batwoman
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So beautiful the red coming out of the black, very classy piece.
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Haha.  Your definition of "speed" painting sounds like mine. XD

Beautiful line work.  I like how softly you portrayed the hair and skin against the harder lines of her costume.  The background subtly contributes to the image to bring it forward as well.
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Most beautiful and absolute favorite Batwoman art I have ever seen! The colors, detail, face....It's all perfect. Great work!
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Stunning piece. Probably the first image of Batwoman I can say I love.
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Now this is a cool piece. You do some amazing stuff
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This is definitely one of the most beautiful Batwoman pieces I have ever come across. Would love to have a print of this in my collection. Well done!
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This is the best bat woman,art I have ever seen B)
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This is so cool. I love this piece.
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I love the colors... only thing that needs an improvement is her hair! (but that's just me) :)
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Simple and extremely beautiful!
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This is absolutely gorgeous
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Beautiful. Love the fieriness of her hair and the echo of it in the background (as if her hair is lighting up the darkness.)
Also I like the way the cape attaches here better than the comic version.
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I love her!! <3_<3
Well done :]
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OMG, this one is amazing. i love the character and this rendition is stunning!
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This is so incredibly beautiful! Batwoman has quickly become one of my favourite characters at DC and I am so impressed by the way you've drawn her here. You've worked the simplicity of her costume (which IMO is what makes it so great) and heightened that by blending it in with the background. It makes the bat on her chest stand out that much more. Kate looks gorgeous here and I love how creamy her skin looks. It's very soft. The shiny areas on her mask and lips add so much depth to this piece. Lastly, I love the way you've done her hair. It's almost smoky! Very nice!
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I love this Batwoman!
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Wow really love this!
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I really like this one. There is almost a pulpy feel to this one that grabs me and won't let me look away. Excellent work!
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Very nice.The black and red contrast is awesome.
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This is gorgeous, I love the highlights you've got here. It's a very simplistic but smooth style; great job. :D
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