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New to the species? Here you will find links to all relevant information from MYO creation to lore and worldbuilding!

Intro to ProtokerosProtokeros are a semi-open species by StarkindlerStudio
Originally conceptualized for a custom D&D campaign, they have been incorporated as an affiliate species with Wildling-Unicorns
Getting Started:
What do I mean by semi-open species? You are allowed to create your own Protokeros, but you must follow some guidelines!
1. You must be part of the group :iconprotokeros:
2.You must strictly adhere to the species guide!
3. You may only initially create up to TWO Protokeros. Any others can only be obtained through purchased/earned MYO slots through events, or customs and adopts made by StarkindlerStudio
4. You must submit your design/lore to the "Awaiting Approval" folder before attempting registration. StarkindlerStudio will need to approve your design/lore, at which point you will be assigned a number.
5. Once your design is approved, you must use one of the registration templates and submit your Protokeros to the "
Protokeros Species Guide by StarkindlerStudio Protokeros Class System by StarkindlerStudio Atuannar by StarkindlerStudio Pantheon of Atuannar:pearl bullet: Greater Gods :pearl bullet: 
Diamond Bullet Royal Purple  Thyra- The first of the gods, Thyra is worshiped by all. Her domains are war, power, and life, this includes fertility and childbirth. Thyra is a stern and wrathful goddess, valuing conviction, strength, and initiative. She frowns upon running from a fight, believing one should meet their foes head on without fear or shame. Despite her violent and aggressive nature, she does believe that there is no point to war without peace. She is very protective of the lesser goddess, Epione. Her symbol is a gold sun over a field of red. She resembles a unicorn.
Diamond Bullet Royal Purple  Verum- The second of the gods, Verum is worshiped by all as Thyra's equal. His domains are Time, Death, and the Arcane. He is the shepherd of Protokeran souls, guiding them to their rightful
An ongoing masterlist of Protokeros and their owners. Numbers 001-008 are among the very first Protokeros ever created, and will exist in the past according to current lore. Every Protokeros after 009 is second generation or younger.

001 Prometheus Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
002 Andromeda Shadoweave NoxxPlush
003 Chromius Hammerfel 
004 Eris Farstrider Rannarbananar
005 Demetrios Silvercloak RottingRoot
006 Airlea Featherfall 
007 Erxandros Swiftfoot 
008 Kallisto Snowhide AlchemillaVulgaris
009 Rigela Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
010 Arcturus Hammerfel StarkindlerStudio
011 Aramis Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
012 Amalthea Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
013 Aurora Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
014 Arcas Silverwind
015 Miriel Archer
016 Caelum Silverwind StarkindlerStudio
017 Jade Emberforge NauticalWheeler
018 Sama'el EternaNyx-Art 
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NasaChan Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Student General Artist
So if there is major gods is their minor gods?
StarkindlerStudio Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, there is an entire pantheon! I just haven't finished them or released the information yet! :)