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me love - love me - fs sprd 01

By protogeny
hi there !!
another photoshoot for Cosmo Girl Indonesia, February 09 fashion spread

Model : Yuliya Karaleva
Make up : Billy Arya
Stylist : Anindita Saryuf
Ass. Stylist : Thya, Novi
Ass. Photographer : Pramono Prakoso, Shadtoto Prasetio
Wardrobe : (see full detail in Cosmo Girl Feb 09 edition)
Location : Kedai, Jalan Benda (Thanks to Tika for this)

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I love the font of me, love, love, me! Does anyone know what font that is???
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Featured here -> [link] :heart:

(please fav the news article to get more attention )
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Love this shot!
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foto bang toyib juga keren getohh loch..hohoho
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ditaaaa getohhh lochhh !!! hehehehe
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that's so cute!
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Keren pak boss :)

Top dah
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Keren !!! fav !!! boncu !!
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smakin membuatku kagum :p
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keren abis bosss
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Tonenya de'best..... :D
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harus di fav lagi.....
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I love this photoshoot
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instant fav ........................ juara kelas belel
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I love this one :)

:D :D
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ngeseeeelinnnnnnnnnnnnn huh
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