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Groudon vs Kyogre

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Published: May 10, 2014
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i often think about this

fan made audio version:…

Also please don't use this comic as a means to discuss how one pokemon would kick the other's ass or whatever. This is a joke comic, it'd be best if you didn't read too much into it, especially without fact checking.

Edit: I'm being serious, from now on, anyone who comments on who would beat who, or what is better than what will have their comment hidden and they will be blocked. This comic was a joke, and wasn't meant to make any kind of statement, this isn't a place for you to argue with each other about type advantages and solarbeams.
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Someone make a short sfm on this:XD:
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The real question should be why are Kyogre and Groudon daring to continue their fight with the Pokemon that broke Smogon Ubers =P
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This has the same energy as when Zuko challenged Katara to a battle on a glacier
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If this was my brothers Kyogre, the battle would probably go something like Kyogre used rain dance. Groudon used earthquake. Kyogre uses Thunder. Groudon faints from laughter.
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cherrycherry98Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why does this remind me of Dobbs XD XD XD XD
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MasonIllustrationHobbyist Digital Artist
It gave me a nice laugh, thank you for that. Nice one! :D
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The-Ticklish-DragonHobbyist Photographer
Kyogre would...

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rexthebraveHobbyist Artist
To me Pokemon x and y to Ruby and sapphire both red Pokemon are like angry/pissed off and flails in blind rage while the blue Pokemon are more intelligent looking and almost always outsmarts their rival...
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ASimpleCrowHobbyist Digital Artist
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Rayqauza requests you switch to Geico. O  R    E  L  S  E.
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aleasha13Hobbyist General Artist
On YouTube, I saw someone sub this.
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MegaZygardeStudent Digital Artist
Groudon=😡 kyogre=😐
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Pac-Man357Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like Groudon needs a trip to Alola!
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That third scene is perfect.
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CrystalFury2662Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dobbs much? This is still funny tho
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This was made LOOOOOOOONG before Dobbs ever uttered this. 
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Snowfox-AngelHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha this is simply so funny XD
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lati-madiHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay.. who vows to get the Snickers for Groudon?
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TheWildWinechesterHobbyist Digital Artist
*Raises Hand*
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