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Death's Nuzlocke: What's to come



Okay, at first this was meant to be a titlepage of sorts, since I didn't have one before, BUT the way that I structured it all didn't look like a kind of titlepage format to me AT ALL.

To summarize WHY I did this, basically I finished some essay crap, and my free time opened up. In the time that I wasn't doing any updates really, EVERYONE ELSE SEEMED TO BE. So I'd look over the pages that people uploaded, and some older ones too, and I started to feel left out... Not only that, but to me, the quality of art and storytelling FREAKIN' SKYROCKETED, and I feel like I've been left behind...

This upload is a mixture of me trying to establish a change of pace sort of. I've already been planning on my own boost in the overall quality of my comic, and no matter how many 'It's fine!"s I might get, I'm still gonna do it D:<

I also wanted to practice with a new style of colouring/shading that I discovered before in my LAST upload > [link] . Though, I don't think I was FULLY able to use that again... kinda like a one off, you know?

Anyway, I planned to give a few hints at the direction the plot's going, BUT be warned, there are a few parts to this picture I added with the simple intention of throwing you off (basically fake spoilers). So enjoy your theory storming!

Link to my Nuzlocke comic.

Link to the comic on the forums.
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