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UXTheme Patcher For Windows 10


This uxtheme patcher is easy and auto so you just need to download and install it, then restart your OS and enjoy new themes!

Operating System Support:
Windows 10 RS2\RS3\RS4\RS5\19H1|19H2

Visit Download Page: 

UXThemePatcher For Windows 10 

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How to install this software on Windows version 1511?

my windows10 home version is 1703 and until nw I didnt found any patcher that work  in order to modifie themes...any suggestion,link,help?...Thanks! ^_^
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is 1511 and 10586 the same?
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is 1511 and 10586 the same?
Can you please update it for Windows 10 Creator Update
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not work in v1607 Aniversary update ...
do you can update app
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not work and china virus ><
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same build. not working :(
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hola, cuando hago el tutorial de los dll esta todo bien, pero cuando intento cambiar el tema windows se cuelga y se va a la pantalla de bloqueo, me pide la clave y nunca entra...
seria como un boot loop

win 10 pro - 1511 - 10586.318


hello, when I tutorial dll's all right, but when I try to change the subject windows crashes and goes to the lock screen, ask me the key and never comes ...
serious as a boot loop

Win 10 pro - 1511 - 10586,318
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djtatto necesitas restaurar los archivos DLL que reemplazaste, para eso necesitas algun sistema operativo live o vivo para hacer el cambio, pues algunas veces las versiones DLL no coinciden con las que se tienen instalados (ya me paso varias veces), hasta que no exista un parche para tu version en especifico es mejor no "moverle" al sistema, pues ocasiona muchos dolores de cabeza.
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So I did manually but when I install theme nothing changed. . . why is that?
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aero mod comes with this patch?
not work in 11099
not work in 11099 :(
It doesn't work on 10586.164 :(
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kribor (or anyone else) did you have any success getting it to work on 10586.164?
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