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Fluent Design VS

By protheme
Fluent Design System
for windows 10
to use this theme first you need to install uxthemepatcher
then copy theme files to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and apply it from Personalize.
to remove ribbon you need to use ONE:…
icons and wallpaper added on pakage and for installing icons just rename it to .exe and run it
Hope you like it and enjoy!
base theme by deredrosid

Fluent Design Icon

© 2017 - 2021 protheme
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My Virusscanner destroy this document. Can't even finish downloading the file how come?

Anti-viruses sometimes trigger a false positive. It does that because it's not securely modifying an object.

bro unfollow protheme he integrates keyloggers in his download files that steal you passwords

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I hope we can use this on 1903 :) 
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Any chance of this working on 1809?
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I have that same question @hs1987

Anyway to get the black part to blur/transparent effect on it?
Altrath's avatar
there is no way of making the bar independetly transparent though you can make the whole explorer transparent
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How do I remove the command bar up top?…
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Good job! but is this work on windows 10 version 1709?
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nice work,i'll  try this
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Would you mind sending me just the .ico files for the the icons? I really love them!
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its on the pakage
Kraven-Concepts's avatar
I mean like just the .ico files, not in a .exe
Because I have files like these…
that I want to add them to.
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Thank you so much!
why it doesnt look lkie yours? am i missing any settings?
screenshot attached…
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you need to resize tree view panel
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move your mouse pointer on this area and when your mouse pointer icon changed to resize icon the move it to resize
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where can i find the icons on the bottum of the screen
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