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A Windows 7 theme inspired by Gnome 3

Minor fixes

Includes styles for:
Windows 7

[0.9.7] Updated the Firefox style to work with the newest versions (v29+ iirc). Haven't found a way to change the tabs yet, but it's better than nothing ;). Also includes fix for the whitespace issue in aimp.
[0.9.6] Taskbar thumbnail preview selection colors and some other very minor things
[0.9.5] Alternative version with titlebar
[0.9] Fixed the start menu. Taskbars should now look good with large icons or when placed vertically (altough for now I had to compromise on the start buttons for large icons). Also, chrome theme :).
[0.8.1] Fix for Firefox urlbar
[0.8] Initial Release
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There is a Daft-lover! Amazing theme Wink/Razz 
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hi, quick question... how do you make the selected bar on the "side pane" go to the very edge?
Really nice theme, Would be possible to release it for windows 8.1 :)?
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how to apply this theme for my computer?
what should i do
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Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for making my desktop look amazing!
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This exact theme but with a black version of the non-glass window borders would be the perfect theme. So close...
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I have a question. Where did you get those Taskbar icons?
I love this skin so much, but I am unable to use it as I am running windows 8.1. Do you see yourself patching this to other OS' besides Windows 7?
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This is absolutely rad. Very nice. Thank you!

Only question though: any idea on how to get rid of this? Borders and the top bar still showing, which I can live with; just rather would not. :)…
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It's a caching error, try switching theme logging out and back in and then switching back. If that doesn't work, reinstall uxstyle
absolutely a classy theme, nice work mate!
Please make a basic version of the titlebar theme
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There is an alternate titlebar included actually :)
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Love the little flap with the "x" on it :P
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how do i install the Firefox theme?
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look the close button is flying away.
back in the cage ! bad birdie ! bad birdie !

hate the icons, love the skin. way to go.
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Can I ask what program you used to get the brilliant font rendering shown in your preview?
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i'm curious about how you tweak your navigation pane (favorite, library) became like that (places and etc)
can you share the way how to do that??
I know this is stupid, because a lot of work went into hiding the title bar but... is there a version actually WITH title bar? All other things in theme are simply awesome, just without the bar I can't see the document names and I use it too often when editing files. I also see that the base theme is some dark grey one - is this accessible? thanks for great work!
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There is a version with titlebar included, I think it's still missing the text though... Easiest way to get around it would be to uninstall the blank font. Alternatively, turning off grouping on the taskbar works really well.
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What version of firefox you use?
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I haven't in about:config  this
And how I install the theme? 
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