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Applejack Pony Only
Well, well, well by AndoAnimalia
Blep life by kuren247
Applejack as Jax by chanyhuman
Applejack looking back teary-eyed by AndoAnimalia
Applejack Pony with up to 3 friends
MLP FIM 11th Anniversary by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
3th anniversary!!! by TheRETROart88
Commission - DarviJack's Gala - Part 4: Rainbow by Gutovi
Commission - DarviJack's Gala - Part 3: Twilight S by Gutovi
Applejack Pony with Canon Family
Apples n Oranges by kindheart525
Edith Smith by JowyB
One last day together. by oldskullkid
Happy Mother's Day by MrKat7214
Applejack Pairings
Road to Hell by Rikina92
ApplePie by MrKat7214
Pitfalls and satisfactions of love by Rikina92
Commission - Pony Holiday by EpicSubterfuge
Applejack fanchild
MLP [Next Gen] Apple Family portrait by VelveagicSentryYT
Sweet Leaves [CrystalVerse Next Generation] by SportyBubbles
Apple 'Tree' Jacqueline (Solstice-Verse) by TheArtisticPixelBit
Try by kindheart525
Anthro Applejack
MLP FIM - Anthro Applejack Working by Joakaha
:COMM: Nature Mares by LupiArts
My little pony. Collage. Applejack by Josef1ld

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Applejack by DDarkHorse
Human Applejack
Rarity Rainbow dash Applejack: summer warm photo by TheRETROart88
Mistress Wondrous, The Heroine of Truth by INCREDIBLE-BRAY
Rainbow Dash's RX-7 vs Fluttershy's AE86 Remaster by B0TP0stalDUD3
Do You Ship Rarijack by kTd1993
Animation and games
Wire Applejack rotation Animation by Malte279
Applejack by Skitsroom
Applejack Show Off by Matchstickman1
Starch foam Applejack animation by Malte279
Why Me!? - Twilight Sparkle Ending - 06 by Gutovi
Why Me!? - Twilight Sparkle Ending - 05 by Gutovi
Why Me!? - Twilight Sparkle Ending - 04 by Gutovi
Why Me!? - Twilight Sparkle Ending - 03 by Gutovi
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Wire Applejack by Malte279
Applejack Cosplay
(MLP) Summer Applejack Cosplay by KrazyKari
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Silhouette by Haiikhal
Stamps and Buttons
Lit! by Litrojia
Fanfiction, and text pieces
Manes Of Optimistic Pride Chapter 3Chapter 3 Xochi's Hidden Down TimeThe dawn of the LGBT Cartoon Community’s journey has begun. Molly McGee, her two friends Libby and Andrea, along with Ruby, Luna Loud, Applejack, and Marceline tagged along to go to the ranches where the horses are temporarily available. However little did everyone know, Libby felt unfazed ever since she heard what Amity told her last night. She didn’t even sleep properly last night, with the image so clear she wants to distance herself from it, but she doesn’t want to disappoint Molly for how hard she’s working.“Here it is.” Marceline pointed while wearing a huge hat to cover herself from the sun. “I’ve heard that they have trained horses at this ranch.”“So it’s a eighty percent chance we'll be safe from getting a concussion.” Ruby commented.“Do we get helmets like what people do on motorcycles?” Libby wondered.“They’re called equestrian helmets.” Applejack answered. “If you really think you need more protection while riding a horse, then you don’t know how it feels.”“I know what you mean, it’s just I don’t feel comfortable riding an animal that’s bigger than me.”“Horses aren’t cannibals Libby.” Molly wrapping her arm around her. “They’re really friendly once you see them.”As the group headed inside the ranch, tons of animals of all kinds were inside the barn while one of the farmers we’re taking care of them. Luna called one of Lincoln’s friends from The Loud House, Liam last night to help them ride the horses.“You do understand that Liam rides horses during his free time, right?” Andrea asked.“I’ve come across him several times.” Ruby answered. “He will help all of us, including the others.”They witness horses of brown, black and white, running in laps around the ranch. Two of the three horses had Cheryl and Meryl riding on their own individual horse, but the one riding on the white horse had two people on. In a split second, Molly noticed there were two grown teenagers riding past her. But her attention was cut short after seeing Liam standing by his horse.“Liam.” Luna called. “I reckoned you would bring company.” Liam noticed the LGBT community itself. “Where are your other friends?”“They’re doing more awareness stuff, they should be here in just under an hour.” Ruby replied. “And for the horses?”“Sorry, they’re using them right now.” He pointed at which caught Molly’s attention again. “Cheryl and Meryl got here twenty minutes before you did and then two girls rode a horse together.”“Who are them?” Molly wondered.“They’re Xochi and Amabel from Cartoon Network's Victor & Valentino.” Marceline answered.While riding on their horses, Amabel’s horse jumps over the fences displayed on the ground. Xochi is holding onto Amabel, preventing herself from falling on the dirt. “Are we almost done?” Xochi asked.“After passing the line nine times, tenth is always the final lap!” Amabel cheered. After jumping the final fences, in no time, they passed the line itself, resulting in Amabel reining her horse. While Cheryl and Meryl ran past them, Amabel and Xochi got off their horse while the LGBT community took notice.“They make it look so safe and easy.” Luna commented.“It takes lots of knowledge and practice to master this kind of thing.” Applejack smiled.“I think I know who these two are.” Molly smiled.“Ummm, Molly, are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Libby spoke from behind. “I’ve done my research, besides like Garnet said, we got everything under control.” Molly made her way over to meet Xochi and Amabel, all the while the group follows her. But Libby stood still, having no interest in meeting or helping at the moment.“All except me.” She sighed.“What do you mean?” Liam asked to which Libby turned her head.“I’m not actually helping the community, I haven’t told my friend about…about…”“Do you need advice?”“Yes.”After Amabel’s horse went back to the barn, Amabel stretched her arms. “So where do you want to go today?” She asked.“Maybe we should check our schedules for the third season.” Xochi taking off her equestrian helmet. “I’m starting to get featured more than I thought.”“Then how about on social media?” Molly grinned, catching their attention.“Who are you?” Amabel replied.“I’m Molly McGee! And I’m here to help the LGBT Community!” Despite the high adrenaline in her system, both Xochi and Amabel became confused.“One more time?”“Wait, did you just say LGBT? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender?” Xochi placed her hand on her hip.“Yeah!”“Sorry to interrupt your time, but we’re trying to organize a fundraiser.” Ruby said.“We…somewhat took Molly’s advice to ride horses in the open fields, all the while capturing what we need and posting it on social media.” Marceline added.Xochi had dealt with fundraisers when she helped out, but being part of one to catch people’s attention is the last thing she thought. “Did all of you just get here or something?” Xochi catching on.“You should be familiar with me and Ruby.”“I know, but everybody else, I wasn’t expecting a crossover community.”“Also, we're only here to have some down time. How will this fundraiser do any favors for us?” Amabel crossed her arms.“Because…” Molly grinned. “You would get more recognition on social media.”Upon hearing the idea, Xochi still didn’t give in to the idea. In fact, it only made her think otherwise. “In case you have noticed, our show isn’t as popular as other Cartoon Network shows. If you ask me, building a fanbase is enough for me to care.”The LGBT Community wouldn’t expect that reaction from time to time, but nearly all of them had never watched Victor and Valentino before. “You barely do much on your show huh?” Andrea commented.“I’m not the main character, believe me there’s less to what a character does when fanservice doesn’t happen.”“It’s true.” Amabel added.Applejack turned around at Cheryl and Maryl who are still riding their horses. Knowing that Xochi and Amabel both shared a horse together, she refuses to let any relationship go with it becoming harder and harder to come across. “You can still succeed by growing a fanbase.”“Yeah like, you two are aware that you’re both in a LGBT representation discussion.” Ruby smiled. “I’m not sure if people on social media would watch your show when it comes to the main stars, but they would still acknowledge you two.”“Trust us, this would make both of your careers quite a bit better.” Marceline added.Xochi and Amabel both realized that if they don’t accept this opportunity, they won’t do much as supporting characters after Victor and Valentino eventually comes to an end. The more they think about it, they would mostly spend their time together as has-beens rather than people being remembered by fans. Success could only mean something when they wanted it, even when it’s deserved, and that’s what they’re going for.“Are you sure your fundraiser will work?” Xochi replied.“We’re in a budget crisis dude.” Luna said. “It’s either now or never.”“Okay, we’re joining your fundraiser.”“Great, we'll take care of everything!” Molly squealed as she shook Xochi’s hand. “You won’t regret this!”“As far as I’m concerned, I was expecting a dramatic chapter to happen in our fundraiser.” Amabel finished.“Uhhh…Molly.” Luna looked around the group. “Where’s your dude Libby?”When Molly McGee took notice, Libby was nowhere in sight. Soon the rest of the group looked around to find Molly’s jewish friend, calling out her name. but she didn’t pop out or respond to their calls.
Applejack Believix by user15432
5 Chara's and more
The Tale of Two Sunsets: Part 29 by EmeraldBlast63
Applejack Day 2021 by Shield-Wing1996
All Mane 6
Thirdverse Mom Six by kindheart525
Applejack Redesigns
Modernized Applejack by EmeraldBlast63


We affiliate with anything besides offensive or disturbing groups (like hate, porn, fetish, incest, etc), which means it doesn't have to be pony related, so just send us requests. <3

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Group Info

Personally I've seen a lot of hate on Applejack from time to time. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Some people claim to not have seen any hate, but that doesn't mean it's not there, sadly but true. This could depend on where you go on the internet and who you talk to.

But this group isn't necessarily just about protecting Applejack from 'hate', it's also for people who support her character and find her under appreciated in general. This is technically an 'Applejack Needs More Love' group, if you support that I'd love it if you joined. Applejack doesn't have to be your favourite pony to be a part of this group, not being a favourite doesn't necessarily mean hate, as long as you support and like the character you're more than welcome.

Please take some time finding the right folder for the submission. You'll make it much easier for our stuff to accept your picture when you have the right folder figured out. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the group's comment section or via note.

(does contain only Applejack, maybe fighting with monsters)

(does contain Applejack with not more than 3 other characters - mostly friends, family members casually mixed in)

(does contain Applejack with any amounts of her canon family members, including canon and pre-canon versions of her parents, as well as Wynona, the dog; does NOT include fanchildren or pairings)

(does contain AJ with a very special somepony, but NO fanchildren; can also be Anthro or Human)

(does contain Applejacks fanchildren, but doesn't necessarily need AJ herself)

(does contain Applejack and friends as an anthro; no limitations on number)

(does contain Applejack and her friends in human form; no limitations on number)

(Animations and Games that have Applejack; has priority over anything else.)

(do contain Applejack, speech bubbles or sequential story telling)

(does contain self-made plushies, models and other hand-made crafts relating to Applejack; has priority before others)

(pictures of your Applejack cosplay, with any amount of bystanders)

(do contain Applejack or her cutie mark and are intended as screen backgrounds or banners)

(pictures or raws of pictures that contain AJ and are supposed to be icons, stamps or button designs)

(does contain AJ being in another dimension, getting visited by other fandoms or being turned into other franchises)

(does contain AJ with more than 4 other characters of any sorts or more)

(does contain AJ with all of the other Main 6)

(pictures, that don't fit in any other category (like photo manipulations, memes, or really weird stuff - as long as it contains AJ, it's fine.)

(variations of Applejack on color scheme, race, gender, or cutie mark; contains also the G1 design and the Rainbow form of her)


This group will not allow art that's considered offensive like being disrespectful, violent, porn, fetish or incest/family members closely related shipped together. Pairings are more than alright, doesn't matter if it's straight or not, but as long as you wont go too far.

Your work MUST include Applejack to be accepted (only exception are FANCHILDS). Anything she doesn't appear in (minimum's her head) or is hated in will be declined. This is a APPLEJACK group that focus on loving/defending her after all!

The art must be done by YOU, no art-theft please.

NO screenshots, animations or anything else from the actual franchise is allowed here.

We do NOT allow pony vectors in real life, but vectors alone is alright.












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