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Protect-Spike-Group Rules


There have been a few groups dedicated to MLP:FiM's Spike the dragon, but this group wants to show the love and respect this dragon so rightfully earns. Here our the group's rules.

Notice!: These rules are important, please read them!

1: All are welcome here in this group here. Just hit the join button and become part of this group dedicated to every pony's favorite assistant.

2: NO STOLEN WORK! Any pony caught doing so will be banished from this group and be known as a forger and thief. We don't like these type of members.

3: PLEASE SUBMIT ART IN CORRECT FOLDERS! This is something I stress about a lot and I appreciate you for saving me the effort of going to the group and being forced to move deviations to the right folders.

4: This group shows the good side of Spike and any works you submit MUST have Spike in a picture and any fics must have him have a major role and not be given a small role.

5: Opinions are allowed, but DO NOT BASH OTHERS! I look down on those who don't accept opinions or respect them and will result in being banned from the group.

6: NO SAD FICS! We show the love for Spike not leave him sad at all. You may submit grimdark material, but it can't be full on grimdark. If there are any XXX fics involving him (I doubt it though), I will accept them.

7: You may submit as many deviations as you can.

8: Any abuse fics or pics of Spike will result in the person who submitted it being banned. Again this group shows Spike love not abuse. It isn't funny at all and we don't accept those things here.

9: Any issues please contact one of the admins and we will fix it ASAP.

10: Have fun and enjoy your stay here in this group.

Group Info

This group is dedicated to one of the most underrated character of MLP: FiM, Spike the Baby Dragon. Spike is really one of the most underrated characters on this show and he deserves more love not only from ponies, but from lovers of the show as well. He works so hard and does so much, but never gets the respect he truly deserves. This group shows the goodness in Spike and all he has dome for Twilight Sparkle and the other Mane 6.
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Sep 21, 2011


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Protection of Spike

1,222 Members
1,239 Watchers
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:iconheidi:Heidi 307 668
Spike fans and haters - please read
spike (great!) plz 
To everyone who says i'm a jerk, EXPECT ME to be a jerk whenever you start talking shit about Spike's age. I'm tired of arguing with dumb people who believe Spike is still currently a baby in the show, but his friends continued to age normally. He was born when Twilight was still a filly, so that means she had to be at least 5 years older than him when his egg hatched. I don't fucking care how dragon life span works., and it doesn't matter how long it takes for his body to physically age. He's still canonly 5 years younger than her by existence.
If you think he might be somewhere around the CMC's age or a few years older, I might give you a pass for at least thinking that. But if you're 1 of those idiots who says Spike is still in the same category as Princess Flurry Heart and Cake twins, GET THE FUCK OUT. Don't ever talk to me. I want nothing to do with you. 
I don't care if you like Spike or not. If
:icontitanium-dats-me:Titanium-dats-me 10 38
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Hey, everyone, the Founder here. I know I should've made something like this earlier when it happened, but I think I should go ahead and say it now.

As you all know, there were a bunch of leaks in regards to season 8 from songs to episodes themselves. I myself have done my best to avoid most of these spoilers, but it came to my attention there would be some special attention for Spike. Without giving away a lot, let's just say season 8 has some big stuff happening for our favorite dragon, and could make up for how they underutilized him in season 7. Not that I'm saying he was bad in season 7, it just felt like he wasn't used as much.

As such, I'm imploring all out there who know about these spoilers to just not post comments about them here. I'm sure there are people who have been trying to stay away from the spoilers about season 8. When it's time to discuss about when Spike gets an episode, then it'll be fine. For now, just wait and see what they got in store for Spike.
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I personally think Spike would make a very deep anti-villain.
SpikeTheSir Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2019  Professional Writer
Spike is best boi
SpokenMind93 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just saying that this user :iconhuntercwalls: is probably submitting stories to this group where a PUPPY Spike is having sex with the mane six/seven. That's against the DA rules.
BenJJedi Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018
Okay, so something came up in the MLP second half of season 8 trailer. 

GhoulDash97 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
I write stories about him all the time on Fimfic. He's one of my most favorite of all time on the show.
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